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Flossie Perry Established Mama Flo Florist Event Planning 8 years ago in 2003 . The company is growing and serving in the Metro Atlanta area as well as destination all over the world. We offer detailed planning to make yours unique and special. Your event will be an unforgettable occasion as well as an flawless experience. We are located in Decatur, Georgia. Please visit our contact us page for your initial consultation today.

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Prophetess Momma Flo Wednesday Inspirational Vitamin of The DayJune 22, 2022.Hello Prayer Warriors!We are blessed to be ...

Prophetess Momma Flo Wednesday Inspirational Vitamin of The Day
June 22, 2022.
Hello Prayer Warriors!

We are blessed to be in week (28 of 52) of our weekly Wednesday (Fast Day), for the entire year of 2022! Also, our commitment to read Hebrews 11th Chapter three days a week from the month of June – December 2022.

Congratulations to all of you that committed to reading Psalm 91, for (91) days! Which ended on June 14th, 2022. Some of you contacted me about the changes you saw in your lives, loved ones, and friends during your (91) day reading assignment.

The first thing he said to share with you is the name (Elohim) that he spoke to me in a vision. The definition of (Elohim) in Hebrew represents the name (God, Supreme One, or Mighty One). God said he wanted me to remind the ones who are praying amiss because you are beginning to doubt again if God is real. God said he heard you when you said these words, “What’s The Use?” God is not listening, and he is not going to answer my prayers, and I am tired of waiting for a breakthrough. God said you have lost your focus on who you are, your purpose, and who you are serving. God said it is time for you to start rebuilding your faith again, and this is not the time to give up.

Next, he gave me a number in a dream (2243). God said the number represents an address, and it is symbolic for the word MOVE! God said all types of MOVES are getting ready to take place.

On 6/18/2022, around 5:13AM, God woke me up to a huge (Spiritual) Sound of a Cash App Ringing! It was loud, and it seemed so real! God said the sound represented new inventory for someone. New identity, and no more fraudulent activity. A Victory Increase regarding the debt you never owed, and a refund will be issued back to you.

God gave me these words, “You Are An Idol!” For the ones who this applies to, God said change your demeanor today. God said watch your behavior, conduct, and your words in front of others. God said you are being idolized by some who wants to mimic you because they admire your strength and tenacity. God said do not slip up and fall. God said you must get back on track immediately because you will stumble many.

Next, was the word, “Distributor.” A distributor is an agent who supplies goods to stores and businesses. God said the word, “Distributor” represents who he is. God said he will deliver his promises to his children, and everything he promised you, will be Released! God said he can create a cost deduction increase for your business and household. God said he made man a little lower than the Angels, and he knows man every move. God said stop fretting what man can do but trust him instead.

Psalm 8:4-5
4 What is man, that thou art mindful of him? and the son of man, that thou visitest him?
5 For thou hast made him a little lower than the angels, and hast crowned him with glory and honour.

Lastly, was the vision of people carrying sealed boxes. God said some of you will be receiving boxes of new things during his (Distribution Season).

Your scriptures for today, and please read entire chapters: Psalm 8, Psalm 18, and Psalm 110.

Prophetess Momma Flo Wednesday Inspirational Vitamin of The Day. Love you much!

Photos from Calvin PCrunk McCoy's post

Photos from Calvin PCrunk McCoy's post


Prophetess Momma Flo Wednesday Inspirational Vitamin of The Day
May 25, 2022

“New Keys!”

God said he is still releasing keys. God said some of you are in line for new healings in your bodies. This key is unlocking new energy, unexpected weight loss, and new commitments. Keys to new success of favor! Keys to break unwanted barriers. Keys to create something divine that will have a meaningful purpose in your life, and it will make an impact on others. Keys to end contention between you and a family member for the final time. Keys to open the door that was closed ten years ago. Keys to receive favor for a project within the next ten days.

Next is a dream and a vision the Lord said I must share with you. God showed me a unique purse like bag, and it was up in the air in a tilted position, and something was pouring out of it. God said this Supernatural pouring from the unique bag/purse represents blessings, redefinitions, and victories. God said he is in the process of redefining every gift he has given you, and some of them have never been used by you. Your duties will be redefined at home, church, and with your assigned job duties. Some of you will have Major and Minor changes in College in your season. All will be well at the end!

God said whoever you are that is dealing with fear regarding an ongoing situation, keep this scripture on rotation in your mind, heart, and spirit: Proverbs 18:10- The name of the Lord is a strong tower: the righteous runner into it, and is safe.

