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December 10-11-12 @theboxsfevents and @theboxsf is producing and hosting our first ever Artist and Makers Holiday Sale! 👨🏻‍🎨 We know how many Artists, Designers, Makers and Creative Spirits have had Studio Closures and diminishing sales throughout the Pandemic. We have only 35 spots remaining building wide. Each Vendor will receive a 6’ table, a chair for $150 for the entire weekend. We will not keep any part of sales. Friday 12/10 is load-in from 8am to 4pm. Friday night we’ll host an early buyers and Meet the Artists reception with a CASH Bar, Holiday Treats and more! ❄️Tickets are $15. Saturday we’ll be open to the Public for Sales from 10am to 6pm FREE ENTRY. SUNDAY we’ll be open to the Public for Sales from 10am to 4pm ALSO FREE ENTRY! ❄️ If you are interested in selling at the fair call Mark at 415-602-9500 or email: [email protected] We are so excited to be gathering these diverse Artists for one weekend! 🙏👨🏻‍🎨🙏

I am happy to support my Friend Ernest White II, in his sponsorship and fundraising efforts. This Series is interesting ...

I am happy to support my Friend Ernest White II, in his sponsorship and fundraising efforts. This Series is interesting and well on!

FLY BROTHER with Ernest White II is a television travel series about friendship and connection around the world. In each episode, host Ernest White II visits his friends in different places, who bring him into their communities, show him what they love about the place, and show the audience that the whole world is our tribe. Season One, filmed in 11 exciting countries, is now airing on PBS and Create TV, and available for streaming at and Revry.

Meanwhile, the crew just filmed All-American Season Two, featuring 10 beautifully diverse locations and a range of storytellers from across this "nation of nations," from sea to shining sea. Launching into editing and post-production for a January 2022 release on PBS, FLY BROTHER is seeking community partners to help ensure an on-time delivery and continue the mission of connecting people across backgrounds and boundaries.

In addition to corporate sponsorships and underwriting support, FLY BROTHER is able to accept tax-deductible charitable contributions in partnership with 501(c)(3) organization Filmmakers Collaborative. Supporters contributing $500 or more are featured on-screen at the series website as supporters of public television and diverse storytelling. The overall funding goal is $100K by October 1st. Contributions can be made directly through this link:

Please join Ernest in creating global community through travel and friendship!

PRODUCER: Ernest White II FLY BROTHER with Ernest White II is a television travel docu-series about friendship and connection, featuring master storyteller Ernest White II currently airing in the United States on Public Television Stations and ...

Can I ask you all a favor? We just launched a new YouTube Channel for The Box SF, and we need to build followers. Can yo...
The Box SF

Can I ask you all a favor? We just launched a new YouTube Channel for The Box SF, and we need to build followers. Can you Subscribe and like some of the new Videos for us?
I’d really appreciate it! -Mark

The Pressroom and Mercantile at The Box SF in San Francisco, is the largest antiquarian paper and advertising archive in the United States, housed in a Histo...

First off I hope you are all doing well.  Second if you have been impacted with a loss through this Pandemic, my thought...
Mark E. Sackett

First off I hope you are all doing well. Second if you have been impacted with a loss through this Pandemic, my thoughts and my network are here to help in anyway we can. That is after all what I and #MyGive4 has always been about!

Personally, I have taken this Pandemic as an opportunity in so many ways to step back, finally work on my forthcoming Book called "Curiosity Thrilled the Cat" A story about living and building a Creative Life and Powerful, Sustainable Relationships.
I have also decided to sell my Historic Building in San Francisco and am including my historic events and meeting space in the sale with a ready made successful events business that will most certainly fully recover once the Pandemic ends. This amazing place has had over 300,000 visitors since I created it nearly 16 years ago.

