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ATL Parties Kidstyle Fantastic theme parties custom-designed for your child. Also give parties for children with special needs at cost and speak sign language!

Corporate Party—Atlanta Parties Kidstyle ( week I had the opportunity to cater a party for a ...

Corporate Party—Atlanta Parties Kidstyle (
Last week I had the opportunity to cater a party for a new law office opening. It was a somewhat low-key affair, but elegant and sophisticated. The office colors are gold and green, so I coordinated those colors throughout. The highlight of the affair was the cake! It was a refreshing Triple Lemon Cake with gold squiggles and gum paste roses. I used six lemons for fresh lemon juice and zest in the entire cake, which included lemon curd filling and rich lemon icing. It was yummy! I decorated it with decorator’s buttercream I flavored with lemon juice. For the non-alcoholic champagne, I put gold ribbon of the stem of the flutes with a small gold flower attached. Quite festive! I assembled party favors (a small plant for their office and 2 custom cake pops) in each small bag with gold and green ribbon. The cake pops were gold/green and had V&B printed on them (for the office name). Check out the pictures. You can see that I also put flowers and gold balloons on the table that was covered with a nice white tablecloth. If I can cater your office party, contact me. I look forward to hearing from you!


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Justice League Party—appropriate for girls or boysI gave this two-hour party for the birthday of a five-year old boy. It...

Justice League Party—appropriate for girls or boys
I gave this two-hour party for the birthday of a five-year old boy. It was at the child’s house and most of the activities were set up in the basement with lots of open space. They were a bunch of very active kids, so I had to plan for lots of movement. Of course, this theme was just perfect for that. Before the party, I sewed capes and masks that the kids wore and loved! They were adorable! I made them in sizes to fit the ages of the children, as some of them were only 2 or 3. I had the child’s mother ask the guests what their child’s favorite superhero was and I made the capes/masks according to the child’s choice. Whether they joined in the activities or not (because of age), all the children wore the capes. My teenage helper wore a Wonderwoman cape and mask as well. The kids played “break the bomb” with black balloons and took mighty swings at a superhero piñata that I had adapted. We set up a batcave and a city that the kids could play inside and manipulate. Loud, rambunctious fun! See the picture of the favor bags I made for each child to take home. Inside the bags, I put thunderbolt soap that I had made along with superhero cake pops that wore masks and capes. They also had a superhero certificate for completion of superhero training. Tremendous fun! I made the chocolate cake with buildings on the side and Happy Birthday to the birthday boy. See the pictures. If you are interested in a party similar to this, let me know and I can set it up in 2 weeks.


I have a party package that I worked on for several weeks and the party was cancelled. I am willing to do it for your child for a flat rate of $250 (a saving of $100). It is a brilliant Jake and the Never Land Pirate party that any child would love and is appropriate for a boy or girl. Here’s what you get:
• A two-hour party for 12 children with at least 2 planners in a location of your choice
• A custom made-from-scratch birthday cake in the flavor of your child’s choice in the shape of Jake’s boat with Jake and the Never Lands figures. We also furnish water with custom labels.
• Costumes for each child to wear at the party and take home. This includes a pirate vest, bandana and eye patch.
• Two crafts: make a treasure chest and make pixie dust bag to wear
• A fantastic treasure hunt with clues and activities, including pirate speak lesson, walk the plank, sweep the deck, hop on islands and pick up jewels and finally hidden treasure!
• Decorations that include a large pirate ship that the children can get into.
• Favor bags with pirate cake pops and home-made soap with a treasure inside. A thank you note is attached to the bag.
• Book reading
This is a fabulous way to give your child a memorable birthday party with very little work for yourself. As always, we set up and take down and do all the work in between. Contact me soon if you are interested in this party.
Of course, we can do a custom party with other themes. The sky's the limit!


