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As a multi-pet household of five dogs, one of the top questions I get asked is:

“How do you keep your house free of stains and odors, without spending a fortune purchasing ineffective products, or paying for professional carpet cleaning?”

If I've learned anything over the last 9 years after helping more than 93,237 pet owners...'s that, the single biggest challenge they faced was:

Finding a cleaning product that worked (to not only clean up accidents)…

...but MORE IMPORTANTLY, to keep the stains and odors from returning.

The biggest challenge is:

Most of the pet stain and odor removal products sold in stores contain “detergents”. There are two negative properties of detergents that only make matters WORSE in the long run.

One that ATTRACTS dirt and debris back to the area….

...and another that REACTIVATES the odor.

Think about your laundry detergent for a second…

… and picture the sticky residue left behind near where you pour it into the machine, and also where you store the bottle.

Have you noticed how dryer lint (and other goodies) always seem to accumulate in these two sticky spots?

The same concept happens to your carpet or furniture after using a ‘detergent based’ cleaning product.

The original stain may be gone, but unless you can rinse back out all the sticky “detergent’ residue…

… you now have a magnet for attracting dirt and debris.

In simple: Detergents are a form of salt…

...and salt dries things out.

Think about how cheap bar soap dries out your skin…

...and how the more expensive soaps (ie: “Dove”) advertise ingredients to not only clean, but also help ‘moisturize’.

When you use one of these detergent based pet stain and odor cleaners, you're actually adding a form of salt.

This newly introduced salt draws the moisture out of the accident, and essentially just dehydrates it.

This is exactly why it may “appear” the product worked to remove the pet odor…

...when in fact, it’s still there (just lacking the moisture required to produce odor).

That is until....

…dampness and humidity roll back around.

Think about it for a second.

I bet the days you can most vividly remember smelling pet odors… was either wet and rainy, or hot and humid.

"Salt" is the root cause.

You see, that salt now attracts moisture from the air, in-turn reactivating all those unpleasant odors.

The ONLY way to PERMANENTLY remove pet stains and odors is to use a cleaning product that DOES NOT rely on detergents.

Back in 2009 I was struggling with really bad urine stains and odors myself.

After trying EVERY product sold in stores…

...I finally crossed paths with a gentleman who after 30+ years of owning a carpet cleaning company, had just retired.

I briefly told him the challenges I was experiencing: stains keep reappear, along with the odor returning)...

...and he offered to meet with me for lunch another day to explain what was going on.

About a week or so later, at lunch not only did he uncover the reasons WHY my stains and odors were returning…

...he also offered to help me get them cleaned up.

He went on to tell me that he used to make his own cleaning product specifically for pet accidents…

...and then he offered to make me a batch.

So about a week later, I met back up with him again to picked up 2 gallons that he had made for me.

Along with the gallons, he gave me four simple steps on how to use it...

1) Pickup, and blot up as much of the accident as possible

2) Spray his solution until the area was saturated

3) Walk away. Leave it alone to work

4) Repeat as needed every 24 hours until gone.

That’s it.

No scrubbing. No rinsing. Nothing to wipe up. Nada.

I was pretty skeptical that it could be that easy to use.

But he went on to explain...

“The solution used a proprietary blend of peroxide and surfactants to pe*****te and breakdown both new and old accidents.

The surfactant would help pe*****te into the stain/odor causing bacteria...

...and the peroxide would then break down the bacteria into a v***r, and extract into the thin air”.

Once again before I left, he mentioned that it would more than likely take a few applications of this “spraying and walking away”...

..but that if I just stayed diligent with it...

...the solution would work “layer by layer” to remove ALL of the stain and odor causing bacteria.

"...kind of like p*eling an onion”. He said "You do it one layer at a time".

So that night when I got home, I went to town on my stains and odors...

...I ran all around the house spraying all of the "hot spots" until they were completely saturated.

Within 15-20 minutes my house began to smell absolutely horrible... "death by urine".

I got so concerned that I immediately call the “Ex-Carpet Cleaner” and asked him what I could have done wrong.

He laughed and said “That is 100% normal. The bacteria has to go somewhere…

...what you are smelling is literally ‘dirty air’.

You’re smelling what the solution has pulled up and out of your carpets.”

He told me to just let some fresh air in, and use a fan to help push out the “dirty air”.

He also instructed me to just continue with another applications tomorrow around the same time.

He said the peroxide will continue to work and break down for up to 24hrs, and that I just needed to give it time to "do it's thing".

"When you no longer smell anything after saturating. That means all the bacteria has been extracted, and you're clean as a whistle again." he added.

After the first application, I began to notice about half of my stains were almost gone.

But the urine smell was still lingering.

Up to this point, one of my dogs had been having accidents almost daily, and this caused a lot of urine damage to the carpet, padding, and sub-flooring.

ALL of that had to come back "up and out" of the flooring, for the smell to completely be gone.

After the second application all but one stain had completely disappeared, and the odor was getting better... but still present.

It took me three applications, over four days but....


...and more importantly, the ODOR WAS COMPLETELY GONE as well.

I could put my nose right down to spots that I knew had a lot of urine accidents, and no longer could smell ANYTHING.

I could barely believe it. I was ecstatic.

These two gallons of solution had literally saved all my carpet, and my sanity.