Additionally, I am going to step back from 3 of my other Companies and Divisions and semi-retire. I have wanted to work on a number of personal creative projects for far too long and this is just the break I needed! A nice tall glass of Lemonade out of a 2020 full of Lemons sounds beautifully refreshing. I want to refocus on my networking and the people in my life more. Not that I have not always done that, just more focused.

Anyone who is interested in a nearly 14,000 square foot historic and spectacular building with a business that generated nearly 1 Million Dollars in Revenues in 2019, please do reach out. The Box SF is well known, our reputation is impeccable and we'll even train a new team for you! I want someone to be a steward of this remarkable property with such History attached to it!

Inquiries can call me at 415-602-9500

Mark E Sackett

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Mark E. Sackett has no plans to sit still anytime soon. He owns 13 related creative businesses, lives in San Francisco and in seat 3E on United Airlines. He thrives on being inventive daily as he works in Entertainment, Media, Branding, Advertising, Print, Packaging, Identity, Graphic Design, Intera...

I am saddened to say I am going to sell my awesome historic building in SF, 1069-1071-1073 Howard Street, as this Pandem...

I am saddened to say I am going to sell my awesome historic building in SF, 1069-1071-1073 Howard Street, as this Pandemic is crushing me! As a small business operating with no outside investors, we’ve always been profitable, but we do not have unlimited resources.

I am also selling The Box SF my events business and will even stay on to consult during the transition. The events business for us was over $850,000 in revenue last year alone, and highly profitable. Just the top floor easily services the total debt on the building. I am selling the business for an additional Million Dollars (a song) including the brand name, the operations, the good will, reviews and social media. I’m selling all the Antique Fixtures, Furniture and a good amount of the Wine Cellar as well, additional to that, at a price to be negotiated. My Design and Branding Agency Reflectur, will continue to operate and is a virtual agency, so it will continue unaffected as will my other business ventures.

The building has the highest historic status the City and County of San Francisco offers and is eligible for Stat Historic Status. It was built in 1926 and house the William Randolph Hearst Printing Plant for a time where the San Francisco Examiner was printed. It has high definition Security Cameras, A Phone System, updated high speed wifi and internet throughout and 5 undated and remodeled bathrooms. There are two Kitchens, (one brand new in November of 2019), and of course our spectacular meeting and dining table, the largest and oldest in the world at 337 year old!

The Meeting and Events Spaces on the top 2 Floors are very well known, and have had 10’s of Thousands of Clients and Guests such as Snoop Dogg, Adidas, Common, Ludicrous, Kenny Burns, Ted Talks, The Governor, Intel, Apple, IBM, Game Developers Conference, Twitter, Sales Force, Facebook, Gaming Companies, Weddings, Dinners, and a slew of other Clients and Non-Profits. My well known Networking Events called “The Art of Active Networking” have brought over 20,000 people here on Monday nights for 14 years now! The events business will bounce right back in the Spring, we are already getting inquiries for this Fall, but I cannot hold on that long. We are fully operational with a full tech partner, amazing caterers and the best bar team in the business. The store will also close at Sale, unless the new owner wishes to lease it back to me for a year or two.

I am sending this to a small and select group of you who may have connections, or people who may have interest in this spectacular building with “The Sipping Room” my custom built and designed hidden Speakeasy in the basement. As you know I have put every penny and the last 16 years of my life into this building. It is impeccable, pristine, and has so many amazing features and opportunities, that there really is nothing comparable to it here in San Francisco. It’s proximity to Moscone Center (Just 3 Blocks East) makes it even more desirable. It is in the Heart of SOMA and just a few blocks from Google, AirBNB Headquarters and Twitter!

It is priced to sell and I am available for any questions. Should you know an Investor or interested party, my real estate team, Innovation Properties Group are fantastic! Warner and Ivan the Principles are both copied here for further questions. There is a substantial development opportunity here as well should you know any real estate developers. We’ve even shown a possible rendering in the listing as a concept, to give an idea of potential.

