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Looking for the perfect corporate gift for this fall season?


Fall might be the perfect time to enjoy and delight with some sweet treats, and International Chocolate Day makes the perfect date to do so.

So, if you were looking for an excuse to take care of your team or show some appreciation to those loyal clients and partners, take note of the best Miami chocolate crafters and shops.

1. Exquisito Chocolates -
2. Garcia Nevett Chocolatier - .nevett
3. Ben B Coco -
4. Romanicos Chocolate -

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As a business owner, you are constantly seeking innovative ways to enhance leadership skills, foster teamwork, and drive...

As a business owner, you are constantly seeking innovative ways to enhance leadership skills, foster teamwork, and drive strategic growth. Executive retreats are gaining popularity for helping in this field, but, what are they?

An executive retreat is a focused and immersive experience designed for senior-level executives and key decision-makers within an organization.

According to the National Institutes of Health, 64% of executives undergoing stress management listed work as their primary source of stress. That’s a problem because stress negatively impacts work performance in various known ways. So, these retreats may be a great option to consider, to help the decision makers of your company slow down and reconnect with the less-stressed, higher-functioning version of themselves.

Want to start planning your next executive retreat? We can help you with that!

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Can you really use a technology like ChatGPT to help plan an event? You may be surprised by how much of the administrati...

Can you really use a technology like ChatGPT to help plan an event? You may be surprised by how much of the administrative legwork and content creation the AI can create, and how fast it can do it. But to make sure your event doesn’t lose that critical human element, follow these guidelines for when and where to use ChatGPT and similar tools.

Can you really use a technology like ChatGPT to help plan an event? You may be surprised by how much of the administrative legwork and content creation the AI can create, and how fast it can do it. But to make sure your event doesn’t lose that critical human element

It might only be September— but it’s not too early to start planning your company holiday party. After all, getting a he...

It might only be September— but it’s not too early to start planning your company holiday party. After all, getting a headstart means you get to avoid the stress of last-minute preparations.

Need some tips to get-on with it?
Between four and three months from your chosen date is the perfect time to confirm your budget, book the venue and send your save-the-dates to your potential guests.
Two months from the party it’s a great time to develop with your event planner the event concept and lock-in your catering service (psst! we can help you with all of this!)
One month before the party it’s a great time to send your formal invites and check up on the guest list, to make sure your event suits everyone's needs.

Want to avoid holiday-party-stress this year? Leave it in expert’s hands and be a guest at your very own event!

Contact us to start crafting an unforgettable day!

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Are you looking for a top-end venue to host your next dinner party? We’ve got you covered: welcome to Stubborn Seed, Jeremy’s Ford first solo restaurant, the result of pairing unrelenting passion with an unapologetic approach to cuisine.

The Private Event here, includes a Cocktail Hour with Open Bar and 2 Passed Appetizers and a 8 - Course Tasting Menu in which you can taste the Chef’s personal firm in every bite.

Make sure your guests experience the art of food making at your next dinner at !

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As we love to celebrate every possible occasion, we firmly believe it's always a great time to take your team to enjoy an after work night out in the Big Apple.

Samantha Michelle ( ), one of the trendiest DJs of New-York's nightlife, crafted a list of some of her favorite spots for an old-fashioned good time in NYC.

2. Gospel
3. Mulberry Bar
4. Chapel Bar
5. Joyface
6. Georgia Room

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Fall is the perfect time for a get-together. For employers who are looking for ways to help their employees bond, fall events can be a great option.

If you are looking for a way to encourage bonding among your employees, don’t miss these fall event ideas that are perfectly suitable for business teams.

1. A Pumpkin-Themed Workshop - as pumpkins make a firm fall, there are plenty of ways in which you can make them the center of the activity. Our favorite? A pumpkin decoration contest!

2. Fall cooking classes - This is the ideal time to have fun with cooking classes. Fall is the time when you can expect to see a lot of produce available for harvest. This includes items such as apples as well as squash and other vegetables. There are many fall cooking classes available that will have plenty of slots for dozens of guests. Many chefs may also offer private lessons.

