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Creative Meetings & Events LLC Our mission is to make sure your event is successful. Our motto, "On Time, Under Budget, Above Expectation". Creative Meetings & Events LLC was started because of my love for planning meetings and events; my love of building relationships with venues and negotiating the contract; and my love for designing registration websites, signage, name badges and creating menus with the chefs and caterers.

But I love doing it on a small scale with a limited budget. How crazy does that sound? But it’s true…. CME started with that in mind; and my clients would be those having anywhere from 2-5 day meetings of around 250 attendees. My clients would be small organizations who didn’t have a dedicated meeting planner but instead had their meeting spread out among various staff who had to add it in to their already full-time jobs. My clients would have limited meeting budgets which needed a lot of stretching. My clients would not have the time to learn the ins and outs of hotel contracts, what concessions are best to ask for and keep and what concessions are best to ask for to use as bargaining chips. And my clients would be those who maybe had a meeting staff but just wanted some extra help every now and then. If your group or organization fits any of these profiles, then CME may be a good fit for you! There's no hassle and no pressure. In fifteen minutes, we can discuss your needs and have a proposal back within 48 hours. Best of all, we will do all we can to offset our services through hotel commissions and/or rebates--or maybe it's simply by adding $5 to $10 to your registration fee. Whatever it is, we'll offer it as a possibility and you can decide from there.

Operating as usual

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Interesting read... and good information to take into account when planning your meeting.
Which hub airports are best in winter?

Interesting read... and good information to take into account when planning your meeting.

Don't always assume warmer average temperatures = punctuality.


What is Creative Meetings & Events LLC?

Creative Meetings & Events (CME) is a meeting and event planning company specializing in small to mid-size events--50 to 250 attendees. CME focuses primarily on non-profit meetings, conferences and special events such as fundraising dinners and auctions.

CME's principal, Katrina Custer is skilled in negotiation hotel concessions and contracts ensuring you, the customer, are getting the best bang for your buck as well as being legally protected while fostering the relationship with the vendor.

Operating on a contractual basis, CME works to keep the outsourcing cost down and in some cases, even free. Contact us for more information. You are never obligated for "kicking our tires" and will never be placed on any list (unless you request it).


Do you use Twitter Website Cards to promote your event? If not, why not?

Twitter Website Cards give your event or your website 43% more engagement. They give the user more content that just a tweet and offer a "cal to action" button.

Hyatt Centric Chicago Loop!
Hyatt Centric Set for Chicago Loop Debut

Hyatt Centric Chicago Loop!

Hyatt Centric The Loop Chicago will open in April 2015, one of the first two hotels in the world to open under Hyatt's new full-service lifestyle...


Hyatt Hotels to offer free wi-fi to guests around the world! Unlimited number of devices in guest rooms and social spaces.

Thanks Hyatt... no more "nickel and diming"... Love it!


New hotel brand--Hyatt Centric

A new, full service lifestyle brand designed for business and leisure travelers is Hyatt Centric.

Inspired by the brand's mission of "putting its guest at the center of the action in the best destinations." This new brand will balance digital capabilities with face-to-face interaction.

Now in 15 cities: New York, Paris, Atlanta, Chicago and Miami to name just a few.

I would agree!

I would agree!

U.S. News Travel has recognized our resort & spa as one of the 'Best Hotels in the U.S. in 2015' in its annual evaluation of hotels that offer high-quality amenities and exceptional experiences. We are extremely honored!

Read more:


In visiting with friends in town for a meeting, I was reminded of a key aspect of finding a location for your meeting or event. Cost.

Now, I'm not talking the cost of the hotel room. Well, that's part of it, but definitely not all of it. I'm talking about the total cost to the attendee (even if they are attending on their company's dime).

Of course, first is the cost of the hotel room plus any additional fees such as resort fees, gym usage, internet fees, or fees to have a microwave and or refrigerator in the room. But also look at what it costs for the attendee to get to the hotel from the airport. What about parking at the hotel for those who are driving? All of a sudden that $149 room rate can escalate up to $300+ a night once you add in fees and taxes.

Which reminds me of a meeting I had in a place that really was kind of far from the airport. But because I knew the situation and knew the options the hotel offered were still pricey, I asked my wonderful assistant to look into other options and we found a private car service who's cost was literally too good to pass up. It was a small enough meeting, and we had several people who were driving (and parking was free by the way) so the cost overall was minimal. Plus because we were booking the whole group, we were able to assign just about everyone a shared ride partner which was even better for the car service company and they, I believe, were very happy to have us do that work for them. Probably another reason our quote was so good.

Now with that particular event, the place couldn't have been better. Not only did the hotel have great food options, but there were so many others within walking distance and local transportation via bus was a couple of dollars. As part of our concessions, the resort fee (which included internet) was waived and microwaves and refrigerators were standard in all rooms since each room had a small kitchenette.

The point to all this, remember, it's not just the cost of the hotel and the registration fee. There are a number of ancillary costs your attendee incur. If you want them to come back, and have everyone be happy, be sure to estimate the TOTAL cost to your attendee and make sure you're not pricing your event out of reach for many.


With the coming winter storm in the northeast, have you taken a good look at your venue contract language lately?

What happens if more than half your attendees can't get to the event? What happens if those people who are staffing the event can't make it? Are you still paying the hotel for space and rooms not used?

Negotiating with hotels can be tricky for some, but not for others. Why? It's all in the relationship. CME develops relationships with the hotels prior to negotiating so the process works to the best of both parties--making both the hotel and you happy. CME knows when to give and when and what to take.

