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Whelp, after a day of heavy rain, the Trivia Gods were kind enough slow things down for a bit and let us get five good rounds in under the tents and canopies (and inside, of course) tonight.

We’ll have five rounds paying homage to the First Lady of Trivia, Ms. Rebecca, who always has to share her birthday thunder with Thanksgiving, but tonight will be all about her! Well, inspired by her, but you get the idea.

7pm start time at Growler Guys. Oh, and our new heaters have arrived! They’ll be scattered about and cranked up to 11!

Tonight’s hint:
In Mark Twain’s The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, which daughter of a Judge—whose long blonde hair is always worn in braids—is the main love interest of Tom?

See you all tonight!


Another clear night for Trivia under the stars at Growler Guys! We’ll have all new heaters out and blankets available. Get there early and snag a table close to one of our heaters, or grab a table inside, where we’ll have speakers and monitors set up.

Start time for trivia is 7pm.

Tonight’s hint:
Which Two US States share Lake Champlain?


It’s a beautiful, clear night for some trivia under the stars! It might be a tad chilly, but exercising your brain is a surefire way to warm yourself up…of course grabbing a blanket and parking yourself next to one of our heaters also helps!

7pm start time at Growler Guys.

Tonight’s hint:
Which 2001 Dreamworks film won the inaugural Academy Award for Best Animated Feature?

See you all tonight!


It’s looking like a lovely Fall evening for Trivia! Rain is not expected, and the heaters are back and working! We will still have blankets available for those wanting to sit outside, and the inside speakers and monitors will be set as well!

Start time is 7pm at Growler Guys.

Here is tonight’s trivia hint:
Which Bravo series debuted in 1994, ran for 22 seasons, and featured host James Lipton giving in-depth interviews with various celebrities?

Happy Halloween, trivia peeps!!!

Happy Halloween, trivia peeps!!!


What's more Halloween than beginning to stress about the Holidays?! Or, more specifically, the office Holiday Party!

Are you the lucky soul tasked with organizing the most super awesome one-of-a-kind nobody else is doing it this way party?

Have you considered having trivia? You should consider having trivia!

Better yet, you should hire us, and we'll do all the considering for you! Trivia is a great group activity that'll help you learn some cool new things about your office'll also help you finally learn the names of some of those faces you've been saying hi to for months and are too far along now to admit you forgot who they introduced themselves as.

Send us a message and we can talk dates and details.


Okay, so the rain is back…but the smoke is gone! Let’s call that an even trade! Besides, 90% of the outdoor seating at Growler Guys is covered, and there is still plenty of seating inside, where we will have a speaker and screen set up, so worry not!

Trivia is on for its regular 7pm start time, rain be damned!

Oh, and since this is the last show before Halloween, yes (Cindy), you can feel free to wear a costume! Yes (Cindy again), I’ll provide a bonus point to people who show up in costume (max 3 points per team). And yes, there will be an additional bonus point for my favorite one! So feel free to go nuts!

Tonight’s Trivia Hint:
From which country do all flights to Antarctica’s McMurdo Station originate from?

See you all tonight! Dress warm!


Lots going on for Trivia tonight at Growler Guys!

We have Boneyard Brewing in the house for a special brewer's night--Nicole will be here to showcase an awesome selection of their well as raffle off some fun swag!

And, and,'s Quizmaster Nick's birthday! Will he make trivia all about him? You know it! Will he also broker you all some discounted beers after the show so you can stay and share a pint with him...uh, you better believe it!

That's right, Boneyard Beers will be the feature of our Trivia Taster Sampler during the show, and then Boneyard pints will be discounted $2 from Trivia's end until closing, so plan on staying for one more...Nick might also have some bonus trivia for you all!

Oh, and here's the clue or tonight:
Which film in the Dirty Harry franchise gave us the iconic line, "Go ahead, make my day?!"

Fun starts at 7...see you all tonight!

Bonus Trivia Fact of the Day!On this day (October 14) in 2014, I wrote and hosted my very first trivia night, filling in...

Bonus Trivia Fact of the Day!

On this day (October 14) in 2014, I wrote and hosted my very first trivia night, filling in for Quizmater Sam at Fix Coffeehouse in Seattle's Greenlake neighborhood!

If foggy memory serves correctly, I spent about three weeks writing and polishing up my questions, the final product of which still could have used a massive edit! Trivia that night took nearly three hours!

Nevertheless, the seed was planted. I would be asked to guest host again, and then again, more frequently, until, in late 2015, Sam decided it was time to step down for good, and then trivia night was mine all mine!

