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If you have had issues with your vegetables, you might want to check on how to spot mineral deficiencies your plants might get. Fruit and vegetables and plants grown in containers are all vulnerable. Yellow or reddish colored leaves, stunted growth and poor flowering are all common symptoms of nitrogen, magnesium or potassium deficiency. This information might be good to think about now during off season.

You will notice spindly yellow plants or yellow leaves, sometimes with pink tints. Nitrogen promotes green, leafy growth and deficiency results in yellowing and stunted growth. Nitrogen is very soluble, and is easily washed out of the soil in winter rains. leaving the soil deficient in spring. Nitrogen deficiency is a common cause of yellow leaves in spring.

TO FIX: In the long term, mulching with organic matter (such as well rotted garden compost or manure) provides a steady trickle of nitrogen to stabilize levels. In the short term, applying high nitrogen fertilizers such as sulfate of ammonia or poultry manure pellets will fix the problem.

You will notice yellow or purple leaf-tints with browning at the leaf edge and poor flowering or fruiting. Potassium is needed for controlling both water uptake and the process allowing plants to harness energy from the sun (photosynthesis). Potassium promotes flowering, fruiting and general hardiness. Shortages are more likely on light, sandy or chalky soils where potassium is easily washed away.

TO FIX: Apply high potassium fertilizers such as sulfate of potash, tomato feed or an organic potassium source derived from sugar beet processing.

You will notice slow growth and dull yellow foliage. Phosphorus is needed for healthy roots and shoot growth. Soil shortages of phosphorus are rare, but may occur in areas with high rainfall and heavy clay soil.

TO FIX: Apply fertilizers such as super phosphate or bone meal.

You will notice yellowing between the leaf veins, sometimes with reddish brown tints and early leaf fall. Magnesium deficiency is common in tomatoes, apples, grape vines, raspberries, roses and rhododendrons. Magnesium is needed for healthy leaves and for plants to harness energy from the sun (photosynthesis). Soil shortages of magnesium are more common on light, sandy soils. Over-use of high-potassium fertilizers (such as tomato feed) can cause magnesium deficiency, as plants take up potassium in preference to magnesium.

TO FIX: In the short term, apply Epsom salts as a foliar feed in summer. Dilute the salts at a rate of 20g of Epsom salts per liter of water (1/3 oz per pint) plus a few drops of liquid detergent. Apply once a week, spraying in dull weather to avoid leaf scorch. In the long term, apply to the soil around the roots either Dolomite limestone (calcium-magnesium carbonate) at 4 oz per sq yd or Epsom salts (magnesium sulfate) at 1 oz per sq yd.

You will notice yellowing between the leaf veins with browning of leaf edges on acid-loving plants. Manganese and iron are important for allowing plants to harness the energy of the sun (photosynthesis). Soil shortages are rare, but manganese and iron can be unavailable to plant roots in alkaline conditions.

TO FIX: Apply chelated iron and manganese treatments, such as Sequestrene, to the soil around the plant roots.

You will notice stunted growth and tip die back on lettuce, brown cracks in celery; rotten swedes, turnips and celeriac. Boron is required for healthy plant cell formation. Soil shortages are rare, but this nutrient can be less available to plant roots in alkaline conditions.

TO FIX: Treat by applying borax (disodium tetraborate) to the soil before sowing vegetables. Soil application rates for borax are: 1 oz per 20 sq yd. Mix well with a large quantity of light sand before spreading so that the chemical is evenly distributed.

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In 1960, David Latimer planted a spiderwort sprout inside of a large glass bottle, added a quarter pint of water, and then sealed it shut. He opened the bottle 12 years later in 1972 to add some water and then sealed it for good. The self contained ecosystem has flourished for more than 60 years.

For those who are wondering how this is even possible: the garden is a perfectly balanced and self-sufficient ecosystem. The bacteria in the compost eats the dead plants and breaks down the oxygen that is released by the plants, turning it into carbon dioxide, which is needed for photosynthesis. The bottle is essentially a microcosm of earth.

Why bonsai trees are so expensive
Why bonsai trees are so expensive

Why bonsai trees are so expensive

Bonsai is an art form that requires years of training. Bonsai trees take centuries to grow and can be considered completely priceless.


We have the perfect gift for your mom!!!


Orchids make lovely Easter gifts and City Oasis, 1214 N Mills has dozens of varieties! Open from 10am until 6pm Monday through Friday , 9am until 6pm on Saturday and 10am until 6pm on Easter Sunday!


The Reed Orchid (Epidendrum ibaguense) blooms spring through fall. It likes full sun or part shade. This orchid is an epiphyte but can also grow in very well drained soil. The Reed Orchid is native to the Caribbean region and northern South America.

