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Julia Kathryn Design & Film We offer simple, timely & personable wedding videography services to Fargo, ND & BEYOND. Passionate about connecting with our clients, we strive to create an experience from first meeting to delivery and long after.

Julia Kathryn Design & Film is a small team with a passion for creating and connecting. We deliver creative content to leave a lasting impression. Wedding & Event Videography | Design | Branding


Was your wedding impacted by COVID-19? 😷⁣⁣
During these crazy times, Tony and I want to give back to those who've made sacrifices for their dream day.⁣⁣
We're offering complimentary 30 minute sunset sessions to anyone who has simplified, postponed or canceled their wedding from March to June 2020 ☀️⁣⁣
◼️ These sessions will be held in Fargo and can be redeemed at any time in 2020. This is your chance to wear your wedding attire again or embrace this time however you choose. Finished films will be up to one minute in length. Options to record vows or other voiceovers, travel outside Fargo, and longer films available for purchase. ◼️⁣⁣
Tag your affected buddies! 👇🏼⁣⁣
DM me your story, and let's set something up and CELEBRATE YOU! 🖤


When Hannah moved into her new apartment, she had no idea that the guy from 209 would change her life.⁣
On the most BEAUTIFUL October day, Hannah & Tyler threw an awesome party to celebrate their lives together.⁣
Wishing them a very happy 6 months today & all the best as they prepare to welcome a sweet baby next October! 🌿⁣

📍: Alerus Center
📷: Schrage Photography
🎶: Big Papa's DJ
🍻: Wild Bill's Sports Saloon

Allison & Storm Green Wedding Film

When Allison & Storm worked together in college, they had no idea that their paths would cross down the road and they'd be saying, "I do." 💍

A few years ago, they ran into each other and basically started dating on the spot! Storm knew right away that Allison was the one - he even asked her to come home and meet his parents during their first date 🖤

A & S threw a kick-butt, classy party to celebrate their wedding. So many tears & laughs and a WHOLE LOT of love 🌿



Ceremony/Party Place: Hilton Garden Inn Fargo Weddings
Photographer 📷: Poppy + Iris Photography
DJ 🎶: Powerplay DJ
Brewery fun 🍻: Drekker Brewing Company
Hair & Make-up 💄: M.J. Capelli Family Hair Salons

Julia Kathryn Design & Film

Happy 1 Year, Casey & Sierra 🖤

4 years ago, I knew of Casey but was a little skeptical of this guy that was going to be living in my basement. Fast forward through the years and he's picking me up from the bars, hauling my large furniture purchases, encouraging dance parties, saving me from bats in the middle of the night, and putting up with my late-night laundry habits 🤭⁣
When I started this business in 2017, we had a brief discussion about me being the videographer at his wedding. He always supported & encouraged the growth of this business, so when wedding plans were finally put into action, I was honored when the arrangements went through.⁣
I initially had the vision to make their film upbeat, carefree & a lot of fun. When their only request was to include their vows in their entirety, I held back & let their beautiful words share their story 🌿⁣
Casey & Sierra were married on a PERFECT day in the Colorado Rockies. It is a weekend we will NEVER forget & we are so grateful for the opportunity to create this memory for them 🖤⁣

Love you so much, Casey & Sierra! Can't wait to see you do life together.


Cozy mountain venue: Della Terra Mountain Chateau
Kick-butt 📷: Mary Meck Photography
🌿 to die for: Palmer Flowers Loveland
Sierra’s bridal CAPE: Your Day by nicole
Dance party facilitator: Gotta Dance DJ's
Hair: Hayley Styles
Makeup: Nicole Toledo Makeup Artistry
Decor: Brandon Wendland

Thomas Wedding Announcement

Alexandra & Michael are getting MARRIED! 💍

After 2 years of long distance and 3.5 years together, these two are making 2021 their year! 🖤

We had a blast hanging in their backyard with their sweet pup Jack! Such a fun way to announce their wedding date!


Our 2021 season is OPEN. Let's get chatting about making your wedding film dreams come true! 🎥

BTS time!! 🎥⁣⁣After I watch a movie or TV show, I immediately head to YouTube to watch interviews and other BTS content ...

BTS time!! 🎥⁣
After I watch a movie or TV show, I immediately head to YouTube to watch interviews and other BTS content 🤓⁣
I love the different perspective that it gives.⁣
SO here is a different perspective from Shelby & Jimmy's wedding that we just posted. (And a little selfie in Jamestown on our road trip to New Town. Anyone else stop at the buffalo EVERY SINGLE TIME?! 🙋🏼‍♀️)⁣
Thanks Chelsy Weisz Photography for the pics! 🖤


When Shelby told us that her wedding would be on a yacht on a lake in western ND, we weren't really sure what to expect 🤔

Upon arrival, we were BLOWN AWAY by the beauty! 🌊

Shelby, Jimmy & their 3 kiddos celebrated their day with an intimate ceremony on the water, a cocktail hour/boat tour of Lake Sakakawea, and a reception at 4 Bears Casino & Lodge.