I still have every trivia I've ever written saved on a hard drive...looking back at those first dozen or so is like looking at the before images of a house on HGTV--the bones were all there but why the hell is there a toilet in the kitchen?! (In this case, the toilet in the kitchen would be me thinking of course everyone would know who journeyman baseball player Rico Brogna was)

But like with anything, if you keep doing it over and over, you get better. What we do on a daily basis (for our living)?now is so much better curated, written, and executed than what we were doing once a week for a few bucks then, but our bones--the excitement, the energy, the curiosity, hell, so many of the same original people playing--remain the same.

Thanks for all the years of's to many more!

Stay curious!


Trivia tonight at Growler Guys...7pm start time!

Here is tonight's hint:
When Clare Boothe Luce walked into the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel ahead of Dorothy Parker and quipped, "Age Before Beauty, my dear," which legendary line did the satirist reply back with?



With the days getting shorter, we're moving the start time of Growler Guys trivia to 7pm, beginning tonight and running through the Fall and Winter.

Same awesome venue and awesomer hosts!

Tonight's Hint:
Which movie monster—a giant dinosaur-like creature—captured off the coast of the fictitious Irish isle of Nara Island, from a 1961 British film that was a Godzilla knock-off, was promoted as the "8th Wonder of the World" while on display at a London circus?

Which movie monster—a giant dinosaur-like creature—captured off the coast of the fictitious Irish isle of Nara Island, from a 1961 British film that was a Godzilla knock-off, was promoted as the "8th Wonder of the World" while on display at a London circus?

Baseball stats make for great trivia facts! So we'll call tonight doing research for future rounds!Thanks to Kelly and T...

Baseball stats make for great trivia facts! So we'll call tonight doing research for future rounds!

Thanks to Kelly and The Growler Guys for the tix!


Trivia tonight at Growler starts at 7:30, but why not get there early and cheer on our M's in this final playoff push (if we can send some good vibes the New York Mets' way too, we'd appreciate that as well!)

Tonight's hint, in honor of the totally incredible NASA DART asteroid re-directing direct impact mission:
-Which two 1998 films dealt with civilization-ending asteroids heading towards Earth?!

Really, the parallels between the development of How Do You Know That Trivia and the Artemis 1 Spacecraft have been pret...
How Do You Know That Trivia. Home

Really, the parallels between the development of How Do You Know That Trivia and the Artemis 1 Spacecraft have been pretty spot on...until now!

Sorry to leave you in the dust, Artemis, but we are now Go. For. Launch!

That's right, How Do You Know That Trivia's newest vessel--err, website--is finally live!

The biggest change? We've gone Digital!

Now you can subscribe to our Trivia, and have it sent directly to you, ready to upload, plug in, and to host your very own trivia event wherever you may be--office, bar, senior community, private party, anywhere!

Take a spin around the site for yourselves...heck, you can even download a few sample rounds and play your first game on us!

We are so excited to be able to finally offer our trivia services to communities outside our hometown, and cannot thank enough our own trivia community here in Seattle for cheering and encouraging us along this crazy journey of ours that's been years in the making. You've inspired us to write better, host better, and dream bigger.

And now, lift-off is here, and we're shooting for the moon!

How Do You Know That Trivia provides fun, engaging, smart trivia events to locations around the Seattle area (live) and all across the country (digital). You can find our trivia just about anywhere people gather…bars, offices, residential complexes, senior communities, youth centers, libraries, sc...

Happening right now at Growler Guys!

Happening right now at Growler Guys!


Fall is in the air...and so is Trivia! Come join us tonight at Growler Guys on Lake City Way. First round kicks of at 7:30!

Tonight's trivia hint:
Which element on the Periodic Table has the symbol "Y?"


Another amazing evening to sit outside on the patio and play some trivia! Plus we have a do-or-die Storm playoff game and the Mariners in action on the screens behind me!

Trivia starts at 7:30 at Growler Guys, but the games start earlier, so get there and grab a seat, a pint, and cheer on our teams!

Tonight's Trivia Hint:
Which series that aired on Starz from 2009-10 followed a group of struggling actors working for an LA-based catering company?


Another beautiful evening for playing Trivia outside! Come join us at Growler Guys on Lake City Way in Seattle at 7:30!

It's so nice out, we're getting there early to grab a pint and cheer on the M's! Oh, and we'll also have Otter Pops to share!