How to Train Your Dragon party for an 8-year-old boy (but would be suitable for boy or girl):
Since I love to sign and love working with children who are deaf, as that’s what I am trained to do, I was very excited about this party! The birthday boy’s parents are both deaf and several other adults and children who are deaf were invited. Of course, I custom-designed the party for Keith and his interests. This was a fairly simple but extremely fun party! The venue was a small party room in a yogurt shop, so adapting to the space was somewhat challenging.
Before we started any crafts or games, I used pictures of the characters of HTTYD to have the children tell me what they knew about the characters. Boy, there were some HTTYD scholars there that night! I was totally amazed at how much the kids knew about these characters, so they taught me! This quick little session made the activities more meaningful.
I made Viking hats for the children and brought all of them inflatable swords. We also painted faces like Astrid with red and yellow face paint. I was a bit surprised that every child participated in the face painting, wearing the hats and using the swords and loved it!
Crafts included making shields out of cake boards and emblems. They used these in a game later. They also made flying dragons that we raced. The “Mastering your Shield” game was the highlight of the party. I got the birthday boy’s dad to throw soft balls at the children, who were holding their shields they had made earlier. If a ball hit them, they had to sit. They screamed and had a marvelous time with this. The coolest part was dad’s participation!
I found a sheep toss game tutorial and printable by Paula Briggs. Sheep are some interesting characters in HTTYD. I sewed little sheep from curly fleece fabric (that got all over my house, but was totally worth it). The children did a game of throwing the sheep beanbags into a basket. This was harder than I thought it would be, but stirred up so0me fierce competition. Each child took home one of the sheep beanbags, along with their sword, flying dragon, and a favor bag that contained an adorable Vikings vanilla push up cake pop (see picture below). I was not the only one who had a marvelous time!
I almost forgot the cake! I sculpted a dragon cake and used bits of fondant and fruit roll-ups for features. Keith loved it!

ATL Parties Kidstyle

ATL Parties Kidstyle

This is the top of the cake push-up favors I made for the How To Train Your Dragon party. They were super cute!!

This is the top of the cake push-up favors I made for the How To Train Your Dragon party. They were super cute!!

ATL Parties Kidstyle's cover photo

ATL Parties Kidstyle's cover photo

These are two of the gumpaste party girls that went on the checkerboard cake.

These are two of the gumpaste party girls that went on the checkerboard cake.


One of the favorite birthday parties I have given through Atlanta Parties Kidstyle was an "Almost Spend- the-Night" party for a girl turning 9. Not all of her friends were comfortable staying away from home all night, so the party was held at the child's home from 5-8 p.m. The six party girls came dressed for bed. We decorated in pink and turquoise. The dessert table looked like a bed--very cute, complete with a pillow and sheet. I had made a checkerboard cake with sugar paste figures resembling each girl. The girls were able to distinguish who was who and I was so pleased! They loved it and all took their “person” home at the end of the party.
Activities included making individual pizzas, autographing pillowcases (using an idea I borrowed from the website Pillow Talk Memory Pillowcases) and decorating eye masks with eyelashes for closed eyes and eyebrows. I had made the masks out of soft flannel and rickrack. The girls also played Twister and did karaoke.
Favors were placed inside their autographed pillowcases at the end of the party. Favors included pajama sugar cookies I had made and decorated, and hand-made soap with a surprise inside (tiny vials). I ordered adorable bottle cap necklaces from Etsy that had each girl’s name on them. The necklaces came with a small container, also printed with their names, and I put homemade Kool-Aid lip gloss inside of these. The girls loved them and I heard that they all wore the necklaces to school. It was a simple but fun party for girls who had been friends for a long time. I think it was among the birthday girl’s favorite party of all time!

Birthday parties are a powerful tool for social and language development. When I taught preschoolers who are deaf and de...

Birthday parties are a powerful tool for social and language development. When I taught preschoolers who are deaf and developmentally delayed, one of the first things that presented itself as a learning experience was the fact that the children came to school on their third birthday. Of course, that first day we had a birthday party. In having the children choose and wrap a small present for the birthday child, they had experience in giving or receiving a gift, saying thank you and you are welcome and traditions associated with celebrating a birthday. When opening presents, there was always at least one child who signed "mine, mine" and hung onto the present they should have been giving. Recently I did a party for an 8-year-old child who invited several friends who are deaf, one of whom opened the present he had brought and I had to explain to him that the gift belonged to the birthday boy.This is a hard lesson to learn!


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