God said whoever you are that is dealing with mental thoughts, and you feel you are headed for a breakdown, God said it will not happen if you learn how to control it. Your question now, “Is How Can I Control it?” God said you must REBUKE NEGATIVE THOUGHTS THAT ARE BEING PLANTED INTO YOUR MIND! These negative thoughts only comes to mislead you, and they send anxiety attacks that affects your breathing, and they cause you to make poor judgement on a situation. God said you have already recovered from that season of mental attacks and breakdowns. You must declare, decree, and fight to stay on course this season. God said stop accepting, and using these words, “Mondays Are My Blue Mondays. If you put yourself in that frame of mind, that is where some of the mental attacks will dwell. You must believe that God is the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and he is your God too! God said he has made you a (Pillar) in this generation, and others need you to lean on. God said it is time for you to step into the fullness of his Glory, and mental breakdowns are not part of your assignment that he has bestowed over your life. God said to tell you, you will SURVIVE!

Right in the middle of finishing the paragraph above, God showed me a vision of someone pulling up in a car. Whoever, this is for, God said because you are feeling unwanted and unappreciated, you will be pulling up in Victory when you go to the next meeting with the secret naysayers. The car represents VICTORY! God said he is pulling you out of some moves that you strategized about, but they were incorrect moves, and not his moves. Misinformation was given to you on purpose, and this misinformation caused a delay with something you were building and developing. God said he is going to correct it in your favor! God said you will still rise up from adversity!

God said whoever you are that is dealing with an unauthorized situation, he is fixing it in your favor. God just tuned me into a Supernatural Encounter of something cracking, God said the cracking sounds represents him restoring your confidence again. God said you are coming out of that shell, and you will walk into a new phase of your life.

God said whoever you are that keeps saying I want freedom to do as I please, God told me to send you a warning, there will not be freedom for you on that other side because he did not ordain it.

God just showed me a shovel again for the third time. This shovel was lying up against a wall. God said whoever you are that keeps going left to right and right to left because of that contentious situation you are in, God said you have to dig yourself out of the chaos you created. God said stop refusing directions from people of wisdom, because they are the ones that God has assigned to you and who are trying to help you.

God just showed me a row of stars ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️! God said some of you have been chosen and selected to be in his spotlight! God said you have no clue of what is getting ready to take place for you in your life! You will be fulfilled in this Season!

God said whoever you are that had to deal with drama in your life this week, he has ceased the drama, but you cannot go back and pick off where you left. God said close your mouth and walk away from the drama permanently. You have already won! Now, See The Victory!

Lastly, As we lay aside every weight that is easily besetting us, we must run this race with patience, knowledge of God’s word to combat foul spirits, and we must display respect of God’s commandments in order to cast out foolery in the body of Christ.

Your Scriptures for today are: Hebrews 12 chapter and 2 Corinthians 3rd chapter.

Prophetess Momma Flo Tuesday Inspirational Vitamin of The Day. Love you Dearly!


“New Changes Are Coming”

Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Hello, Chosen Vessels of the Lord! We have reached that (Season) where the Last shall be First and the First last.
Matthew 20:16
“So, the last shall be first, and the first last: for many be called, but few chosen.”
God said some of you have ventured out of your own season and into someone else’s season. God said he did not tell you to follow that group of people. Some of you have died Spiritually and you need to be revived! God said he is sending Revival your way! God said Revival will also hit the land, and order is coming!

God said he is Releasing Fresh Starts in this Revival! No more twisted conversations in this Revival Move! New friendships will be created in this Revival! For the ones who loss your (Certification), God said he is (Re-Certifying) you! It is time for you to (Re-Align) yourself so you can see and feel the Victory in this (Fresh Start).

For the next group of God’s Chosen Vessels, God said he is (Reducing) that thing for you! Tumors will be (Reduced), car payments will be (Reduced), he is (Reducing notes), and he is (Reducing Pain). He said to give this group:

Jeremiah 29:11

For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.

God said this is for the next group that was counted out. God said he has moved you to the forefront. God said he is doing a (Redevelopment) over your entire life, and everything you connected to in this season, it or they will be (Redeveloped) too. God said in this (Redevelopment Period), you will see INCREASE!

In this paragraph this group is fighting to remain patient. God said slow down, walk with patience, and let God master the pending situation with which you are dealing with. God said he has an answer to the situation. God just showed me shoes for you. God said you are getting ready to transition into new doors, new opportunities, and new visions. God said your dry season is over!

Your Scriptures for today and read the entire chapters of Matthew 20th, and Jeremiah 29.

Reminder! Today is Wednesday, May 18th, 2022, week (33 of 52), of our weekly Wednesday (Fast Day) for the entire year of 2022. Our daily reading of Psalm 91, three times a day for (91) days, and ending on June 14th, 2022. Our commitment for the next (7) months-June -December 2022 to read Hebrews 11th chapter three days a week. God said the reading of Hebrews 11, is to help build your Faith.

“Grace Day”                                             5/11/2022Good morning my children! Get ready to see my Glory be ...