The hint for tonight:
Which figure in Greek mythology defeated Athena in a Weaving contest, and as a punishment was turned into a spider?


It's another beautiful night in the PNW to play some trivia! Show starts at 7:30 at Growler Guys!

Tonight's $5.99 Trivia Taster Beer Flight includes:
1) Forside Bramble Bomb
2) Flying Lion Nitro Oat Pale
3) Breakthru Riwak'n on Air IPA
4) Black Raven Coco Jones

Hint for tonight:
Since 1993, who has served as the editor of the New York Times Crossword Puzzle?

See you all tonight!


Trivia tonight at Growler Guys in Seattle! 7:30pm start time, and it's looking like we're in for a beautiful evening...lets play trivia about it!

Tonight's $5.99 Trivia Taster Flight Special includes:
-Belching Beaver Pomalo
-Breakthru Riwak'n on Air
-Lumberbeard Ales for ALS
-Bale Breaker Dormancy

Oh, you want a clue too?! Well, alright...
What nickname was bestowed upon British sailors, after the citrus fruit juice they drank to avoid scurvy?

See you all tonight!


Trivia tonight at Growler Guys on Lake City Way. Start time is 7:30pm!

Tonight's Clue:
Which US President's final words were, "Thomas Jefferson still lives?"


Trivia tonight on the patio at Growler Guys. 7:30pm start time...and for the first time in a long time we are bringing back "Open Mic" Trivia! These are all rounds written and hosted by some of our come cheer them on and take on their challenge!

Tonight's Trivia Taster Beer Special ($5.99) includes:
1) Backwoods Blueberry Wheat
2) pFriem Maibock
3) Claim 52 Socks before Pants
4) Watts BOB

Hint for tonight:
17th-18th Century Englishman Edward Teach is better known by what name?

See you all tonight!


It's our One-Year Anniversary of Trivia Nights at Growler Guys! Come join us at 7:30 for what is sure to be a fun night!

We'll have Belching Beaver Brewing out of San Diego as our special guest, and that means fun swag to raffle off!

We'll also have some cool treats to help fight off the heat, but luckily GG is well in the cool cool shade by about 7:45.

Tonight's hint:
Which Danish company holds the Guinness World Record as the largest manufacturer of tires per year?


What a beautiful Evening it's lining up to be in Seattle! Let's play trivia about it!

We'll be outside on the patio at Growler Guys. Trivia starts at 7:30, but why not get there early and enjoy the sun?!

Tonight's Trivia Hint:
The Fields Medal is considered the Nobel Prize of which field of study?

Tonight's $5.99 Trivia Taster Flight Special Beers are:
1) Juneshine Blood Orange Mint
2) Block 15 Board Shorts IPA
3) Claim 52 Socks Before Pants
4) Watts BOB

See you all tonight!


Tonight's Trivia Hint:
What are the four main islands that make up Japan?

See you all at Growler Guys tonight at 7:30!


New Summer Start Time for Tuesday Night Trivia! We'll be getting started at 7:30pm tonight, and for the remainder of the summer.

Same awesome venue (Growler Guys), same awesome(ish) quizmaster (Nick)!

Tonight's Hint:
Which American playwright wrote Long Day's Journey Into Night, one of the most highly regarded plays of the 20th Century?

Also, tonight's $5.99 Trivia Taster Flight Special includes:
1) No Li Huckleberry Seltzer
2) Great Divide Wild Raspberry Fruit Beer
3) pFriem Rauchbier Smoky lager
4) Claim 52 Socks before Pants Double IPA


It's Tuesday, and no longer 90+ degrees...but still a lovely night to play some trivia outside!

Come out to Growler Guys on Lake City Way in Seattle at 7pm!

Tonight's $5.99 Trivia Taster Beer Special is:
1) Juneshine Blood ORange Mint
2) Metier Major Taylor Pale Ale
3) Buoy Another IPA
4) Fort George Spruce Budd

Tonight's Trivia Hint:
Which 1986 Hayao Miyazaki film was the first movie to be produced by Studio Ghibli and tells the story of two orphans fighting to keep a magical crystal out of the hands of many enemies?

See you all tonight!

We're all set and ready to go for tonight's all-movie trivia at Northwest Film Forum in Seattle's Capital Hill neighborh...

We're all set and ready to go for tonight's all-movie trivia at Northwest Film Forum in Seattle's Capital Hill neighborhood! Can't wait to see you all later!