Photos from Harry P. Leu Gardens's post

Photos from Harry P. Leu Gardens's post

This weekend. Will be there

This weekend. Will be there

It's finally here, Plant Sale this weekend!!! March 12 & 13, 2022, 9 am - 5 pm, free admission. Bring a cart for your purchases. Most vendors take credit card and all take cash. Visit for parking information.


Who is ready for the Plant Sale, March 12 & 13? Remember to bring a wagon for your purchases and the gardens are free that weekend 9:00 am - 5:00 pm. A map and vendor list has been published to


Save the dates! Plant Sale is coming! March 12 & 13, 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. and it's free admission.


Looking for Valentine flowers? Look no further 💟🌸

"I ❤ U"

"I ❤ U"


Last minute gifts 🌺

Beautiful blooming bonsai

Beautiful blooming bonsai


Happy Sunday



Happy Friday 😊

Happy Friday 😊

30" Magnolia leaf tree. Call today to pre-order 4078988101

30" Magnolia leaf tree. Call today to pre-order



Happy Wednesday!!!

Happy Wednesday!!!

Back in stock

Back in stock

Bring beautiful colors and pleasant scent to your home with this orchid!

Bring beautiful colors and pleasant scent to your home with this orchid!


Spooky plant sale this weekend!!!

We all need a "Lifesaver "(cactus)🙂

We all need a "Lifesaver "(cactus)🙂

We are closed today!

We are closed today!

Come and visit. Lots of cool plants 🪴

Come and visit. Lots of cool plants 🪴



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This is an awesome nursery. From New York and glad that I visited. The people there are so down to earth and really know there plants and take good care of them. Lots of variety and at fair price
Just a few of the plants potted up from my last visit!
I bought this plant from you at Leu Gardens last weekend. What is it?
Today is the first day of spring so Isn't it time to add some beauty to your home? Stop in City Oasis and check out their wide variety of orchids, plants, bonsai, hoyas, pottery and more! Open Monday through Saturday from 9am until 6pm and Sunday from 11am until 5pm!
March is Women's History Month! Mills 50 District celebrates the many female entrepreneurs who have helped shape our community! We salute these women owned businesses: Amy Rossi: Allstate Insurance, Apiary Wellness, BASE Consultants, Black Rooster Taqueria, Boutiq Medical Clinic, City Oasis, Dong-A-Imports, Do Tell Calligraphy & Designs, Dr. Phillips Specialty Pharmacy at Winter Park, Eclips Salon and Spa, Educe Salon Orlando, Eola Eyes, Fast Signs Central Florida, Flag World Inc., Florida Soap Company, Fournier's Performance Automotive, Grape & The Grain, Grumpy's Underground Eatery and Lounge, Inez Patricia School of Dance, In Motion Physical Therapy, Jazzercise Orlando Mills 50 Fitness Center, Jenny Brackett Spa Services, Kelly Shannon Floral, a fresh flower boutique, Laus Consulting Services, LLC, Luna Mosaic Arts, Maxine's on Shine, Meehle & Jay, Mills Park Dental, Nora's Sugar Shack, Pop Thai Restaurant, Quantum Leap Winery, Remix Record Shop, Russian Ballet Orlando, Salon Dulay, Salon On Nine, Sasser & Weber PA, Shelbie Press Print & Copy, Spiral Circle Bookstore & More, The Barefoot Spa, The Benefit Doctor - Mary Remson, The HIVE Beauty BAR orlando, The Monogram Merchant, The House on Lang, The Salt Room, The Strand, Think Live Be Team and Track Shack!
Why give her roses when you can give her orchids? Let the experts at City Oasis, 1214 N Mills, help you select the perfect one! Open 9am until 6pm; Sunday from 10am until 4pm.
QUEST....what medicinal herbs// you have.
Saturday is Small Business Saturday and many of our businesses are offering special deals! Save at Black Rooster Taqueria, City Oasis, Jazzercise Orlando Mills 50 Fitness Center, Quantum Leap Winery, Qreate Coffee + Studio, Remix Record Shop, Ritzy Rags Wigs & More, Sam Flax of Orlando, The House on Lang, The Monogram Merchant and Track Shack! Shop local! Support local!
Like plants? City Oasis in Mills 50 is a great place to find some!

Independently owned, this great local shop has a little bit of everything from bonsai, to orchids, to gorgeous houseplants for every aspiring and

Bungalower Buddy Keyholders get a special discount when they show their keychains at checkout.
Orchids, orchids and more orchids! Let the experts at City Oasis, 1214 N Mills, help you select the perfect one for your special mom this Mother's Day! Open 9am until 6pm!
Love our new beautiful houseplant
Plants will help make your home beautiful and much more livable! Are you looking for a hanging succulent which is easy to maintain and cool as can be? How about a "String of Bananas" from City Oasis, 1214 N Mills? Open from 9am until 6pm!

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