3. Giving back to the community - Giving back to the community is one of the single most important things your company can do. Companies that give back to the community are rewarded with a better image. One of the best fall event ideas is to create a chance for employees to find ways to serve others. For example, employees can volunteer at food banks to help the needy get a meal for Thanksgiving.

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Raise your hand if you are as thrilled as us with this new launching: from December, Norse Atlantic Airways will offer t...

Raise your hand if you are as thrilled as us with this new launching: from December, Norse Atlantic Airways will offer the most incredibly affordable flight routes to Europe from just $165!

These breaking news come as a more than pleasant surprise to those who, as us, travel often between The States and Europe for business. The launch of the new routes include flights from Miami (MIA) to Paris (CDG) that will operate four times a week, and flights to Berlin (BER) that will operate once a week.

Ready to book your flight?

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Are you ready to sweeten up and delight your guests at your next event? If the answer is YES, we are sure Dominique Ansel Bakery should be your chosen pastry and dessert catering.

James Beard Award-winning Pastry Chef, Dominique Ansel, has shaken up the pastry world with innovation and creativity at the heart of his work. Since the beginning of his career he has strived to bring a refreshing approach to the world of desserts, and nowadays with a signature menu of more than 20 pastries and desserts he’s fully committed to do so.

Fancy making your next event as sweet as possible? We can help you with that!

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Cocktail receptions are great for businesses since they enable guests to build connections and generate leads. Whereas it can be challenging to organize a successful cocktail reception, hosting one is a fantastic follow-up event for conferences and joint company meetings.

But don’t worry! We’ve got you covered with some expert tips:

1. Select the right venue: check the size, parking availability and atmosphere of the venue to make sure everyone feels welcomed.

2. Set the Tone of Your Networking Cocktail Reception: Most successful business cocktail receptions have a defined tone that every guest instantly understands upon arrival. The tone conveys the reception’s purpose, how people should act, and what they should wear during the event.

3. Be Meticulous When Preparing the Guest List: Crafting the perfect guest list is a key to success. Form a balanced crowd by inviting people from various backgrounds, then use your event as a space for them to broaden their network.

4. Prepare a Fantastic Food & Drinks Menu: A cocktail networking event is all about delectable finger food. These dishes are easy to eat since you don’t need to use cutlery or dine on a table. Guests will be able to stand or walk around comfortable with their food at hand.

Need some help planning your next networking event?

Contact the experts!

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Is there a better way to enjoy the ending of the summer than seeing some great tennis live?

This year, the US Open is taking up New York and will take place in USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center.

With more than 35 places to eat and drink at the Open, and near to most of NYC attractions, this year's tournament might be the perfect choice to take your team on an incentive trip and motivate them to recharge batteries before fall.

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Usually celebrated on the first Monday of September, Labor Day is one of our biggest annual celebrations, paying tribute to workers and their achievements. Inaugurated in the late 19th century, it has long been billed as an end of summer party filled with parades and cookouts.

If you are thinking of recharging your battery before it’s time to go back to school on this long weekend, here are the top-five cities in which VIBE’s team loves to spend this National Holiday.

1- New York City, New York
2- Atlanta, Georgia
3- Chicago, Illinois
4- Los Angeles, California
5- Portland, Oregon

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Did you know that each year, on September the 3rd, we celebrate National Skyscraper Day to honor the anniversary of the birth of Louis H. Sullivan, the American architect who was called the “father of skyscrapers”?

As this might be the perfect date to host an event in the heights, here are VIBE's chosen venues in one of our favorite cities: Chicago.

1- The Signature Room at the 95th -
2- Cloud Bar at 360 Chicago -
3- Terrace 16 -

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Budgeting is for sure an important part of planning your event, and there’s no such way to reduce expenses as limiting t...

Budgeting is for sure an important part of planning your event, and there’s no such way to reduce expenses as limiting the guest list.

However, there are times when limiting attendance doesn’t fit in with the purpose of an event. Sometimes, it is appropriate – or even preferred – to open up your guest list and allow invitees to bring a plus-one.