Nick is hosting a special All-Movie Trivia tomorrow (June 23) at the Northwest Film Forum in Seattle's Capital Hill neig...
How Do You Know That? Film Trivia Night (June 2022) [In-Person Only] - Northwest Film Forum

Nick is hosting a special All-Movie Trivia tomorrow (June 23) at the Northwest Film Forum in Seattle's Capital Hill neighborhood. Doors open at 7, show starts at 8.

Assemble your movie loving friends and come spend your evening with your fellow film lovers!

Do you love to know absolutely EVERYTHING about movies, and show it off? A person whose friends and family wonder "How do you know that??" Come compete! $5!


Which neighboring Asian nations use the Won as their form of currency?

Find out tonight at trivia!


Trivia tonight at Growler Guys in Seattle!

Tonight's Hint:
Which US President is considered the "Father of the Interstate Highway System?"


Trivia Tonight at Growler Guys on Lake City Way in Seattle! 7pm start time!

The weather in Seattle is beautiful this afternoon and we're thinking positive thoughts that it'll carry over into the evening!

Tonight's Trivia Taster Flight Special ($5.99) includes the following Beers:
1) Scuttlebutt Hefeweizen
2) Boneyard Bone-A-Fide Pale
3) Deep Draft Red
4) Deschutes Black Butte Porter

Trivia Hint for Tonight:
"The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket" is the only published novel of which acclaimed writer who was better known for his short stories and poetry?


Trivia Tonight at Growler Guys--7pm!

The Trivia Taster Special Beers ($5.99 for 4 Flights) are:
-Urban Family Beary Blast
-Sweetwater 420 Extra Pale
-Boneyard Bone-A-Fide Pale
-Deschutes Black Butte Porter

Trivia Hint for tonight:
According to an ancient proverb, what is the "mother of invention?"

See you all tonight!


Tonight's Trivia Hint:
Which MLB Hall of Famer finished his career with exactly 521 home runs, all hit for the Boston Red Sox?

Tonight's Trivia Taster Beer Special ($5.99 for these 4 Flights):
1) Breakside Passionfruit Sour
2) Steeplejack Farrier
3) Stormbreaker Right as Rain
4) Bad Jimmy's Winter Warmer


Trivia tonight at Growler Guys! 7pm start time!

Tonight's Trivia Taster Beer Special is $5.99 and includes:
1) Bayern St Wilbur Hefeweizen
2) Molson Canadian Lager
3) Hop Valley Mango N Stash IPA
4) Ascendant Seismic Upgrade Imperial IPA

Hint for tonight's trivia:
Which baseball great gave the famous "Luckiest Man on the Face of the Earth" speech in 1939?

Trivia Fact of the Day :: March 28, 2022.Movies :: At the 82nd Academy Awards, Kathryn Bigelow won the Oscar for Best Di...

Trivia Fact of the Day :: March 28, 2022.

Movies :: At the 82nd Academy Awards, Kathryn Bigelow won the Oscar for Best Director for her war film, The Hurt Locker, becoming the first female to ever win the award.

At the time, she was only the 4th woman to ever even be nominated!

The first woman to get a Best Director nod was Italian Lina Wertmuller, who was nominated for 1976’s Seven Beauties. She lost the award to John G. Avildsen for Rocky.

A female director wasn’t nominated again until Jane Campion in 1993 for The Piano. She was defeated in the director race by Steven Spielberg and Schindler’s List.

Sofia Coppola was nominated in the category for 2003’s Lost in Translation, losing to Peter King for The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King. Coppola is the youngest woman (32) nominated for the award.

In 2009, Bigelow became the first woman to win the award, and did so in grand fashion, defeating James Cameron, who had been nominated for his epic, Avatar. Bigelow’s The Hurt Locker was made for just $15-million, where Avatar cost a reported $237-million.

It wasn’t until 2017 that another woman received a Best Director nomination—Greta Gerwig for Lady Bird. She would lose the award to Guillermo del Toro for The Shape of Water.

2020 became the first year where two women were nominated in the same year for Best Director—Emerald Fennell for Promising Young Woman, and Chloe Zhao for Nomadland.

Zhao would win the award, making her the second woman ever to do so, as well as the first woman of color to win Best Director, and the first Best Director overall from China.

In 2021, Jane Campion became the first female to earn her second Best Director nomination for The Power of the Dog, and at the 94th Academy Awards she won the award, marking the first time that women were named Best Director in back-to-back years!

Trivia Fact of the Day :: March 27, 2022.Geography :: The New York City borough of Manhattan does not just consist of Ma...