“Grace Day”
Good morning my children! Get ready to see my Glory be REVEALED! It is time to come over here where the table is spread, and the feast of the Lord is going on! There shall be an Increase of my Glory in every area of your need, Thus Saith The Lord!

People who doubted you, talked about you, lied on you, will have to comeback and line up to his Glory! Special Dedications are going out today for my obedient children! You are being rewarded for your labor and Love! I will send the increase! I will make a way out of no way! I am filtering out the folks that stepped on your heart, who looked over you, and the ones who mishandled you Anointing.

There will be a New Fire take place in some of your lives within the next (7) days! You will find yourself destitute no more. You will be Gracefully Blessed! Folks will see my Glory be Revealed in your life! No more backdoor Blessings! Your Blessings are going to be too huge, and I must Release them openly because you have weathered the many storms in your life on many sleepless nights.

The people who have been dealing with the number (16), there shall be a breaking for you! Just when you thought that there was no way out. God said he is your SHERO AND HERO! God gave me the words (Brass Knuckles) for you. God said because you have put on the New Man in your life, and that is me Christ Jesus, I am giving you (Knuckles Made Of Brass). When, you begin to put your two hands together by the Knuckles, the Power of My Anointing is going to move you into another arena. Your hands are now Dedicated Back To The Lord!

In the next few weeks some of you have been chosen to hear a (Bell Ring). Some will hear it in the Spiritual Realm, and some will hear it in the Natural Realm! God said your ears have been fined tuned for this Supernatural Move of God! When you hear the (Bell Ring), you will know it was me the Lord, it will be my presence. This Bell has been designed to move the mountains in your life. God said you have been frisked by people who tried to tear you down and embarrass you. They prayed against your Anointing, your strength and power. They enjoyed seeing you ill when you were down, and their hope was that you would not survive. God said Today, May 11, 2022, your year of Double you shall see Victory like you have never experienced before!

Some of you have been held hostage in your mind lately. You cannot focus, think straight, feeling distraught, and feelings of rejection, all at the same time. God said you have become absorbed in your own failures that you call failures. God said those failures were to give you strength and to push you to your New Destiny! God said in the next few days he will Reveal his Glory to You! You Must RISE AND SHINE BECAUSE I AM HERE FOR YOU! I come to Refill you with New Thirst for me! You will be complete and whole again! You will find yourself again! God said to tell This Kim, and she will know immediately that this is her when she begin to read this paragraph. Stop feeling like you are not going anywhere with your career and life. You have changed but it is not the change he called. God said Do Not Be Angry with Him! It was for your Good! God said make a New Dedication today on your knees to him, and he shall restore what was stolen from you and what the locust hath eaten, the cankerworm, and the caterpillar, and the palmerworm has ripped from your life. God said you must find your Joy and your Smile again and move from that place of bitterness. God said that is not who he called you to be! You have been liberated today! Kim, God said (Walk) in your Freedom today!

For all of you who have found yourself in the same place as (Kim), BEHOLD! God said you are NEW AGAIN ON GRACE DAY!

YOUR ASSIGNMENT FOR TODAY! God said he is calling an emergency Grace Water Day! Most of you already know the routine. God said do not tarry about drinking your five bottles of (Grace Water) after you get them prepared. For the ones who have not did it before, I will attach a picture of the (5) Bottles of Grace Water, and this will assist you in preparing them before you consume them. Instructions: Use the 16.9-ounce size bottes, write the letters for the spelling of the word (GRACE) on each bottle top, pray over each bottle before you consume it, and have every bottle completely consumed before midnight. God said share this message of hope and instructions to family, friends, co-workers, and anyone else that you feel who needs it.

Lastly, God said to say THANK YOU TO HIS CHILDREN WHO HAS LAUNCHED OUT INTO THE DEEP FOR HIS RIGHTEOUNESS! God said to tell you do not get weary in well doing because someone is listening and is obeying sound doctrine. Your work is not in vain and keep on delivering his promises to the people. God said to tell you in the next few days he will complete the project and he will provide funds for your project. Every mortgage note will continue to be paid, and new money is coming in! God said everything you have risk to get to this place will be recovered! God said you will have a (Savings Account) also.

Reminder! Today is Wednesday, May 11, 2022, week (34 of 52), of our weekly Wednesday (Fast Day’s) for the entire year of 2022. Our daily reading of Psalm 91, three times a day for (91) days, and ending on June 14th, 2022. Our commitment for the next (7) months-June -December 2022 to read Hebrews 11th chapter three days a week. God said the reading of Hebrews 11, is to help you build your Faith. God said all of the assignments he has Release to you in 2022, are going to keep you closer to him, and they are going to benefit you as well.

Your Scripture for today, and please read it over your (5) Bottles of Grace Water during the time you are preparing them: Galatians 6:9: And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season, we shall reap if we faint not.

Prophetess Momma Flo Wednesday Inspirational Vitamin of The Day! Love you much!


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