You should allow plus ones if you are hosting:
An Award Show Some kind of promotional event, to expand the potential of marketing reach A Holiday or any special occasion gathering A kind of charity or fundraising event

Can you think of another situation where it would be beneficial to open up your guest list? Let us know in the comment section below!

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In-person events are often considered more expensive than virtual events - but attendees tend to prefer live gatherings....

In-person events are often considered more expensive than virtual events - but attendees tend to prefer live gatherings. These recommendations can help you get more out of your next corporate or business event budget without sacrificing the kind of experience guests expect.


When it comes to a Miami event, the options are unlimited. If you are looking to add some tropical VIBE to your next business event without leaving the States, then Miami might be your next destination.

Here our 5 chosen venues of the month:

1. Pérez Art Museum Miami -
2. The Biltmore Hotel -
3. Faena Hotel Miami Beach -
4. Coral Gables Country Club -

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It comes as no surprise that a positive work environment plays a huge part in every team productivity. There are many wa...

It comes as no surprise that a positive work environment plays a huge part in every team productivity. There are many ways in which you can make your employees feel comfortable and appreciated at the office, but what happens when all your team is working remotely?

There are some steps we recommend you following for a successful virtual work environment.

1- Invest in the right tools: employee engagement apps, remote communication apps, or essential desktop publishing software - your team needs the right tools. So do your research and look for platforms already being used effectively by other remote teams.

2- Get to know your team: Every employee and team member is unique - are you all working under the same time zones? What are your team members' responsibilities at home and with their families? Which working hours suit them better?

3- Equip your employees: Aside from software - what else do your remote workers need to thrive? Ideally, all remote employees should be provided with the equipment they need to get their job done - laptops, headphones, ect.

4- Clarify remote team expectations: at what times employees are required to be available? What are the codes of conduct when communicating online?

Don’t forget to share these tips!

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As Chicago lovers, we are always looking for new ways to make the most out of the Windy City, and Le Méridien Essex Chicago - recently converted to the Marriott family - is one of them.

Le Meridien is a one of a kind luxury hotel in downtown Chicago, surrounded by the city's most iconic attractions, and probably one of the best options for hosting your next event. With 1300 SQ FT total event space, this venue can be set-up in multiple displays to fit your gatherings such as conferences, receptions, banquets and much more.

Thinking of organizing your next event here? We can help you with that!

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One thing is certain: Miami is known for its rich culture and diversity - and its food scene makes no exception.

If you are thinking of delighting your guests with a top-end international cuisine experience, find out 3 of VIBE’s favorite foreign owned restaurants to host your next private event.

1- Nikkei-peruvian fusion cuisine owned by
: Chotto Matte -

2- With Southern Brazil roots: Fogo De Chão -
Live-open-fire cooking from Argentina, owned by chef Los Fuegos -

3- Need some help planning your next dinner party? Leave it to the experts, and be a guest at your own event!

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While you can’t always anticipate every event challenge, having an action place to avoid these big three event planning ...

While you can’t always anticipate every event challenge, having an action place to avoid these big three event planning mistakes will save you time and money. We live by this motto at VIBE so our clients enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing everything has been handled. Let us know if that level of white-glove service sounds appealing to you. We’re always happy to help make your next event as perfect as possible.

Make your next event-planning experience less stressful and more successful by avoiding these Top 3 challenges that make events unnecessarily complicated or expensive. This list also covers ways to overcome these challenges with smart tactics and recommendations


NFTs! Non-Fungible Tokens… interested in knowing how these may be used in the event industry? Listen up and feel free to comment below.

It’s never too early to start planning your holiday parties and events!They may seem far away in the calendar, but in fa...

It’s never too early to start planning your holiday parties and events!

They may seem far away in the calendar, but in fact, this is one of the best times of the year to start planning your holiday events.

Here, some reasons why:

1- You save money. – If you plan, you can devise a working budget and avoid unnecessary expenditures that usually happen during last-minute preparations.

2- You prepare for contingencies. – Planning allows you to prepare for potential problems. You can plan for alternatives in the event something does happen. You can set the direction and priorities of your team and team members will know what to work on or what they should be working on first.

