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The Garlic Garage Gang (GGG) Providing fresh, healthy, and most importantly deliciously varied meals to keep Nascar's finest fueled for each race weekend, all season long.

Operating as usual


Bruce and I would like to thank all of you for your nice comments about Garlic Garage. We have not had Facebook since last March when we were hacked and our daughter made the post for us and has been sending you comments. This is the reason we have not responded to any of you.
We were planning to continue Garlic Garage for a few more years, as you know that plan changed. We will spend the next few months getting our equipment sold so we can move to Prescott AZ.
If any of you locals would like to have lunch or dinner we are here. Just call text or email.
Nascar has been very important
to us for the past 16 years, many friendships have been made that we hope will last past our departure from N.C. to AZ.
We are not sure what we will do when we get there but we will do something. We have always been hard working and feel too young to fully retire.
Hopefully we will get to see most of you at a track in the future.

Keep in touch and stay healthy

Jacki and Bruce


2020 was very different and financially difficult for the Garlic Garage as many of our regular teams choose to do something else for their food.
Unfortunately the Coronavirus has taken its toll on The Garlic Garage—-after 11 years of feeding the best teams in NASCAR’s Cup, Xfinity and Truck series we have to shut our doors. We could just not get enough teams this year to cover the expenses, let alone make a profit.
We have had so many incredible helpers over the years from all over the United States that helped because of their love of racing, meeting drivers and getting to know awesome crew members was frosting on the cake. Being in the garage with the sounds and smells from the race cars kept them all coming back for years. We very much appreciate each and everyone of you more than we can ever express.
Most of our teams have been with us since we started and it has been a great pleasure feeding each one of you, We will very much miss all of you.
We have watched the drivers change from the little boys that came into get meals for their dads to becoming the hottest new drivers. Very special memory is the driver who’s name no one could pronounce becoming a Cup Champion on the best team in the garage, who once ate cabbage rolls in our trailer with his mother and brother. Seven time coming in to eat at Phoenix with wife Chandra pregnant with their first child. Fixing special meals for Richard and Richard, lobsters for one and steaks for the other. All the incredible guests we fed for our teams and their sponsors.
I think the hardest thing for me in the future is to learn how to cook for only two.
Best wishes for all of you in the future. We will truly miss all of you more than you know.

Thank you, love you,
Bruce and Jacki


Garlic Garage has had a few issues with our white truck. It is currently unable to tow our trailer. Our awesome family at Team Penske especially Travis Geisler and Chris Yoder found us an amazing black Penske rental for the next three weeks


Garlic Garage Bruce and Jacki would like to Thank all of our wonderful helpers for another great season. 2018 had a few challenges with our Iron Man Dan not able to do Daytona and Atlanta at the beginning of the year. Frank GORDON and Dan Miller rearranged their choices to be there. Very thankful to them. We lost all of the RCR teams so had to cut back on helpers and rearrange some of the races. Annette Bixler was unable to travel this year after Richmond race per Dr. request. Still have a flight ticket for you 🤞. Frank Gordon’s beloved dogCharlie passed and we were able to change his flight. Funny thing when we sent David Charest to pick him up at the airport in Chicago, yep he went to the wrong one. Sam and Debbie Powers lost Debbies mother and then welcomed another great grandchild, little girl this time. Dawn Charest also welcomes her first grandchild, a boy just as season ending. We welcomed a few new helpers in Michigan thanks to Connie Kiser-Walker, Ester Brown and Rhonda Brown, then Patty Brown helped in Indy. We will take all of you next year also. Phyllis Cross of Michigan moved to Chandler AZ and brought her sister Dee Wheeler to fall Vegas and Fall Phoenix. Hope to have you both on west coast swing. We were surprised by John Brandon returning fromGuam early and a quick visit to Fontana. Hope to see you in Texas.
Of course we could not do what we do without Dan Duane, Dawn Charest, Sam and Debbie Powers, April DeHaan, Regina Mayerchak, Tom and Pam Sanders, Dan Miller, Frank Gordon, Manny Velazquez, Richard Pound Jr, Jennifer DeClerck, The Wenger crew,
Kareena Best, and all listed above. Special thank you for Matt Christy for codriving from Vegas to Richmond the day your cruise ended and NO time to even see Vegas. Very special thank you to Lyndell Shuey for co driving from Phoenix to Homestead and working both races. Hope you can help again next year.
We hope you all have incredible holidays and hopefully will see all of you again in 2019.

Many many Thanks
Bruce and Jacki

We are happy to provide for the awesome people at Jeremy CLEMENTS Racing

We are happy to provide for the awesome people at Jeremy CLEMENTS Racing

Big Thank to the The Garlic Garage Gang (GGG) with always providing us with great food each week!!!