Trivia Fact of the Day :: March 27, 2022.

Geography :: The New York City borough of Manhattan does not just consist of Manhattan Island!

Manhattan—also known as New York County—is the smallest of the city’s five boroughs, but without question its epicenter.

The vast majority of the land is constituted by Manhattan Island, which is 13.4 miles long, and 2.3 miles wide at its widest point (near 14th Street); overall, the island is just under 23 square miles in total area.

The island is bound on its entire western side by the Hudson River, which empties into Upper New York Bay (also known as New York Harbor) at its southernmost point; the Hudson separates Manhattan from the neighboring state of New Jersey.

The northern and northeastern portion of Manhattan Island represents a geographic panhandle, formed by the Harlem River, which separates the borough from the Bronx.

To the island’s east is the East River, which connects Upper New York Bay to the Long Island Sound, and separates Manhattan from Brooklyn and Queens; despite its name, the East River is actually a tidal strait that can change the direction of its flow, and is subject to very strong currents.

Directly across the Harlem River from the northernmost tip of Manhattan Island, is Marble Hill; while on the US mainland, and connected to the Bronx, this neighborhood is part of New York County. It had originally been attached to Manhattan Island, but the Harlem River Ship Canal, dug in 1895 to make navigation on the river easier, separated the two.

Also part of Manhattan is Roosevelt Island—located in the East River—which is 2 miles long and just 800 feet wide; it runs the equivalent of East 46th to 85th streets on Manhattan Island.

Just south of Roosevelt Island is the small, artificial Bellmont Island—aka U Thant Island—that was created by the construction of the Steinway Tunnel underneath; at just 100x200 feet, it is the smallest recognized island in Manhattan.

At the confluence of the Harlem and East Rivers are Randalls and Wards Island (originally separated but now joined together via landfill); the islands are separated from Queens by the Hell Gate tidal straight.

South of Randalls is the small, uninhibited island of Mill Rock, which is also uninhibited, but did contain a blockhouse with two canons during the War of 1812.

Within New York Harbor are three islands that are also part of New York County.

Governor’s Island is 172 acres and located approximately 800 yards south of Manhattan Island’s southern tip.

Liberty Island—home to the Statue of Liberty—and Ellis Island are both federally owned, and together make up the Statue of Liberty National Monument. Liberty Island is considered an exclave of Manhattan, while Ellis Island is shared by New York and New Jersey.


Controversial slapping incidents aside, let's take a moment to acknowledge all the achievements (and great trivia!) worth celebrating at last night's Oscars:

-Ariana DeBose became the first openly q***r actor of color to win an acting Academy Award (Best Supporting Actress)

-In winning for her role as Anita in the West Side Story remake, DeBose and Rita Moreno became just the third pair of actors (and the first actresses) to win Oscars for the same role--the others are Marlon Brando and Robert De Niro (Vito Corleone) and Heath Ledger and Joaquin Phoenix (The Joker). DeBose and Moreno are also the first to win their awards in the same category.

-Troy Kotsur became just the second deaf actor to win an acting Oscar, after taking home the Best Supporting Actor prize for CODA; his co-star in the film, Marlee Matlin, won Best Actress in 1986 for Children of a Lesser God.

-With her nomination for Best Director, Jane Campion became the first woman nominated for the award twice; with her win, she became the third female Best Director winner.

-For the second year in a row, a woman has been named Best Director (2020--Chloe Zhao; 2021--Jane Campion)

-For the second year in a row, a female-directed film has been named Best Picture (2020--Nomadland; 2021--CODA)

-CODA is the first Best Picture winner with a predominantly deaf cast, as well as the first winner in the category to have debuted directly on a streaming service (Apple tv+)

-Best Actor and Actress winners Will Smith and Jessica Chastain became just the 3rd and 4th actors, respectively, to win acting Oscars for films they were also producers of.

-At 20, Billie Eilish became the second youngest winner of Best Original Song (which she shared with her brother and co-writer Finneas O'Connell) for No Time to Die, from the latest James Bond film of the same name.

-Eilish and O'Connell also became the first pair of siblings to win the Best Original Song Oscar since the famed Sherman Brothers did so in 1964 for "Chim Chim Cher-ee" from Mary Poppins!

They didn't win, but...

-Steven Spielberg became the first person to receive a Best Director nod in six different decades!

-Denzel Washington became just the sixth actor to receive an acting nomination in five different decades!

-Washington's nod for playing Macbeth was also the 13th nomination for an actor playing a role scripted by William Shakespeare.


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