3- You find reliable vendors. – Planning allows you to look for reliable vendors with a good reputation who will deliver according to plan. This is specially true now when the service industry experiences a shortage of staff. Working with the right vendors/partners will also allow you to have backup support for broken-down equipment, access to items and hard-to-come-by merchandise that will potentially go trending or emergency orders that cannot be accommodated in the ordinary course of business.

Ready to start planning your holiday event strategy? contact the experts!

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Listen up New York lovers: you are invited to discover VIBE’s favorite venue of the city!

Poised on the southern edge of Central Park, Thompson Central Park New York is your gateway to the best of Manhattan. Step into polished midcentury spaces where sculptural lighting reveals inspired chic details at every turn in this one-of-a-kind luxury hotel.

With a complete third floor dedicated for hosting unique events, Thompson Central Parks offers many options to gather your guests and make them feel more than welcome in the Big Apple.

We’d love to help you plan every detail of your next event here!

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Whether you are planning on taking your team on a wellness day, or are just looking to destress for some busy working weeks; you can’t miss the chance to enjoy some of the best Miami Spas these Spa Months.

Until August 31, you can indulge yourself while discovering Miami’s most luxurious spas for a discounted price.

Here, a list of our top-three pampering spots:

1- âme Spa & Wellness Collective at JW Marriott Miami Turnberry -
2- Leaf Spas at Hotel AKA Brickell -
3- Esencia Wellness at Eden Roc and Nobu Hotel Miami Beach -

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At VIBE we believe employees and team wellbeing is a MUST. So of course, we love to be a part of the planning of one of the best proven ways to reward them: incentive trips.

Incentive trips can be wonderful to motivate your team - and, for sure, one really motivational and trending activity is glamping.

Here, 3 top-end places to take your team glamping in one of our favorite destinations: Texas.

1- StarStruck Glamping -
2- The Retreat on the Hill -
3- Tree houses at Cypress Valley -

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Technology is paramount to the success of your event. At Vibe, we are creating more immersive experiences than ever before to re-engage the audience. What are you doing to maximize audience engagement?

We are huge lovers of pilates and its multiple benefits, but… What about proposing your team to leave for a day the offi...

We are huge lovers of pilates and its multiple benefits, but… What about proposing your team to leave for a day the office chairs and enjoy a pilates class together?

Corporate pilates classes have many positive effects:

1- They promote team building: A shared challenge can bring teammates together more closely than ever, and that synergy will transfer right back to the workplace.

2- They reduce absences: Healthier employees get sick and miss work less often. Incentivizing your employees to be healthy is a win-win!

3- They are great for developing company culture: Increasingly, competitive job candidates want to work in a culture that values physical fitness and an active lifestyle.

4- They are a great way to introduce fun: Your team works hard! They deserve a fun day where they get to do something different and see one another in a whole new light.

Have you and your team ever tried pilates together?

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Located in the heart of New York City with base in an historic Art Deco building, Eleven Madison Park is the ultimate fine dining restaurant with a view that overlooks one of the most beautiful parks in Manhattan - Madison Square Park.

In the summer of 2017, this must-try place went under a full scale renovation; and is now focused in bringing guests an exceptional food experience that consists entirely in plant-based courses.

Fancy welcoming your event attendees here? Eleven Madison Park offers three private dining spaces, suitable for parties of up to 18, 34, and 50 seated guests – two of which overlook the main dining room with floor-to-ceiling windows, in addition to a space that features an installation from the acclaimed artist Sol LeWitt. All three spaces can be reserved for a larger event, accommodating up to 55 guests with space for a reception and seated lunch or dinner.

The VIBE team loves Eleven Madison Park, and would greatly enjoy helping you to plan your next event here!

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Airplane skin — we’ve all experienced the uncomfortable skin dryness while flying one time or another. Well, as it turns out, airplane hair is a thing, too. Whether it is business or pleasure - or both - long flight might affect your hair, but luckily, there are solutions.