I’m grateful for any of you wishing to dig deep and think who in your network might have interest, or know anyone who does.

Here is the loop-net listing link and a PDF Brochure is attached:…/1069-1073-Howard-St-San…/19929041/

You may call my mobile with any questions at all! 415-602-9500

I hope you are all staying safe, well and healthy through this and supporting the Black Lives Matter messages and movement as we get through this difficult time. And in November remember to VOTE!

Be Well, Be Creative, Be Great, Be Giving!

Mark E. Sackett CEO / Creative Director / Executive Producer / Director / Public Speaker / Ephemera Collector and Dealer

We are a unique event space for Classes, Weddings, Meetings, Workshops and Private Events. Downstairs we house the largest antique Ephemera store in North America. Our store is designed to look like an 1850s Mercantile and Letterpress. We sell original printed items like antique Posters, Tins, Games...

The Pressroom and Mercantile at The Box SF

The Pressroom and Mercantile at The Box SF

TODAY IS IMPORTANT! 🙏 IN HONOR OF JUNETEENTH I AM ONLY POSTING ONCE! 🙏 I am tagging Friends who are Black, Talented, Passionate and who I care for! ❤️ Please share, and tag Black Lives that Matter to you as well, and support Black owned Businesses, Entrepreneurs, Non-Profits, Artists, Musicians and those doing the important work! 💥 Please use your voice, actions, money and power to do your part to help end Centuries of Racism! ❤️ -Mark E. Sackett

The Pressroom and Mercantile at The Box SF

The Pressroom and Mercantile at The Box SF

For the last three weeks we have been breaking our backs to clear out our 4000 square foot basement in preparation of our Bed, Bath and Far Beyond liquidation sale of 4 former homes and 50 years of collecting! 🎉 In addition to @theboxsf and @theboxsfevents I own Circa Props a prop rental company for Events, Photographers, Feature Film and Television Commercials. 💥 I never really talk about it here, but in a month or so I will be selling my Prop Rental Business and the entire inventory, along with stuff I have had in storage for over 35 years! 💥 Antiques, Home furnishings, Crafts, Gift Wrap, Kitchen, Art, Furniture, Shelving, Photography, Stuff and more Stuff and about 60 more boxes from my Printed Matter and Ephemera Collections and 1000’s of Books, CD’s and DVD’s 💥 So should you know anyone interested in the 1000’s of items we’ll have up for sale let me know. 💥 My store @theboxsf sells “all things printed” and will be open as well, but as a director, producer, designer I have collected for 50 years now and rented cool stuff since 1994 that you have seen in Movies, Commercials, Catalogs and Advertising and am liquidating that business. I would love help getting the word out! 💥[email protected] for anyone wishing to join my email list! 🙏Any questions? You may call me personally at: 415-602-9500 💥 STAY HEALTHY 💥


We are hoping to reopen here at in San Francisco in a week or two barring further updates from the city. My Film work is on hold, I am considering if and how we should restart our unique networking and giving events now, and how to best help our members to do better. Globally, "The Art of Active Networking" has always been about asking the question, "How can I help you do better right now?" And in that spirit we all need to do better including me. I have been fairly quiet trying to figure out how to survive here in San Francisco. Our revenues went into the toilet March 16th and most will not return this year. Money is money, I have not laid off any staff so far but it is getting rough to be honest with little revenue coming in. Please follow our Instagrams for daily updates on our reopening post pandemic! @theboxsf and @theboxsfevents.

Next...what I have to say about the George Floyd murder and countless other Black and Brown lives lost to violence and race discrimination is this:


For centuries we have bred hatred into our children, our society, our institutions and our lives. Sometimes it is a quiet judgement, other times it is blatent and violent! It's despicible that anyone walking towards me, working for me, attending my events, helping me in a store, restaurant, providing service, friendship, mentorship, love or just minding thier own business should be judged by skin color ever!

