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Posh Life Public Relations & Event Planning Posh Life PR & Event Planning is a New Orleans based boutique firm catering to the client's every need while offering the very best in PR, Marketing, and Production Services, along with a range of a la carte services.


Here's what I want ya'll to do for me... Go to www.donteventripdreamfoundation.org and donate $25. Your contribution will help us provide 2 families with Thanksgiving meals on Thursday. In the spirit of giving, Help Us Help Families!!!


Greetings Friends!!! I have been so busy with client work that I have neglected my personal pages for far too long!!! I hope you all are doing exceptionally well!!! As we approach the upcoming Holiday season, I am asking you to take some time to read the following and consider donating to one of my many causes.

Dear Friend,

As the newly elected Chairman of Don’t Even Trip Dream Foundation, I am reaching out to you for your support in providing New Orleans residents with peace of mind in knowing that they do not have to stress over providing Thanksgiving meals to their families without the means to do so.

As you may be aware, Don’t Even Trip Dream Foundation is committed to uniting our communities through entertainment and philanthropy. The organization’s mission is to use its influence through entertainment to positively impact communities throughout the Greater New Orleans area.

The Foundation’s goal for the holiday season is to bring happiness into the homes of others and our overall vision is to encourage others to lend a helping hand as well as stand for a cause.

Renowned for its unique and unorthodox approach to community outreach, Don’t Even Trip Dream Foundation has helped several New Orleans residents over the last year by giving away meals to those in need, laptops to students and provided secondary support to several other non-profits in the city of New Orleans.

With the Thanksgiving holiday rapidly approaching, the season of charitable giving is filling the hearts of those who are able to help the less fortunate. Founders DJ Ro Watts and LaJoan Williams are aiming to make this year’s effort bigger and better than last year and with your help, we are providing families with a way to ease the financial burden during the holidays, so they can focus on enjoying Thanksgiving with family and friends. It will also give us an opportunity to get to know the community a little bit better.

Don’t Even Trip Dream Foundation has dramatically impacted the lives of several New Orleans residents and the result has significantly impacted the Foundation’s footprint in the community.

We need your help to ensure that these opportunities continue.

To see photos from the 2010 Turkey Giveaway, visit our Foundation website at www.donteventripdreamfoundation.org.

Please consider supporting with a gift to Don’t Even Trip Dream Foundation.

Your help is vital, not only for the Second Annual Turkey Giveaway, but also to continue our tradition of excellence in our philanthropic role in the Greater New Orleans area.

Your contribution is an investment in our city’s future.


Jolie Bernard, Don't Even Trip Dream Foundation Chairman
DJ Ro Watts and LaJoan Williams, Co-Founders


is pleased to announce that our first post of the new year is to introduce yet another amazing opportunity for our parent company-The Bernard Group. The Bernard Group is launching C'est Jolie Events- a boutique special events division that plans absolutely exquisite social events in Louisiana, Mississippi and nationwide. We are looking forward to revealing this brand in the coming days so be on the look out!


is pleased to announce its parent company, The Bernard Group, just received an awesome early Christmas gift... a new client! A partnership with an established musician in New Orleans, all over the country and around the world is on TBG's roster !!! Many details to come in the near future, but very excited to begin this project!!!


The Bernard Group is pleased to announce our new partnership with The Roots of Music! The Roots of Music is a program that offers free academic tutoring & after-school music education in history, theory, instrumental instruction & ensemble performance for kids ages 9-14, AT NO COST! Please deposit $2 at any Capital One Bank in the "Campaign to Sustain" account to ensure that this program can keep doing what they do!


Just got an email with the revisions of a brief that I have been working on for the past month and a half and the first line of the email said "Great Job. I (editor) really enjoyed reading the piece." BOO-YEAH!!!! (old skool) IGOTDIS!!!!


Has had quite the day for a Friday!!! Been stuck in meetings without one phone, left the other one at home so no telling what kind of hate messages I have on that one... Missed SEVERAL important calls while personal cell couldn't be accessed and my day is just really starting!!! WTF Waaaaaa To The Fullest!!!


The Bernard Group just left a very productive meeting and picked up another company contract!!! Business is progressively getting better by the minute... #thatisall


Happy Friday Friends!!! Check out our parent company, The Bernard Group (TBG), on Facebook as well!! Look for them to do some interesting things in the coming days!! Now enjoy your weekend- Posh Life & TBG!!


Posh Life would like to wish a gal close to our hearts a very Happy Birthday!!! One of the very best friends I could have... Chantal Williams, it's your day!! Make it POSH!!


Good Monday Morning!! Check out our parent company, The Bernard Group (TBG), on Facebook as well!! Look for them to do some interesting things in the coming days!! Big announcements will hopefully be made by week's end!! Have a Productive Week!!