I no longer felt embarrassed to have people over…

...and I could enjoy sitting on the couch watching TV again without smelling p*e.

I had about half a gallon left, so I poured the remainder into 2 spray bottles.

I kept one for myself, and gave the other one to a friend of mine for them to try.

They probably thought I was crazy when I handed them the plain white bottle with no label, and told them to “just trust me and try it.”

In the following weeks, I still had new accidents but they were a million times easier to clean up when they were fresh.

I'd just blot up as much as possible with a paper towel. Then saturate the area with the spray.

By the time it had dried, the odor was completely gone...

...with just one application.

About a month after I gave my friend the bottle, they finally got around to using it after their dog stained the carpet with a yellow vomit bile accident.

She was so amazed at not only how well it worked, but how easy it was to use.

She wanted to know how she could get another bottle.

I was like...

“Good Question”

So I contacted the Ex-Carpet Cleaner and asked him to make me some more of the solution.

This time I got 5 gallons from him, and once again I poured them into individual spray bottles, kept a few bottles for myself, then shared the rest with friends.

Long story short…

...after about 9 months of this. I had a pretty good following of local pet lovers who were in love with this “life saving spray”.

And it was then, I finally realized I might be on to something:

..."there are probably a lot of other pet owners out there, who were struggling with returning pet stains and odors."

So I contact the Ex-Carpet Cleaner once again, and this time asked him…

“If I put up a website to sell this stuff, will you keep making it for me?”

He said “Yes”

So in 2010, I threw up and ugly website with a simple PayPal button, had a generic label made up, and I made a post on Facebook (just like this one) to introduce….

“My Pet Peed - Pet Urine Remover”

That’s how this all started from my two bedroom apartment.

A few years later, the “Ex-Carpet Cleaner” mentored and taught me exactly how to make the solution.

Today, my wife and I have operate our small family run business out of a 4850 sq ft warehouse, just outside Houston Texas.

We have our own state of the art water purification systems, mixing tanks & blending tanks, bottling machines, and packaging machines.

Everything bottle is made by use, and shipped directly from us to you.

From the beginning our goal wasn’t to become a huge corporation, and get My Pet Peed into every store in the world.

It was just to help out fellow pet owners.

So we’re just going to continue to do what always worked for us…

… sharing the truth about my most pet stain and odor removers don’t work...

...then, personally inviting you to try My Pet Peed for yourself.

"My Pet Peed" comes in 2 sizes:
32oz spray bottle (refillable)
Gallon refill jugs.

Our most common order size is a combination of the two...

...we call it “The Starter Pack”, and it includes both a 32oz spray bottle, as well a gallon refill jug.

We have found this is really the “sweet spot” for how much product you really need to get started.

Just like I did when I started cleaning up old stains/odors, for most people it takes 2-3 applications on each trouble area to get them fully cleaned up.

The extra gallon allows you to refill the spray bottle 4 additional times, so you are sure to have not only enough product to finish cleaning all your trouble areas...

...but also enough to keep on hand for future accidents (as they happen).

The Starter Pack on our website is $84.00
The Starter Pack on Amazon is $107.90

Because a lot of our growth has come from people sharing the news about us on Facebook…

...we created THIS post with special **FB ONLY PRICING** on the “Starter Pack” just for you.

Though this post (and the links below) you can get a “Starter Pack” for only $57.

That’s $37 OFF the regular price of the spray bottle and refill gallon.


(You will not find this deal on our website, it’s exclusive to this post)

Most Orders ship out within 1 business day via USPS Priority Mail

So that means you’ll have your order super quick.

And just like when we started…

...if you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase…

...just shoot us an email, and we’ll refund 100% of your purchase price, the shipping, AND we won’t even make you go through the hassle of having to return anything.

We also offer personalized support for your cleaning challenges via a support ticket system that my wife and I check and respond to daily.

So you really have nothing to lose.

We’ll take all the risk.


If you Google “My Pet Peed”, you’ll see we have over 2975 positive reviews all over the internet....

…1,032+ Google Customer Reviews
...over 34k+ Facebook likes
...over 300+ Facebook recommendations
… over 740+ Amazon “Product” reviews
… over 903+ Amazon “Seller” reviews

My Pet Peed is NOT sold in stores, and is only available on our direct website, or Amazon.

No matter which of the sites you order from, we personally bottle, package, and ship your order right from our family run location outside of Houston, Texas.

Our website is the cheapest way to order…

...but sometimes people don’t feel comfortable ordering from a website they have never heard of before.

So that is why we also allow Amazon to sell it. (Although, it’s about 30% more expensive there vs our site.)


Q: What does My Pet Peed Work On?
A: Urine, F***s, Vomit, Blood, and anything else that can come out of a dog, cat, human, rabbit, gerbil, mouse, pig, horse…. You get the point.

Q: What surfaces will My Pet Peed Work On?
A: Carpet, Tile, Grout, Cement, Artificial Grass, Mattresses. Upholstery, Bed Bedding, Laundry Hardwood, linoleum and more.

Q: Is it safe and no-toxic?
A: Yes. My Pet Peed is a peroxide blend that is safe to use around people, pets, and plants.



60363 Eyster Road
Rochester, MI


(248) 361-3054



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