Such a simple, special, and emotional day to watch this family celebrate 🖤

Congrats, Stewart fam! Thanks for letting us genuinely capture you!

Vendor Love 👇🏼⁣
🛥️: 4 Bears Casino & Lodge
📷: Gabriel and Carin Photography & Chelsy Weisz Photography
📝: Gather, LLC
✨: Hometown Elegance
🎶: Powerplay DJ

Some BTS fun from Megan & Wyatt's wedding 🎥⁣⁣So much love to M.Schleif Photography for being not only a rockstar photo t...

Some BTS fun from Megan & Wyatt's wedding 🎥⁣
So much love to M.Schleif Photography for being not only a rockstar photo team, but also amazing friends and supporters 🖤

Megan Hovinen & Wyatt Steinke Wedding Film

“What began with a simple message on Snapchat…” 🌿

Megan & Wyatt met while studying at Concordia College. A risky Snapchat message sent by Megan led them to their first date and the 👏rest 👏is 👏history.

A wedding day full of community, personality & love - these two truly lived in the moment and made the most of THEIR DAY.

Thank you, M & W, for sharing your journey with us and trusting us to preserve your special moments 🖤



Vendor Details 👇
Celebration Station: Plains Art Museum
Photo Ops: Twenty Below Coffee Co., Concordia College, Drekker Brewing Company
Photographer Star: M.Schleif Photography
Stationery: Lettering by Samantha
Delicious Dessert: Nichole's Fine Pastry & Café

The calm before the storm 🎥📷: M.Schleif Photography

The calm before the storm 🎥

📷: M.Schleif Photography

Madison & Adam Brock Wedding Film

I’m not sure what was more fun… attending or editing Madison & Adam’s wedding 🤔

This group tossed wedding formalities to the side and lived their day to the fullest! After almost 10 years together, EVERYONE was more than ready to celebrate! 🎉

Congrats again Brock fam! We love you! 🖤

Vendor Love 👇
Location Station: Arrowwood Resort and Conference Center at Alexandria
Flower Power: Elden's Downtown Floral
Pumpin' Jamz: DJ Hangover
Beautification: Michelle Reitan, Studio C Salon & Bombshells Salon & Spa

Kallroos Wedding Preview

Brianna & Todd's wedding may have been on the COLDEST day in December, but their day at Carlos Creek Winery brought allllll the warm fuzzies.

They didn't see each other until walking down the aisle - Todd's reaction says it ALL 😭

Happy one month, Kallroos fam! 🖤

A New Chapter // Paige & Matt Wildenauer Pregnancy

With baby on the way, Paige & Matt are preparing to close one chapter and open the next ✨

We spent an afternoon walking around their neighborhood in Saint Paul and visiting their favorite places - home, parks, landscaping clients, the local co-op & their first date spot.

On my drive down to Saint Paul for the shoot, Paige texted me about how she was feeling. Among the feelings, she said something that really stuck with me: “This is the time that really signifies change in my mind.”

The leaves were turning. Nature was preparing for the new season. Their third trimester was a week away 🌿

Thank you for letting us preserve this special time for you, P & M! We’re looking forward to meeting baby W soon!!


The moments in life that impact us most go by in the blink of an eye. We have found an incredible energy and so much excitement in documenting life outside of weddings. To grow this portfolio, we are looking for major changes, milestones, traditions, or personal events to capture.

Have an idea? Reach out! Let’s preserve allllllll the memories!!

Haun Wedding Preview

"It's about time..." ✨

Enjoy a little sneak peek into Rachel & Ryan's looooong awaited celebration 🖤 More to come!

Vendor Love 👇
Venue: Little Crow Golf Resort
Photography: M.Schleif Photography
Hair & Makeup: Mill Pond Salon

Brooke & Easton Page Wedding Film

Every new chapter in life begins with #anewPAGE 🌿

Brooke & Easton grew up together in Carrington, North Dakota. Because their families were close, it was destined that there would be a Rosenau/Page match-up somewhere in the mix! 🖤

From day one, we could feel the support that surrounds these two in all they do. Their wedding day reflected that love so so SO perfectly.