Here are some expert-tips from our partners and friends of L’oreal:

1. Prep Your Hair Before Take-Off: That means reaching for hair care products with ultra-nourishing ingredients that deeply condition, before you even arrive at the airport.

2. Layer On Nourishing Hair Products: Applying lightweight serums, oils and leave-in conditioners — while on a flight to protect and add moisture to your mane is certainly a must.

3. Wear A Loose Hairstyle: Avoid very tight hairstyles with elastic scrunchies (think: sleek ponytails and ballerina buns). Tighter ‘dos can pull and tug at your strands, while elastics can cause friction, leading to unwanted hair breakage and damage.

4. Use A Silk or Satin Travel Pillow: On overnight flights, make sure you get your beauty sleep on a silk travel pillow.

5. Refresh Post-Flight: Upon landing, revive lifeless hair post-flight by spritzing on dry shampoo. This will add texture and volume, and also soak up any oils on your scalp.

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Do you know how to create sustainable and responsible travel experiences? We do…. Listen up!

Since their appearance, team virtual meetings have gained popularity, for they are great for connecting working teams al...

Since their appearance, team virtual meetings have gained popularity, for they are great for connecting working teams all around the world. And here’s where Otter, the award winning AI-powered voice first team collaboration app makes its entrance.

Otter is a great tool for finally saying goodbye to manual notes: just connecting Otter to your Google or Microsoft calendar will give you automated notes available for all team members in just a sec. But that’s not all: When someone shares slides during a virtual meeting, Otter automatically captures and inserts them into the meeting notes, providing complete context of the content that was discussed.

Moreover, you can chat live with Otter and teammates in the meeting, ask questions, and get answers instantly.

Have you already tried Otter for your meetings?

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Refined dishes and unique cocktails create an unforgettable experience in this iconic two-story townhouse, brought by restaurateur Matthew Abramcyk and Michelin-starred Chef Doug Brixton: welcome to The Golden Swan NYC, the new spot where French and Mediterranean flavors and a warm space come together to make your next event unique.

- In the first floor, the Wallace Room awaits with specialty cocktails and a la carte dishes are served in an intimate window-wrapped space.

- If you venture up to the Dining Room, you will find a perfect space taken on by Chef Brixton’s cuisine.

The Golden Swan is available for private events, and at VIBE we are sure your guests will love it here.

Contact us to start planning your next dining event in one of the chicest spots of the year!

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Summer in the city means many things: refreshing desserts are definitely one of them.

For those interested in securing their scoop sometime before fall, here’s a list of some restaurants you can miss:

1.Monkey Bar -
”Chocolate hazelnut mousse with banana ice cream”

2. Barbuto -
”Torta di Cioccolato”

3. Shukette -
“Tahini Soft Serve”

4. Parm -
“House Made Ice Cream Cake”

5. Raoul’s -
”Profiteroles under a stunning sugar dome”

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The wants and needs of the event industry are rapidly changing. So, how to reconnect with your employees in person…? Listen for our tips…

First things first: when you start planning an event for your company, the number 1 item on your to-do list should be se...

First things first: when you start planning an event for your company, the number 1 item on your to-do list should be setting the goals of it.

Although the phrase “corporate event” may sound all-business, companies host events for a wide variety of reasons. For example, the goal of your event may be to inform or boost team morale.

Here, a list of some common corporate objectives that may help you find your own:

Inform: Gather employees or colleagues to share valuable information in team meetings, roundtables, fiscal reviews, and conferences.

Train: Training and development play vital roles in running a successful business, and corporations often host in-depth training events, such as first aid workshops, on-the-job skills, or team-building retreats.

Recognize: Employees consistently rank recognition as one of the most significant factors influencing job satisfaction levels. Recognize your employees, celebrate their accomplishments.

Sell: Corporations host tradeshows, product launches, and other sales events to promote their product or services.

Build community: Small and large businesses alike may host workshops, webinars, fundraisers, and other community events.

Are you planning your up-coming event calendar? Let us take care of it!

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Easy and casual vibes with a sophisticated menu: welcome to Libertine, the newest buzzy French bistro, a 46-seat restaurant that serves up rich, classic dishes with a twist.

