C&K Catering & Personal Chef Services, LLC

C&K Catering & Personal Chef Services, LLC
New Exclusive Events Management Company - CEO Kristie L Sibley forme "A Premier Culinary Experience"

Operating as usual


Would you like to do a survivor tribute? Listen to find out how. See comments for flyer. Thx!

October 24th - 8:30pm Central
FB Live Kristie Sings Music - United States And Global


-Replay 🎶 Part 1

New  coming soon to . 🤗I’ve decided on a “place holder” name until I come up with an official name for my podcast. Stay ...

New coming soon to . 🤗
I’ve decided on a “place holder” name until I come up with an official name for my podcast. Stay tuned!! I’m getting ready for the “soft launch”. 🙃


- Replay 🎶


Hi! I meant to put this up on Monday but it’s here now! 😅



- Juneteenth Tribute

Kristie Sings Music

Whats Your Favorite
Freedom Song? 🎶

What Is Your Favorite “Freedom Somg” - Check out the in the event.

Event Link:


- Kristie Sings Music

Hello Jazz Enthusiasts! Do you play an instrument and would like to volunteer a few minutes of your time to to do a “liv...
Watch this reel by kristielinley on Instagram

Hello Jazz Enthusiasts!

Do you play an instrument and would like to volunteer a few minutes of your time to to do a “live demonstration” of a jazz standard tune online for For on April 25th from the 1920’s-1950’s era? Inbox me or email [email protected] for details and approval. See full video below for details. I would like to do a soundcheck as well. Thanks!

Kristie Sings Music

: “Would you like to play a jazz tune for for educational demonstration 4…”


“Origins Of Jazz History” - Jazz Appreciation Month -

“MusicMondayWarmUp - 🎶 if you would like to answer the question “live” then type in the comments. Kristie Sings Music

Kristie Sings Music

Kristie Sings Music


Repost - Please like My Kristie Janel
Public Figure Page & Kristie Sings Music
Page. Thanks! ☺️

French Flair. Charcuterie Board.C&K Catering is closed. This is a picture from my career portfolio.

French Flair. Charcuterie Board.

C&K Catering is closed. This is a picture from my career portfolio.

Antipasto Platter getting ready to go out


C&K Catering does not provide catering services anymore. Thankyou.


Public Announcement: I am no longer affiliated with anything associated with C&K Catering or any brand names that were associated with this business. In addition, I sincerely wish my former business partner much success. However, I believe a cook has the utmost ethical responsibility and moral integrity to inform potential clients of potential food borne illnesses that can result from major health concerns that could put other people at risk. At that point, a potential client can make an informed decision on whether or not to proceed with a food service and hire a cook. I am not liable for anything concerning the former business C&K Catering or any brand names associated with it. Thankyou. Kristie, Former Business Manager

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From Food Network! Interested? I'll Put In A Good Word For You If You Send A Nice Pic & Bio To Me @ affairkouture@gmail....

From Food Network! Interested? I'll Put In A Good Word For You If You Send A Nice Pic & Bio To Me @ [email protected] - Fill Out Application Below. Best Wishes!

My name is Ryan McRae and I am a casting associate for an exciting new show for FYI Network where food and travel come together - Pressure Cooker. I am reaching out to you because we are currently searching for teams of two and thought this may be of interest to you.

We are looking for teams of two to compete: amazing chefs and their favorite partner (who is a little lost in the kitchen) – best friend, spouse, family member, etc. They will hit the open road and cook up a meal based on their travels.

For your convenience, I have attached a copy of our flyer that further details what we are looking for. Please feel free to post this on your website, send out to any list-serve you may have or forward it on to anyone that may be interested. Any help in spreading the word about our search would be greatly appreciated!

For more information about how to apply, please visit If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Thank you,
Ryan McRae


New Beginnings: C&K Catering, LLC Closing Soon But Better News!
Please Like Affair Kouture Events A New Events Management Company Owned by CEO Kristie L Sibley as she is known from
C&K Catering. C&K Catering website & social media will stay up for a while to come during this transition.