Thank you for letting us create for you! We're getting ready to sit back and pop open our wine party favor and celebrate YOU! Cheers to you, Mr. & Mrs. Page! 🍷

Vendor Love 👇
Photography Side-Kick: ily Studios
Gorgeous Florals: Petals & Stems
Rockin' Band: October Road
Venue Transformation: Found Events + Rentals
Beautification: The Looks For You Hair Salon

Love our "co-workers!" 🖤 Thankful for a year of growth with this awesome group of CRAZY talented local entrepreneurs.HER...

Love our "co-workers!" 🖤 Thankful for a year of growth with this awesome group of CRAZY talented local entrepreneurs.

HERE'S TO 2020 🎉

What a year it has been!

Within this group are people who started their business in 2019, invested in a company vehicle, found their why, opened a shop, published a book, dove into their craft, and leaped without a net. This group has mix of industries represented, but a similar thread of drive, community, and passion. In 2019, we got our butts kicked and we kicked major butt. That’s what this is all about. Whether you were able to make it yesterday or not, thanks for being part of our herd. Follow this link for our worksheet from this month - reflect on: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1EURNBNe2K_arYuh7uifXRRpaJEIlnjzR

Join us next year (January 13th) for a special goal-setting talk with Emily St John Nickel of Nickel Branding!

Now Booking 2021

Who is considering 2021 to be THE YEAR?! 💍⁣
We've officially opened our 2021 season and we're ready to meet ya! 🖤⁣
Head to our website to get in touch: https://www.jkdesignfilm.com/get-in-touch
Side note 👇🏼
If you've been thinking about reaching out to us for your 2020 wedding, we have very limited availability remaining & are only taking up to 4 more. NOW IS THE TIME!! Elbow your partner and LET'S DO THIS!!

THANKFUL 🖤We are so incredibly humbled by the love and support we've received over the past few days.With so many new fa...


We are so incredibly humbled by the love and support we've received over the past few days.

With so many new faces here, I thought I'd drop in with a little introduction. We're Julia, Tony & Shuri - the JK Design & Film team.

We put love, experiences, traditions, and milestones into motion. Life happens in the blink of an eye - we preserve the moments you want to remember.

We have some exciting things and new services coming this winter, so stick around for some killer content! 🎥🙌

To learn more about us, check out our website 👉 https://www.jkdesignfilm.com/about-us

Reilee & Clinton Dahl Wedding Film

I've known Reilee & Clint since the good ol' days at Central Cass High School 🐿️ #gosquirrels

Their romance may not have blossomed until college, but with their love and passion for agriculture and country livin', these two are a perfect match 🖤

A rainy day in June, one big shop, a live band, lots of beer & the entire town of Casselton, North Dakota = an unforgettable wedding day!

Cheers to your lifelong love! 🍻


Vendor Details:
Party Palace: Hartl Building RRVF
Church: Hope Lutheran Church
Photographer Buddy: Shawn Rode, Photographer
Kick-booty Band: Troubadour
Wedding Dress: Your Day by nicole
Beauty Central: Cally Jo Salon in Cloud 9 Salon & Day Spa

Watch in HD for best quality.

Kogler Wedding Preview

Have you ever had so much fun at a wedding that you don't even have words to describe it??? 🙌 See for yourself!

Hannah & Tyler had the most PERFECT October wedding 🍃
Enjoy this sneak peek into their day. More to come!
Check out these other peeps that made this day rock 👇🏼⁣
📷: Schrage Photography
🎶: Big Papa's DJ
🏢: Alerus Center

Green Wedding Preview


Never have we ever seen such huge smiles and so many tears at once. Allison & Storm's wedding day was a beautiful & emotional ride 🖤

From our first meeting, we knew that these two were going to throw one heck of a party. AND 👏THAT 👏THEY 👏DID 👏

Enjoy this sneak peek into their day. More to come!


Ceremony/Party Place: Hilton Garden Inn Fargo, Hilton Garden Inn Fargo Weddings
Kick-booty 📷: Poppy + Iris Photography
Dance party facilitator 🎶: Powerplay DJ
Beautification Station 💄: M.J. Capelli Family Hair Salons

We hear it over and over again - "Our friend's biggest regret was not having videography on their wedding day."⁣⁣The day...

We hear it over and over again - "Our friend's biggest regret was not having videography on their wedding day."⁣
The day goes by in the blink of an eye. A video preserves the memories that you’re going to look back on for the rest of your lives 🖤 @ New Town, North Dakota

Bresnahan Engagement

Jordan & Mark met during their freshman year at the University of North Dakota. After a year of friendship, study parties & a little bit of romantic tension, these two decided to give it a shot.

Going on 5 years later, they're ready to rock down the aisle 🖤

We bonded over 2000s movies (whoop A Cinderella Story 🙌), played some throwback tunes, and hung out where it all started.

August 29, 2020 is going to be WILD 🎉

"So many glorious tears watching this over and over today. You two are angels! Thank you so much for capturing the essen...