Friends... Please visit The Bernard Group's new page... I'm introducing my newest venture to the globe and I hope you can take a minute to "Like" that page too... Thanks!!!


is ecstatic that it's Friday but wouldn't trade this fast-paced working environment for a "normal" job. It's in my blood and I'm destined to perfect my craft and make it work for me. In these past 3 months I've made life-changing decisions and it's working!!! #nodaysoffforatruehustler


just saw the first article written for BP printed and published!!! Leygo... 3 written... 6 more to go!! #nodaysoffforatruehustler


has a HUGE day ahead... Possibly unveiling the logo and branding to the new venture after meetings, interviews, writing on a deadline, sitting down with a local firm to discuss taking over their Public Relations directorship, dance recital run-thru, and no time to breathe. This work is indeed the building blocks to my legacy and a super strong conglomerate!! Thank You, Thank You!! HE is far too kind!!


just incorporated another business staple!!! Can't wait to make this one public! Watch out world!! #nodaysoffforatruehustler


can not say thank you enough to Our Father for continuing to bestow wonderful blessings on me professionally and personally. I don't know when the next time my head will hit a pillow, but my business venture is truly flourishing!! Loves drowning in opportunity!! Just picked up ANOTHER major gig. It pays to network and keep former colleagues close! #nodaysoffforatruehustler


thanks everyone for the support and love!!! Now go tell a friend to tell a friend to "Like" Posh Life!!! We need to push this movement and make it happen!!!


If u or someone u know lives in or can get 2 the San Francisco, Anaheim, West Hollywood or Las Vegas's House of Blues next week, I have an opportunity for u 2 make some fast cash & listen 2 Lyfe Jennings. PL has teamed up with Prestigious Grind & Atlantic Records 2 promote various events in these areas next week, so inbox or call me at 504-729-0244 ASAP if you're interested in making $$$ for a few hours of work!!!


is now writing articles for a widely-circulated publication!!! Can't wait to see this name printed in black & white in a few weeks!!! Grinding 7 days a week truly pays off!! Let's see what's next for Posh Life!! #nodaysoffforatruehustler


Looking for a good time this weekend... Come out to WonderRhymer's performance at the Howlin' Wolf this Sunday.... Tickets are $10 and it's going to be a show to remember... Support local artists and my clients OR ELSE!!!!


is ready to make beautiful music with my new acoustic guitar! Learning some chords right now and in a few will be on my way to strumming cover tunes!! Can't wait to learn some of my faves!!


can't wait to pick up my acoustic guitar!!! These two concerts this week have really stirred my musical abilities back up and now I'm looking forward to adding a new instrument to my collection. Headed to Guitar Center tomorrow to cop me some pink picks!!


My Little Louie V. just got delivered to his new family!! Sure gonna miss him but I know he's gonna continue living his Posh Life!!


is up working hard for the money... Had a conversation with a huge client that's bringing a Labor Day experience like no other to NOLA next year and this contract is nice!!

Mia Borders - The Official Site for Mia Borders

is headed out to pick up all of Mia Border's music after seeing her last night at the CBR concert at the House of Blues!! She and her band are simply AMAZING!! I'm putting in my Foundation Member application ASAP just to see them again in a few weeks! She stirred up my soul with her sound and I'm liberated all over again!

The official website for Mia Borders.


wants to thank Mynnye Chocolates, Andreas Koch, Betty Rabe, Mrs. Cynthia, and everyone at Charmed Boutique for making my Princess's birthday party such an amazing time!!! Mia absolutely loves her Ferrari and I can't wait to throw her 3rd birthday bash!!


is headed to Santorini beybay!!! Taking Posh Life on an international voyage!!! Get it on your mind and then you just get it!!! Life is grand!!!


is getting ready to re-evaluate life's positioning and take it from there... Business is great and it's truly amazing how things work when you get out of your own way!!!


is preparing for a photo shoot with @AWonderRhymer on the lakefront this evening... Looking forward to seeing what the boys look like together and how well they photograph together!!!


and did I mention that 'multi-tasking Supermom" is working at the moment as well. Going over some proposals for a huge event that Posh Life is planning for September 2011. Labor Day like NOLA has never seen it!!!


just bought my Princess a Ferrari F430 for her 2nd birthday... I know... A bit much, but can't wait for her 2 take it for a spin though!! Shhh!! It's a surprise... Gotta give her the "Posh Life!!!"


is on overdrive today... Got Artist Development going on one one laptop, press release writing happening on another, and two cell phones to both ears... Wouldn't want it any other way... Self-employment is a beautiful thing!!!

needs everyone who likes this page to go to www.poshlifepr.com and sign the guestbook and then tell a friend to tell a f...
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needs everyone who likes this page to go to www.poshlifepr.com and sign the guestbook and then tell a friend to tell a friend, so we can get this movement up!!!

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will NOT allow whatever is trying to take over my body to win! doing too well with too many projects for me to sit the sidelines- Philippians 4:6-7: Don't worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done. Then you will experience God's peace, which exceeds anything we can understand. His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus."


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