Affair Kouture Events LLC will be happy to bring you improved Quality services and new exciting concepts!


707 18th Ave S, Ste 10
Nashville, TN


(888) 484-5111


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About Section

Ok - it’s not giving me the option to update this at the moment and I honestly forgot that this “about” section was still there. Anyway, this info has been here since I started Facebook in 2009.

What has changed…

1. I’m not “certified” at the moment with mediation but I do have the training of “mediator” in domestic violence and family mediation from 2005 & 2007. I did not maintain my certification with the state of TN because I only have to maintain certification if I want to ever do “court mediation.” However, I still have the “general” mediation hours and can mediate outside of the courts as a general mediator like “coaching” or something.

2. I am single now. I’ve been divorced for almost 7 years. My former veteran spouse of 17 years is no longer my “personal manager” for my music. I am my own representative for Kristie Sings Music 🎶 and any of my “creative” efforts.

We are no longer “business partners” either. That relationship was dissolved legally in 2015. The family business C&K Catering & Personal Chef Services, LLC closed in 2014.

I am my own representative & public relations now until the time comes for management if needed.

3. I don’t live in Clarksville anymore.

4. The “Kristie Sibley” website expired because I don’t use Kristie L Sibley on my promo things anymore. Now you may see Kristie L Sibley on older promo which I promote from time to time. However, I can’t “edit” those things. “Kristie Janel” is my artist and blogger preferred name. Making the name transition for social media was tuff. But if I have to perform somewhere just introduce me as “Kristie Janel.” ☺️

“Linley” came from my daddy’s last name. Get it?

5. My song “free” is what I was promoting when I started Facebook. I took most of my music down going through the divorce and then re-released “Nothing God Can’t Do” after a period of time. This is the current song that I have out digitally.

6. My dog “Pepsi” was a sweet dog. 🐶 She is in heaven now. 🙏🏽
Day 3 - Virtual Summit
SCORE Mentors U.S. Small Business Administration - The White House

Small Business Week Blog

Day 3 - Take-A-Ways from sessions that I attended. What I learned…👩🏽‍💻🙋🏽‍♀️

I want to mention that I was able to get mentoring from SCORE mentoring again on the 3rd day during the virtual summit. Thanks!

Session Topics By SBA

✅ 12:50pm ET: Fortifying Your Future: The Power of a Secure, Digital and Inclusive Network to Grow Your Business, presented by Visa

1. “Financial Inclusion” - More FA is needed to address capital inequities that women and minorities face accessing start up capital for small business. In the webinar, it was mentioned that Women are often forced to start a business due to a life change or crisis.
I can relate. 🙋🏽‍♀️

According to the session speakers and info that I have read, the pandemic had an unprecedented impact on women in the workforce. Childcare responsibilities still primarily fell on mothers. Women & minority owned businesses still need critical support.

It takes time to build a small business. My boot camp experience building a small business that made $1/2 million dollars in sales in 5 years was with C&K Catering, LLC
before the business was closed.

I was devastated, so I can only imagine how disappointed some small business owners were when they had to suddenly shut down during the pandemic. It takes time to build something from the ground up.

It is reported that there were many start ups created during the pandemic. The first 5 years of building a business are very critical so it will take time for these start ups to find their way.

Thankfully I never stopped planting seeds as a creative person. I would like to see those efforts grow while building a new business endeavor. Seeds do grow.

I hope that small businesses will have critical support over the next 5-7 years post pandemic.

✅ 2pm ET: How to Build Authentic Relationships and Grow your Business, presented by Spectrum Reach

2. This was a great workshop about building your brand and finding your audience. Television, social media and apps are technologies used for finding an “audience.” Knowing your target audience & having a brand strategy is important. Having the analytics will help guide your small business.

✅ 3:10pm ET: Embrace the Employee Revolution, presented by Vistage Worldwide

3. This webinar was full of information. The “employee revolution” is all about adapting to change. It was suggested that employers and small business owners think about their “pivot” strategy during this historic time.

There are ongoing challenges with employee retention, supply chain shortages & finding good talent. It is an opportunity for companies to create “new” company cultures and revamp their policies, mission and values if applicable.