The 2017 season has come to an end. They go by faster every year. We are still traveling home, but wanted to thank all of our incredible helpers Dan Duane, Dawn Charest,SAM Powers, APRIL DeHaan, Annette Bixler, Dan Miller, Marquis Andrews, Tom Sanders, George Stephenson, Frank Gordon, Regina Mayerchak, Jeannie ANDREWS, Phyillis Cross, Connie Riser, Steve Witmer, Doug Wenger, Harold Wenger, Chris Heiland, Ross, Moses, Alex, Lorna Fortin, Rose Mary Rodgers, Manny Velazquez, Rick Kaufman, Pam Sanders, Debbie Powers, Amber Ervin, Beth Maycroft, Dale Zschoche, Mark Shockey, Pete Shockey, Kaitlyn Zschoche, and a special Thank you to Lyndell Shuey for not only helping but co- driving cross country with Bruce. No deer and only one flat tire.
We very much appreciate each and everyone of you and could not have done it with out all of your amazing help.
May your holidays be blessed with family friends and laughter.
We hope to see each and everyone of you next year.

Feeding one of our military group in Dover.   This one was NASCAR's Troops to the Track from Dover Air Force Base.  Feel...

Feeding one of our military group in Dover. This one was NASCAR's Troops to the Track from Dover Air Force Base. Feel very blessed to have the opportunity to give back a little to our incredible service men and women

Garlic Garage is off to Bristol.  Yes it's the baby Bristol trailer.   We have a love hate relationship with the Bristol...

Garlic Garage is off to Bristol. Yes it's the baby Bristol trailer. We have a love hate relationship with the Bristol track. Love it. Hate that we have to do the very time consuming swap to get in to the track. Oh well the racing is worth it.


So the Garlic Garage has been on the road for 8 weeks from Daytona to Fontana and back.
Our new truck and trailer had a few minor issues but Bruce was able to fix them, so all was good.

We had a great group of helpers Daniel Duane, Sam Powers, Marquis Andrews, Lyndell Shuey, George Stephenson, Frank Gordon, Dawn Charest, Amber ERVIN, Bethany Maycroft, Jeannie Andrews, Lorna Fortin, Debbie Powers, and RoseMary Rodgers. Thank you all very much for you awesome help. We could not be The Garlic Garage without you.

We hope you all have a Happy Easter with family and friends

WOW.  2017 Season is officially started for the Garlic Garage.Off season was very busy for us.  We had to get another tr...

WOW. 2017 Season is officially started for the Garlic Garage.

Off season was very busy for us. We had to get another trailer. That's the 5th one in 8 years if you lost track. This will be the last one. Bruce with some big help from David Charest did an awesome job getting everything we need inside. Myself and my incredible helper Dawn Charest set up the inside cabinets the way we wanted them.
One on One Brand did an amazing job wrapping the trailer. Originally the wrap was supposed to coordinate with our blue truck HOWEVER, Yes we had to get yet another truck, the new trailer had air brakes and the truck could not be converted. So just last Thursday Bruce flew off to Oklahoma and got a white freightliner. If your counting that also makes 5 trucks.
So far in-debt we will never get to retire. Good thing I really love what we do.


WOW. 2016 Season is over. This year went very fast. They say the years go faster as we get older🙄

Garlic Garage had a few rough trips with the bearing issues, 8 times , refrigeration going out and having to replace. And the worst when Bruce's father passed away.

We had a few new helpers Rick Kauffman, Suzanne Dove, Keith Dove, Sue Henderson, Dexter Henderson Thank you and we hope to have you help agin in 2017.

Congratulations to Richard Pound and Jennifer Miller on the birth of their beautiful TWIN BABY GIRLS born on November 10,2016. Seeing JEN in Watkins Glen we really did not think she would make it to November.

We pray all of our awesome helpers and their families have a blessed holiday season.

We also hope you will all return to help again in 2017 because without you we could not be the Garlic Garage. Thank you thank you thank you to George Stephenson, Marquis Andrews, SAM Powers, Debbie Powers, Tom Sanders, Pam Sanders, APRIL DeHAAN, Annette Bixler, Frank Gordon, RoseMary Rodgers, Dale Zschoche, Dan Miller, Manuel Velazquez, Harold Wenger, Doug Wenger, CHRIS Heiland, Ross Metzler, Moses Rodriguez, Amber Ervin, BETH Maycroft, Kaitlyn Zschoche, Stephen Sues, Connie Walker, Phyllis Cross, and my new right hand (I'm left handed 🙃) Dawn Charest

Dan Duane has already signed up for another year👏👏 he is our Iron man on the ovens and got real good at tires, bearings, and lugs this year.

