Reverend Martini Presents Music shows

Reverend Martini Presents Music shows The Reverend Martini Presents Rockabilly Nights in Viva Cantana Riverside Rancho Also Producer & Director f Entertainment at Hot Rod and Kustom Kulture shows.

The Reverend Martini known for her Rockabilly, Psychobilly, Old Skool Rock N Roll, Roots, Jump & Jive music shows. Record Hops in various California venues Plus The "All Night Jump'n Showcase" at Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekender, Rhode Show Revival and Ventura Nationals
Started & brought Rockabilly Music and audience to Webers and Viva Cantina... 3 years each 'Til Bust. Formally Fashion Execu

tive for the hub of the Fashion Industry at The California Market Center as Executive Marketing Director including wearing many hats also as Public Relations, Fashion & Market Week Producer, and Trade Show Producer . Currently In Director of In House Promotions at The 94th Aero Squadron


If you’re not outside, step out now! This is the absolute most beautiful, perfect Spring day! Coressing Delightful Breezes! Perfect warm good sun! Blue Ckear Sky’s! Birds Singing!


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Big Sandy and his Fly-Rite Boys with Kinda Fonda Wanda and Swing Dance Lessons by Miss Shannon’s Dance Class on Sunday, May 5 'Under The Canopy'
Southern California legends Big Sandy & His Fly-Rite Boys roll into town for a swingin’ evening at The Hook! The authentic Rockabilly Hall of Fame band always delivers the goods. Kinda Fonda opens.
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ODE to Delta Bombers. I am so sorry! I have booked you guys since you were just beginning. I have watched you grow, and have been happy to increase my offers that you have deserved and worked so hard for along the way attracting huge audiences and putting on the greatest shows. You have such  a devoted crowd all over the word and will continue. So difficult a decision for you after coming this far together and be holding the point where you are so hot, finally enjoying your due these past years then facing this most difficult decision.
I have also booked & loved GuanaBatz and PIP will definitely blow audiences away! We will be excited to see him with you. As an audience and not having to live with the difficulties amongst band members, I must tell you I will miss Chris and I wish him the best ! But, Delta Bombers will go on and I know Chris will create the project that works for his lifestyle. Thank you for telling us. It’s all anybody is talking about. We look forward to your new adventure, and further success.


Happy Mothers Day in the UK . I was blessed to have a perfectly wonderful extradordinayGayteniella Turturro Mamont as mine! RIP


“ With due respect Justices , Women are not without Electoral or Political Power, your about to Realize just how much ” I LOVE how Biden called them out last night!!!!!


PLEASE VOTE ADAM SCHIFF to KEEP CALiFORNIA BLUE cuz the HERO is running so far neck n Neck with conservative inexperienced Republican in Steve Garvey! I love Kate but the fighters between the two now and it’s a Blue or Red ( neck)!


Biden’s bipartisan Boarder Proposal supported by The Senate & conservative Border Patrol Union! MAGA Congress is blocking it to save it as an issue for Trump who did nothing but inhumane policies when he had his chance!


HELLO Biden’s bipartisan Boarder Proposal got supported by The Senate and included, backing by the conservative Border Patrol Union! Republican MAGAs use the complaint of the border as their ONLY actual issue yet don’t actually want it fixed until they think are blocking admitting they don’t want it solved YET because they want it to be an issue for (thier messiah) Trump to solve. If Trump didn’t solve it in his four years, what do they expect him to do now? Trump just ripped babies from their mothers without keeping track of where they put them! 16 Latina women had their reproductive organs removed in his detention facility in Georgia!People died under Trumps ignorant & inhumaine policies! Biden wants funds to be approved to get more Judges,Wualified Boarder Patrol, more Resources to help process & care and to have a pathway for people, waiting for citizenship, to be able to work and pay taxes. He also wants them pre vettted on the other side of the border before they come in… That makes sense to a seven-year-old! .. why not to Republicans… please help explain this to people who complain about. What is Biden doing at the border, who are completely ill-informed as to what he actually is doing, and the complainers parties are holding up.!!


Ever hear miserable people tell one another to “shut up” I don’t allow the kids I coach to use the “ S” word.  Just heard it used on a commercial! It is ugly and no one has the right to tell someone else to shut up.!


Rich as far as this creep is concerned, Social Media Mark Zuckerberg “ has blood on your hands” What an oxymoron coming from Lindsey, the creep/man who takes money from the gun lobby daily!

Thank you Johnny Angel for sharing these memories and for always taking pictures at Meyer Reverend Martini shows so that...

Thank you Johnny Angel for sharing these memories and for always taking pictures at Meyer Reverend Martini shows so that we could share them with everyone you always did us a great service and here’s to more in the future



Western Swing Male Nominees 2020 !!
Ranger Doug
Kyle Eldridge
Keenan Wade
Dave Stuckey


Get ready, Ventura! Tom Kenny & The Hi Seas are coming out to play Ventura Nationals on 8/31! This day is gonna be full of great music, custom hot rods, delicious food, and all happening right on the beach at Ventura County Fairgrounds. Admission is only $15 and FREE for the kiddos so you betta be there! 🚗☀️🌊🍦🎶 More info here:


Burbank, CA


(818) 437-1523



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