So before you sign your next venue contract, really look it over. Are you accepting the standard hotel contract language? Check your Force Majeure very carefully and make sure you don't get caught paying for space, food and rooms you don't use because either you or your attendees couldn't make it.


What is your strategy when choosing a place for your meeting or event? Are you shopping around keeping with your tried and true venue?

Sometimes that tried and true venue is a good option--you know the staff, they know you. But are you getting the best value? The key is to source other properties, letting them know you have been with the same hotel for several years. Then let your current property know you are just doing your due diligence. Let them know how happy you are with them and be sure to mention anything that is not working. Give them a chance to make changes and upgrade their service and lower your bottom line.

The key is to never get so complacent that you get taken advantage of....

5 Ways to Follow Up Without Being Annoying

News we all can use!!!!

The average person can get a few hundred emails a day. If you don't get a response, it doesn't mean you're being ignored. Here are tips on how to the answers you're looking for.

With the number of airlines dwindling, more and more hubs will be lost, I fear.
Population, geography keep Pittsburgh from being airline hub

With the number of airlines dwindling, more and more hubs will be lost, I fear.

It's been a decade since US Airways shuttered its once-bustling hub at Pittsburgh International Airport. United recently dumped it's hub in Cleveland. And Delta dropped ...

Whatever scares groups from meeting in Las Vegas I truly don't understand. All major airlines, and many regional airline...

Whatever scares groups from meeting in Las Vegas I truly don't understand. All major airlines, and many regional airlines, fly there. Transportation is extremely easy and there are so much for attendees to do while they are there. As long as your meetings are interesting and you provide time for them to enjoy the sights and sounds (and food!), what are you waiting for?

Have you experienced the #SuiteLife yet? Every "room" at The Palazzo and The Venetian Las Vegas is a suite -- all 7,000+ of them!


It should be worth 15 minutes of your time to hear any sales pitch regardless. There will always be something you will learn, even if you don't utilize the service, person, product. That 15 minutes could produce an amazing idea, so why not let your mind be open for 15 minutes?

Good! Now if all other airlines would follow....
United Airlines installs 500 airport charging stations

Good! Now if all other airlines would follow....

United Airlines this month began installing nearly 500 electronics charging stations in customer-seating areas at many U.S. airports, beginning with its hometown airport Chicago O’Hare International Airport, the airline said Thursday.

13 tips for finding low airfares
13 tips for finding low airfares

13 tips for finding low airfares

Airfares on some routes are higher than they were four or five years ago. Here's how to make your dollars go further.

"With this new service, sponsored by the MileagePlus® Explorer Card, you can choose from over 150 movies and nearly 200 ...
Watch inflight movies and TV on your personal device

"With this new service, sponsored by the MileagePlus® Explorer Card, you can choose from over 150 movies and nearly 200 TV shows and watch them free of charge on your personal device."


Watch TV and movies inflight on your personal device

9 Things Every Planner Should Know About Swag | BizBash
9 Things Every Planner Should Know About Swag | BizBash

9 Things Every Planner Should Know About Swag | BizBash

Product safety laws apply to events big and small, so here are some things to take into account before doling out promotional items at meetings and events.Do you know if the gifts from your event are choking hazards? Should you label items even if the swag is given to adults? The issue of product sa...

Omni Announces Hotel in Downtown Louisville | Smart Meetings


And if you haven't had a meeting in Louisville, you are really missing out!

Officials in Kentucky have finally gotten their wish: a new luxury hotel adjacent to the Kentucky International Convention Center in Louisville. Omni Hotels & Resorts has signed an agreement to open a 600-room hotel at Third and Liberty streets. The hotel is part of a $261 million development deal t...

I have to admit, there is nothing more frustrating than taking your regulation size carryon and finding out that someone...
United Gets Strict About Size Limits for Carry-on Bags | Smart Meetings

I have to admit, there is nothing more frustrating than taking your regulation size carryon and finding out that someone has put a huge suitcase in sideways in the overhead and now your suitcase won't fit.

Plus, those people who purposely bring in oversized luggage so they can gate check it without paying...

United Airlines has not changed its policies regarding carry-on bags, it has just decided to start enforcing them. On Saturday, the carrier began instructing workers at security checkpoints to send passengers with oversize bags back to the ticket counter to check their luggage—which, of course, usua...

Good to know....
Top 10

Good to know....

The Top 10 Most Hospitable Airport Hotels in the U.S. - Here are the most hospitable airport hotels in weather-challenged U.S. cities.


As a meeting planner, I spend quite a bit of time on my RFP before sending it out to hotels. I try to make sure there are no un-answered questions (as much as I can). Sometimes, I'm not sure if the person responding received the whole proposal or just ignored what I wrote... And I wish they would tell me what I'm not doing that would help them to respond to the needs of the group.

Great entertainment!
Park Ave CDs

Great entertainment!


To follow up on my previous post....
Scientific Proof for the Power of Face-to-Face

To follow up on my previous post....

As plenty of show organizers struggle to maintain existing attendance numbers, one show continues to attract more traffic each year. Find out how.

Plus the value of face-to-face meetings is still better than conference calls or video conferences...
Calculating The Real Value Of The Meetings Industry

Plus the value of face-to-face meetings is still better than conference calls or video conferences...

Curious how much all your attendees and hotel rooms are really worth? Get the first look at the new study that highlights the economic significance of meetings to the US economy.


Great stay at the Hyatt Regency Washington DC! Service there is amazing, and thanks to Lashawn and Dena for making the stay extra special! And shout out to Danielle Garvey, a most amazing CSM!!


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