With an all natural French wine list and cocktails made with small batch French spirits, Libertine is also available for all sorts of private events and dinners.

Certainly, a must-go-to.

💌[email protected]

Outdoor events are a great way to take advantage of nature, do something a little different and enjoy the warm weather.A...

Outdoor events are a great way to take advantage of nature, do something a little different and enjoy the warm weather.

As event experts, we’d love to share some tips for planning an event your guests will never forget:

1. Find a great outdoor event venue, according to your guests needs and the theme you’d like to choose.

2. Make sure the catering logistics are viable in the venue.

3. Get the right permits (this depends on the event location)

4. Make taking care of nature and outdoor space your top priority.

5. Make sure your guests will be comfortable

6. Source the right equipment.

7. Get the right technology tools

8. Think of accessibility for all your attendees.

9. Arrange for setup and guarantee the venue is clean when the event is over.

10. Have a back-up plan (like an event tent) in case the weather goes wrong at the last minute.

Have you ever planned an outdoor event? Would you like to do so?

We are MICE experts and would love to work together to ensure you can enjoy the event as a guest!

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In the event industry, having a sustainability agenda is crucial. Follow our tips to minimize carbon footprint and measure the ecological impact of event travel and attendance.


Summer holidays: best moment to switch your phone on airplane mode and enjoy the sun while having a good read.

If you are looking for new compelling titles, here’s a list of best-sellers - all written by our favorite trending women authors- you can miss this season.

1. Happy Place - by Emily Henry
2. Yellowface - by R. F. Kuang
3. A Perfect Vintage - by Chelsea Fagan
4. Homebodies - by Tembe Denton-Hurst
5. The Neighbor Favor - by Kristina Forest

Would you add some other titles to the list?

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From wine-tasting to outdoor exploring - as we enter the dog days of summer and holidays draw closer- a corporate retreat may be in the cards for you and your team, and Napa Valley has all of it.

Private wine tours, superb team building (including blindfolded kayak racing to a wine tasting), winery cave dinners, luxury lodging and the most wonderful landscapes to hold outdoor meetings and dinners: the Wine Country is one of a kind destination to enjoy.

If Napa Valley is your destination of choice, then you can’t miss staying with your team at one of VIBE’s favorite venues: Auberge Du Soleil.

One thing we know for sure: hosting an inspiring meeting, retreat or incentive program requires an equally inspiring setting. Auberge Du Soleil beautifully appointed venues provide the ideal environment for meeting and motivating with natural light and outdoor terraces that showcase our sweeping valley views. The best part of it? When it’s time to break the resort staff will make sure to indulge your palate with Michelin Star cuisine and custom wine pairings delivered with knowledgeable, intuitive service

Need some help organizing your next retreat?

We are MICE experts!

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Looking for creative Photo Booth ideas ? Get some inspiration at !

🍩Donut Life Museum is a creative space in Westminster, CA where you can experience 7 unique rooms with donut art installations made by local artists. Each room has photo worthy opportunities that are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth!

+++ also, you can organize private events over there. How cool is that? 🤩

🤫Oh, by the way, did you know that the Vibe agency icon is a… donut? Valerie Bihet, our founder, chose this icon in 2004. Want to know why? Stay tuned!


Your next private event in at Illuminarium , a “VR without the glasses” experience

Illuminarium Experiences, a breakthrough global experiential entertainment company created by worldwide leaders in cinematic and interactive content, architecture, and theatrical design, just opened in Las Vegas! Whether that's on safari, at the bottom of the ocean, in the celestial universe, on top of the world's highest peaks or inside a visual art exhibition, Illuminarium places your guests inside the story as it unfolds around them…


As the first integrated resort to be built on the Las Vegas Strip in over a decade, Resorts World opened in June 2021 and blends the technology and luxury appeal of an urban contemporary resort.

We visited it and we love it!!

✔️This complex is made up of three properties: Hilton, Conrad and Crockfords.
✔️From massive LED displays to service at the touch of your fingertips, Resorts World Las Vegas is slated to be the latest tech marvel on the Strip.
✔️With more than 40 food and beverage experiences to explore, they offer more globally inspired dish than any other destination on the Strip.
✔️Oh, and for a tranquil timeout, there is also a Awana Spa at Resorts World!!