If you remain silent that you too are part of the problem, if your thoughts are, 'Well we don't have those issues here.' You are the issue. IF YOU DO NOTHING, YOU ARE THE PROBLEM.

If you are Black, Brown, Asian, Latin, Gay, Transgender, Sis, Q***r, physically challenged, mentally challenged or anything that can be judged as different, please know you are NO DIFFERENT to me.

If you are protesting, thank you, if you are marching, zooming, speaking out thank you! Please do it safely, wear a mask, and remain peaceful. It is difficult to march, scream and project to see no sustainable change. It took hundreds of years of this bu****it to get us right here and we now, once again, have the chance to unify, to vote at every level of elected office! To boycott racist businesses, to expose racism on every corner and to educate. BUT WILL YOU?

Begin to practice #MyGive4, see each other beyond skin color, job type, physicality, your own needs and wants and practice giving at every turn.

Support the small businesses you love and speak out loudly recognizing your power, your reputation and be that missing piece in someone elses puzzle.

We are all hurting and it is getting worse not better. As long as I have a voice I will continue to speak my truth and beliefs and I encourage you to do the same. IF however your beliefs are that of hatred, division and racism, you are not welcome in my groups, my social media, or in my life and you will be given no voice here. Many of us may disagree politically, we may differ economically, our skin may be of different shades, but like I always say, "We have two things on common in this world, we are ALL human, and we all struggle." Now let's help each other live in peace and prosperity.

Finally, this has never been about money, about selling or about gaining for me. I mention my businesses and encourage you do do the same. Everytime I write something like this however, people cuss at me, call me names, and disagree with me. That's fine, as long as you then hit the block button. We have critical work to do here, and we don't need your dead weight. Naysayers be gone! to find me

My mobile for questions or if I might help you in some way: 415-602-9500


-Mark E Sackett

Please follow our Instagrams for daily updates on our reopening post pandemic!  @theboxsf and @theboxsfevents  -Thank yo...

Please follow our Instagrams for daily updates on our reopening post pandemic! @theboxsf and @theboxsfevents -Thank you! -Mark E Sackett

14 new bankers boxes of material up in the mercantile from the archives!!! ❤️👨🏻‍🎨❤️ Things are smelling good in The Pressroom and Mercantile at @theboxsf with these Perfume Labels!

I am going to be honest here. I am terrified of losing my building, my companies and The Pressroom and Mercantile here a...

I am going to be honest here. I am terrified of losing my building, my companies and The Pressroom and Mercantile here at The Box SF! 🙏 The cost of operations and the payments are significant, and let’s face it, with so many people losing their sources of income as well, the losses may not be recoverable, as Antiques and beautiful Printed Items are not on most people’s needs lists right now. 🤷🏼‍♂️ As many of you know this has been my life long dream and April 1st we were two years in business and doing well here at @theboxsf and @theboxsfevents Events account for 80% of my income and 7 weeks ago that income went right to zero! The event space and the store were ordered to be closed. 💥 The point of this post is this, in the last 4 days we’ve had 6 total sales, from 6 cities and 3 countries! I am blown away not only by what was sold, but by the diversity of material they purchased. Our biggest sale was from very good repeating customers from Australia and we could not be more grateful to them! ❤️ If you can’t support us, there are 100’s of small businesses suffering and on the verge of closing near you! PLEASE DO WHAT YOU CAN FOR THEM! (I have tagged some of them here)! 🙏🎉🙏 You may also tag us, share our posts and shout us out to your followers, same with those small businesses, artists, makers and others struggling! 💥 Our Website is: and we sell 80% of what we post here on @instagram as well. 💥Finally, I can’t tell you how thankful I am to be here at this time in history, living and healthy for now! What a unique time to be alive and witness to these times. 🙏 -Mark E. Sackett 415-602-9500 please let me know how I can support you right now. ❤️ ❤️❤️


1069 Howard St
San Francisco, CA


(415) 934-6900


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