✅ 4:20pm ET: Grow Your Sales: Global Entrepreneurs Share Export Success Stories & Advice, hosted by the Office of International Trade

4. I didn’t know that May was “International Trade Month.” I found this out by attending this webinar. One speaker talked about how inflation has impacted how she buys “fish” for her business. Before the pandemic the wholesale fish price was $9k but now the price is $28k! Wow! What a doozy!! Anyway, a few small business owners discussed their pivot strategy.

When I get a chance I will share some analytics from my Kristie Sings Music and from when I worked for C&K Catering & Personal Chef Services, LLC

Happy Small Business Week to all entrepreneurs & small business owners!!

Small Business Week Blog

Happy Small Business Week!
“I’ve always enjoyed having an entrepreneurial spirit. Being creative and inventive comes natural for me. It is a gift from God.”

As I reflect over the last 20 plus years, God has blessed me to cultivate my entrepreneurial spirit.

When I lived in Germany in the military community, I decided to pursue a Masters Degree in Human Relations. University of Oklahoma - Department of Human Relations
After 18 months, this dream was accomplished and I graduated in 2001 from The University of Oklahoma through the advanced programs overseas partnership that OU has with the military. Prior to that, I had already completed my bachelor of science degree in Human Services from Wellstar College of Health and Human Services @ Kennesaw State University.

I was already a “self-starter.” College developed me and broadened my worldview. Being a “team player” was a requirement for many of the group projects that we did. After returning to the United States, I landed my first assistant professor/ program coordinator role. I had already started building a small business on the side while still working for “corporate America.”

I first learned how to create and sell product with my music endeavors selling CD’s for Kristie Sings Music
From creating content, flyers, sign in sheets, cd cover designs/promo cards, marketing & promotions, performing, traveling, & tracking sales, etc., I recognized early on that pushing anything from the “ground up” takes a lot of hard/tedious work and effort.

After being a program coordinator for 9 years and growing a collegiate program by 300%, I then had a solid skill set to work on the next small business endeavor.

In 2008, I started C&K Catering, LLC - C&K Catering & Personal Chef Services, LLC with my former United States Veteran Spouse 🇺🇸
with $800 in my savings account.

Now this former family business start up was a true “boot camp” business building experience where I served as the COO, event manager, event planner, designer, sales manager, public relations and anything the job called for!

There was always a lot of tedious details, planning and ex*****on for formal and informal events from corporate events to weddings or small intimate gatherings.

I learned how to stage for television on this job and did several televised and red carpet VIP projects. There were too many events and details to list here but the results yielded over 200 signed contracts and $1/2 million dollars in sales over a 5 year period ending in 2014.

Since then, I’ve started exploring other creative avenues such as blogging/vlogging and creating content for social media.

I have a 10,000 base constituency across social media with a reach of over 200,000 since 2009. I am actively exploring avenues to expand the seeds that have already been planted over my career. Starting over is not easy but at least it has given me time to evaluate, research ideas and put a new plan in place.

I’m looking forward to networking and learning more about the state of small business and funding opportunities during small business week hosted by the U.S. Small Business Administration & SCORE Mentors.
I love to learn, be creative, network, collaborate and grow!


Kristie Linley, M.H.R
“Kristie Janel” - Public Figure
Kristie Janel - Creative Entrepreneur

FB/Instagram/Twitter/Linked-In Kristie Linley

- Prom (2013)

My role: event planning, event management, design, marketing and promotions for C&K Catering & Personal Chef Services, LLC
- Military Wedding

My Role - Vendor Food sponsor - buffet meal from C&K Catering & Personal Chef Services, LLC

As always I was the event manager and designer for anything concerning C&K Catering. This was a Collaboration with other vendors for a military couple getting married.
- Military Wedding

My Role: vendor sponsor, event manager for C&K Catering & Personal Chef Services, LLC and designer for catering buffet table
From C&K Catering & Personal Chef Services, LLC - 2013

My Role: Event Planner/Event Manager/Designer For Catering.

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