One of the best caterer in is NoHo Hospitality Group (on Inc. Magazine “America’s Fastest-Growing Companies” list in 2016, 2017 and 2018), founded by Chef Andrew Carmellini, Luke Ostrom & Josh Pickard in 2009.

Known for delivering quality experiences and pertinent culinary culture, they opened a national portfolio of restaurants and culinary services at preeminent hotels, live music venues and major metropolitan sports arenas and airports across New York City, Baltimore, Detroit and Nashville. The team actively runs food and beverage operations in four hotels, including The Greenwich Hotel, The William Vale, Sagamore Pendry Baltimore and the Shinola Hotel.

+++ Free delivery in NYC
📍New York / Detroit / Nashville
Vibe Touch ⚜️

We love the concept : a 🍅 Bloody Mary Cart 🍅

At this West Village restaurant by John McDonald and Chef Ryan Schmidtberger, you can make your Bloody Mary your own with their new table side Bloody Mary Cart service.
Pick your alcohol, your preferred base of Traditional Tomato, Yellow Tomato and Mango or Green Tomatillo and Cucumber, and garnish your drink to your hearts desire with a mix of olives, pickled vegetables, hot peppers, hot sauces and more.

Production Tips 🍩

tapped agency partner Industria Creative to bring an edgy, subversive YSL world to life, celebrating the launch of its new Black O***m Illicit Green fragrance.

💯Industria designed this exclusive, multi-sensory event from start to finish, taking over Brooklyn’s Avant Gardner for the venue’s first-ever partnership with a brand. They took the raw, cavernous space and transformed it into a forbidden underground with an environment that can only be described as electric – complete with immersive olfactive experiences for VIPS, influencers, media and tastemakers.

We love it!!!


There is a new corner of Havana in Virgil Village in Los Angeles : is a new neighborhood bar boasting unique craft cocktails, carefully selected wines, seasonal beers, and non-alcoholic drinks.

🙌 Led by Chef and Owner Daniel Navarro, SobreMesa Hospitality owns and operates two successful restaurants, El Cochinito and Cafe Tropical, as well as Bolita, in Los Angeles.

PS : Drawing inspiration from stories of luck and fate from Cubans, Bolita was the underground lottery that determined the destiny for many Cubans.


Show off your zodiac sign at your next team event and get to know each other better!
💡Check out the GYLES & GEORGE zodiac sign sweaters at Carlson 👕.


Since the early days of the events industry, planners have been looking for ways to improve attendee experiences… One way to do this is by using NFTs (🤓Non-Fungible Tokens)!

✔️NFTs can help planners manage their events more efficiently. For example, they can be used to track attendee movements and interactions, to verify authenticity of tickets, and record other important event data. They are a type of cryptocurrency that is unique and specific to an event!✔️NFTs could be used to create event-related merchandise that is not available anywhere else. This could include items such as exclusive event badges or tickets, as well as physical objects that have been created specifically for the event.

“Love is the flower you’ve got to let grow.” - John Lennon

Send flowers to an amazing client or your best employee with ! They source directly from Earth-conscious flower growers and deliver best-in-show florals to the front doorsteps of customers across the globe.

🌷 🌼 🌸 🌹 Behind Flowerbx, a woman entrepreneur:
Flowerbx founder and ex-Senior Vice President of Communications at TOM FORD, Whitney Bromberg Hawkings was in search of luxury, single-variety flowers at an accessible price point, but could not find a florist or supplier that made her experience premium. She recognized a niche in the market… And in 2018, Flowerbx achieved US$2.5 million in sales.

Production Tips 🍩 : Augmented Virtuality (AV) helps engage attendees!
Basically, AV integrates real-world objects in a virtual space. As virtual audiences come back to in-person events, we see a major decrease in 2D screen experiences (simple stage and screen setups). Moving back to the ballrooms and convention centers, we are creating more immersive experiences than ever before to re-engage the audience.