"So many glorious tears watching this over and over today. You two are angels! Thank you so much for capturing the essence of us. I’ve never heard Dalton talk like that and it’s precious. 💕 " - Alex⁣
Reviews like this one keep us going. So so so thankful that we're trusted to create for some pretty amazing people 🖤

After months and months of battery charging, sore Sundays and constant hustle, we wrapped up our 2019 season this weeken...

After months and months of battery charging, sore Sundays and constant hustle, we wrapped up our 2019 season this weekend 🌿⁣
To our clients:⁣
THANK YOU for letting us in, allowing us to dig deep, and trusting us to preserve your celebrations. We are kicking booty in post-production and are so excited to share your films with you.⁣
To our friends/family:⁣
THANK YOU for checking in, supporting us, and understanding our crazy schedules. We couldn’t do this without you!⁣
To this community:⁣
THANK YOU for showing up, giving us the drive to serve you, and reminding us why we do what we do.⁣
Looking forward to filling this feed with LOVE over the next few months as the films roll in. Time to kick back, throw on some PJ pants, and create 💻 (also if anyone wants a work/coffee date, hit me up - I have 4 million things on my to-do list & would love some company)⁣
To sum it all up, THANK YOU for this season. We’re ready to double it next year. BRING IT 2020 (and one more off season 2019 ❄️) Love you all!⁣
📷: Ashley Dahl Photography

Haun Engagement

3 days until "I DO" 💍

In 8th grade (YES 8TH GRADE), Ryan instant messaged Rachel asking if she'd be his girlfriend. I guess the rest is history!

We're pumped to travel to Willmar, MN this weekend & celebrate with them 🎉

Oh, and M.Schleif Photography will be there rocking their photo game, too! 🙌 What an awesome way to end our busy season!


How freakin' adorable is this moment? 😊⁣
Is it too soon to say we can’t wait for our 2020 weddings?

How do we describe our style 🤔 Our films can be described as unique & emotional - the energy you give off is the vibe yo...

How do we describe our style 🤔

Our films can be described as unique & emotional - the energy you give off is the vibe your film will replay. We focus on the movement and moments happening. When you invest in us, we invest in you. We want to know you, feel the feels and dive deep to make your film unique & true to you.

You can’t be yourself when a stranger has a camera in your face and they don’t know the first thing about you. We are super personable in our approach. Leading up to the wedding, we require meetings with us to make sure that the film is true to the couple’s personality - not just captured through the eyes of a stranger.

This is how we come up with fun ways to express each couples story! Matt & Maggie are both coaches so shooting on the court was a cool twist and an awesome way to preserve who they are at this moment in time! ⛹️‍♀️⛹️‍♂️

Yay for new spaces & faces! 🖤Congrats to our friends at Thunder Coffee on their new shop ☕️ Endless appreciation for thi...

Yay for new spaces & faces! 🖤

Congrats to our friends at Thunder Coffee on their new shop ☕️ Endless appreciation for this kick-butt community.

Watching folks come together, rotate around tables, and have genuine conversation is what it’s all about! Thanks for joining us tonight, see ya next month!

November meetup: all about gratitude! Mark your calendars for Monday the 11th!

Being a small business owner can get a little bit lonely 💭⁣⁣No co-workers, no team meetings, no weekly lunch dates.⁣⁣⁣⁣A...

Being a small business owner can get a little bit lonely 💭⁣
No co-workers, no team meetings, no weekly lunch dates.⁣⁣
About a year and a half ago, @ashleydahlphotography and I met through Instagram and immediately hit it off. We've been in touch ever since sharing wins, struggles, opportunities & ideas.⁣⁣
We FINALLY got to meet in person last weekend and we had a blast hanging out in the trees and continuing to collaborate. ⁣⁣
The creative community near and far is amazing and I love each and every "co-worker" I've met along the way! 🖤⁣
If you're at a point in your business that you're feeling a little bit lonely, know that a good buddy is just one message away! 💌⁣
Who wants to be pen pals? 🙋🏽‍♀️


West Fargo, ND


(701) 388-4780



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Hey! I’m Julia. The other guy up there is Tony. We make up JK Design & Film. It may have my name, but together, we find joy in our couple to couple approach to wedding videography. Double dates for the win!

We offer simple, personable, and timely videgraphy services to Fargo, ND & BEYOND. We love the idea that together, as a couple, we get to combine all of our favorite things: spending time together, connecting with new people, creating, pushing ourselves, and finding success & joy at our own pace. We get to meet awesome people & be a part of the party that kicks off a life together. How cool is that?

From videography to wedding attire to DJing, we have a combined 10 years of wedding industry experience.

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