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Maison Culinaire Catering Since 1997, we've catered every event with a spirit of passion & a menu of state-of-the-art meals. Trust us to curate an evening to remember.

Maison Culinaire is a full-service catering company devoted to serving outstanding food that is both impeccably prepared from the freshest ingredients and tempting to the senses. We are culinary artisans sharing our passion for extraordinary dining experiences in catering throughout Northern Virginia, Washington D.C., and Maryland.

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Whether you’re inviting 20 or 200, wedding planners can transform any space to accommodate all your guests comfortably, all while ensuring that the venue reflects your own style, vision, and personality.


Although hosting a theme wedding can be lots of fun, certain themes can considerably limit the options of what you can serve. When you have an obscure theme that needs delicious food to match, rest assured that we’re always up to the challenge.


According to, couples hire about 15 vendors for their wedding day, which include caterers, cakes, florists, and DJs. By having a day-of coordinator to assist you, you can avoid unnecessary stress.


Long, thin pasta (as opposed to sheets) developed in Sicily around the twelfth century. Its existence was documented by Arab geographer Muhammad al-Idrisi. Spaghetti was once much longer, and gradually shortened to its current size during the twentieth century.


Just like any good party, there are a variety of games your guests can play at your wedding reception. Are you planning to have games? What are some of your favorites?


Is it important to you that the majority of the food served at your event be organic, in season, or locally sourced? In some cases, it may be possible for us to put together a custom catering menu for you based on this criteria.


Some wedding halls do not allow pets at their facilities. So, if you’re looking for a pet-friendly venue, make sure to tell us beforehand. We’ll help you find an amazing venue that allows couples to bring their furry friends.


The movie “The Godfather” taught everyone to leave the gun and take the cannoli. Hopefully, your gathering will be free of weapons, but your guests will certainly want to take some sweet cannoli with them for dessert.


Do you worry that you will forget an important part of your wedding plans? Why not rely on a wedding planner, someone who has handled weddings for a variety of people and will make sure every element in your wedding goes according to plan.


Sometimes the food service required at corporate events has more to do with breaks and receptions. For a professional flair, have your break snacks themed to make things more interesting. A concluding reception and cocktail hour is also a great way to end an event.


If you are looking for some creative décor ideas for your wedding, consider creating a wall of family wedding photos. You can also display your family tree, which is quite in trend these days.


What popular Italian municipality is considered the birth place of the modern pizza? If you guessed Naples, you're right. It is widely believed that many servicemen returning from Europe after WWII brought with them from Italy a new love of all things pizza related.


Do you have a hilarious story about a cake cutting ceremony at a wedding? Tell us what happened! We would love to hear about your wedding anecdotes, experiences and amusing tales.


Tacos became all the rage in 1947 after the hard shell was introduced, and soon taco stands began to sprout up. One of these first taco stands, called the Taco Tia, was created by a man named Glenn Bell who only years later (in 1962) would found the first Taco Bell.


When planning for your wedding, don't forget your "somethings". As the old saying goes, "Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue." According to this tradition, the bride wears or carries these "somethings" on her wedding day for good luck.


Italian wedding soup consists of leafy green vegetables and meat suspended in a clear chicken-based broth. “Wedding soup” is a misinterpretation of the Italian phrase “minestra maritata” (married soup) referring to the pairing of meat and greens.


Where did the expression tying the knot came from? In ancient Egyptian, Hindu, and Celtic weddings, the hands of the couple were literally tied together to signify their new bond and commitment to each other.


There are different names for lamb throughout the world that differentiate the age of the sheep. In other parts of the world, lamb, mutton, and hogget all refer to meat of sheep. Lamb is a delicious meat with a unique flavor that could be added to your custom menu for your catered event.


For your wedding day, prepare a detailed, step-by-step, estimated schedule for the entire day, from hair and makeup to cutting the cake. Also, make sure that you have the names and expected times of arrival for all the coordinators, wedding party members, vendors, and wedding officiant.

To prioritize safety and health, the restaurant and catering industries have made huge adjustments in their operations t...
How restaurants adapted to COVID-19: 4 takeaways

To prioritize safety and health, the restaurant and catering industries have made huge adjustments in their operations to continue providing during the pandemic.

Learn four key takeaways for restaurants to consider as we take a step back to examine initial and ongoing COVID-19 changes in consumer behavior.


Did you know that the antibacterial effects of garlic, a common ingredient in Mediterranean food, were discovered in the early 19th century? During an outbreak of infectious fever, English priests became very ill while French priests, who ate garlic every day, stayed healthy.


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