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Silver Spring Party Rentals Silver Spring Party Rental is a family owned business established to provide quality party rental supplies to the public. We realize the importance of an elegant atmosphere at your event.

As a result, every event is personal to us. From fine restaurants and country clubs to hotels, banquet facilities and the general public, Silver Spring Party Rental has truly set the standard for quality service in our industry. Our dedication to your event needs and quality service distinguishes our company and gives us a clear competitive edge.

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Rustic settings, such as wineries, barns and meadows, are popular places to host an outdoor wedding or event. Such settings should be less formal, with food being served buffet-style, at food stations, or as tapas.


Don't let the outdoor location of your party put a crimp in a black-tie event. Set the mood by renting elegant serving pieces, fine dishes, and a dance floor, and formalize the setting with table linens and fine chair coverings.


In the hierarchy of cutlery, in what order were forks, knifes and spoons accepted into polite European society? The knife came first and often served as the only eating implement during a meal. After that came the spoon and the fork gained favor last.


Chandeliers and creative lighting are a top trend in party supply rentals. If you're using one, consult with your event coordinator to determine what kind of lighting is best for your party - chandeliers, pin spotting, color lighting washes, candles, and hanging lanterns.


Pole tents are heavy-duty party tents that are supported by poles in the center of the tent, with poles, ropes and staking around the perimeter to insure sturdy shelter. They are installed professionally and will hold up to most weather conditions.


There are many options for tent flooring. You can include raised dinner seating platforms and entertainment area, and you could choose to leave the floor with a painted surface, covered with a hardwood floor, or even carpeted.


Are you looking for a way to give younger children something to do at a grown-up event? You may be able to keep the entertained by setting up a smaller tent with their activities.


Do you think using a party tent is out of the question because you aren't holding the event in a wide open space? You may be surprised by the variety of spaces we can tent.


Parties have become more standardized, and polite, over the centuries. Consider the suggestions set forth in the Boke of Nurture written in the 16th century. Among other things, it recommends that guests spit only when absolutely necessary, and refrain from throwing gnawed bones under the table.


The custom of wrapping cutlery in a napkin may look convenient and tidy, but it has a more insidious purpose. Assassination by poisoning has had its historical proponents, and dabbing poison on a knife or spoon was a popular way to deliver the deadly brew. Eventually, the rich and powerful began insisting on having their cutlery wrapped in a protective covering and the practice caught on.


Are you planning a get-together? There are seasonal party themes you can plan throughout the year. Try an April Fool's Day mixer in April or a Christmas in Tahiti party with a tropical theme for December.


Looking for an inexpensive solution to your outdoor event? Consider renting a canopy tent. Canopy tents are lightweight tents that provide shelter from sun and light rain and can be easily set up by the customer.


In 1937, the American National Retail Jeweler Association gave most wedding anniversary years a material gift designation (like giving gifts of tin for the 10th anniversary). Before that, there were only a limited number of anniversary years associated with specific gift giving, and those usually occurred in five year increments.


Are you worried that your outdoor event will turn into a nightmare if the weather doesn't cooperate? You can keep you guests safe and dry by renting a tent for the party.


If you are planning to serve alcohol at your next party or event, you'll need to determine how much you have to stock. Party planning experts generally recommend that you plan on about two drinks per hour per person.


Ever wonder why June is the peak of wedding season? There are two possible reasons: The ancient Romans believed it was lucky to be married in June since Juno, the goddess it was named after, was the goddess of marriage. The other reason is that back in the 1500s when water wasn't widely available for bathing, brides waited to be married until June when the flowers bloomed so that they had something to hide their body odor!


These days, party rentals extend far beyond the traditional tent and chair set-up. Depending on the event, you can rent anything from a moonwalk bounce house and cotton candy machine, to a formal champagne fountain.


Are you planning an event during the months of June or July? If so, please contact us to book your event as soon as possible. As this is the height of wedding season, we may book up quickly.


Those Romans knew how to stay clean. They typically dined using two napkins. One was installed around the neck like a bib, and the other was used to wipe the mouth and hands at the end of meal.


Do you know your cutlery history? Originally used to hold meat securely when cutting, the fork has been gracing tables for least 1,400 years.


If you're planning a wedding or another elegant event, selecting linens over paper napkins can give your event a classy touch. While you can purchase these items, renting is often less expensive.


Party rental equipment can easily take up a third of an event's budget. Determine what your priorities are when establishing a budget for rentals. Dishes, for example, can cost as little as 50 cents or as much as 10 dollars a piece. If you would rather splurge on lighting, then make lighting your top priority.


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People should RSVP to attend parties and events, but sometimes they wait till the last minute. Yoy need to plan for those last minute guest who are slow to RSVP.

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