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As an interior designer for over 20 years, I look for design inspiration virtually everywhere. The latest vehicle (pun intended) for that inspiration is a Vintage 1963 Shasta Trailer. When a friend suggested that I "Take design on the road", I took her advice. After restoring and updating the interior and giving the original exterior some much needed attention, "Amazing Grace", as she has been ch

ristened, was ready for her debut. The idea behind Days like this... is the opportunity to commemorate your special event in an original, unconventional, and completely personalized way. You can put your own imagination and creativity to work, or the trailer can be staged to your specifications. The goal is to provide you with a unique photographic setting for everything from marriage proposals to anniversary celebrations, weddings to family portraits, and every occasion in between. Melding the past with the present, and the old with the new, by creating meaningful vignettes for your theme or occasion, is just part of the magic that results in moments that become treasured memories. I look forward to waking up every day with the opportunity to be part of another celebration, I hope it is yours.

When this documentary series was released in 2017, I watched it in its entirety and found it fascinating and informative...

When this documentary series was released in 2017, I watched it in its entirety and found it fascinating and informative. I purchased it and downloaded it so I could offer it to others that didn’t know about it. At that time, I was seriously studying Christian Apologetics. Apologetics, at its core, is a well reasoned defense of the Christian faith. At that time, I felt as though the material I was studying (including Christ Revealed) was, to some degree, bonus information. I believed that most Christians didn’t necessarily need it to enhance their own faith walk, but that that it was helpful when discussing, or promoting the faith to skeptics, or even unbelievers.

When the promotion for it popped up again just a few days ago, I thought differently than I did just over six years ago. The world has changed in that time. I was more naive, more optimistic then. Although many Biblical prophecies has been fulfilled by that time, I didn’t really feel as though they were central to me, or my insulated little world. I now think, and hope, that every sincere, committed Christian knows that is not the case. We no longer have the luxury of time. I don’t know about anyone else, but I wake every day with the people on my mind that wouldn’t make the cut if today was their last. They are the people I love, and want to spend eternity with. But the right words have just never come, or the timing is never right. Well, the race is on. Discomfort, and inconvenience are poor excuses.

So my point here is, do something, anything. I happen to think this documentary is worth its weight in gold. It can open doors and start conversations. It is ammunition for the battle, both the one that is raging now and the one yet to come.

#1 Christian Film Two Years Running - Free for 9 days in Honor of Christmas


Drew shared a post on Instagram: "Disney recently released a new show! I can not believe what is being shown to this next generation . We must stand for truth in a time of wickedness It does not take much discernment to realize that the enemy is trying so hard to Deceive this next generation. I refu...

Worth reposting.

Worth reposting.


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