Some of you have already started signing up for the first 12 and beyond so if any more of you already know what you would like to help at I'm ready to put you in the books(I-PAD)

A few of our helpers had life interfere with their NASCAR in 2016, we would love to see you Steve Witmer , Carol Stewart , Kareena Best, Lorna Fortin Larry Fortin Who won the Champion in New Hampshire with their own car👏👏🏁🏁Barry and Stephanie Jenson, John BRANDON In Gaum for three? more years, Edwin and Bri Miranda recently graduated from culinary school and could now teach me a lot, Jeanne Andrews, Delores Gordon, Terry Taylor, Dana Eads, Clint Pollit

Once again to all of you OUR SINCERE THANKS



So Garlic Garage has had a rough few weeks. On way from Kentucky which was hot and wet( Thank you Dan Duane Mark Andrews Dawn Charest) we blew a hub. Bruce had a spare and fixed it on a busy Connecticut freeway. Loudon was hot and wet again Thank you Dan Duane Mark Andrews Manny Velazquez Rick Kaufman. Leaving Indy which was brutal. Thank you Danny Duane Mark Andrews and Tom Sanders for working in the heat. 1.7 miles from hotel we got a flat tire and blew yet another hub ( different from flat). Collecting all the parts today after ordering yesterday and then putting back together.

This morning at 7:00am Bruce's Father passed away.

Yes Garlic Garage has had a rough few weeks.


Off to Texas this morning. The west coast swing went great. Had enough helpers despite Marks broken foot before DAYTONA and then George getting mad and leaving during Daytona. Mark comes back in Texas. Dr says he's all better. John BRANDON will be very missed for the next 4 years while he serves our country in Guam. Texas won't be the same without you
We spent the off week in Jackson Hole with our kids and grandson. Had an awesome time with Marisa JASON and spoiling Henre
Still some openings this season and a few of you we have not heard from yet
Text if you are interested.




2016 Season has started. The Garlic Garage Gang is on the road to DAYTONA 👏👏🌴☀️🏁
We still have room for helpers at most of the races after Fontana if any of you are interested

Two of our helpers are no longer able to make it to Daytona and Atlanta! If you can make it PM us tonight!#EverythingsBe...

Two of our helpers are no longer able to make it to Daytona and Atlanta! If you can make it PM us tonight!


The #Daytona500 is only 39 days away, bringing with it the start of the 2016 #NASCARSprintCup season! Are you ready?Be s...

The #Daytona500 is only 39 days away, bringing with it the start of the 2016 #NASCARSprintCup season! Are you ready?

Be sure to let us know which races you plan to help at, we are currently working on #DuckCommander500 in Texas through #AxaltaWePaintWinner400 in Pocono!


We love that we get to spend each day of the season making the best food for and with the best people!Volunteers- be sur...

We love that we get to spend each day of the season making the best food for and with the best people!

Volunteers- be sure to get in contact soon so we know which tracks you would like to help at, some of the early #NASCAR2016 season races are already filling up!


Happy New Year to you and yours! We are already looking forward to the 2016 Season and can't wait to see all of you!To o...

Happy New Year to you and yours! We are already looking forward to the 2016 Season and can't wait to see all of you!

To our incredible helpers, be sure to let us know what weekends you are planning on so we can get excited to see you!



Kentucky was great. No one got hurt and no wind spurts to damage tents or any thing else. We got packed up by half way Thank you Danny and April DeHAAN Was a person down due to health. Hope you feel better soon Annette Bixler. You were missed for more reasons than just your help. Praying for you.


So Daytona was very very hot and long. Bruce had heat stroke on Friday and Amber was sick on race day. We made it thru and finished packing up Danny Jacki and Bruce just as the race started at 11:30. Beth worked twice as hard I think because Amber was not there and she had to leave at 7:00. Thank you all for the very hard work


Hey ya'll, please take a moment to read this and like/comment and share the original post with everyone. Very unprofessional considering how loyal we are to them. Thanks everyone! #shameonyouHilton #DiamondStatusFAIL

CANCELLED WITH OUT NOTICE. On Sept,14,2014 I booked 4 rooms at the Hampton I-95 in Florence , SC for Sept, 3-7, 2015. While on my Diamond reservation page on Thursday June 25, 2015 I noticed these reservations were no longer on my page, I stay at Hilton hotels a lot in my 270 days a year in hotels and check my reservations at least once a month. I was on my page in May and these reservations were still there. I called the hotel and Terry said NO ONE TOLD YOU WE CANCELLED THEM, She then transferred me to the sales dept. I left a message asking what happened? NO ONE HAS CALLED ME BACK. I Then called the Diamond desk, they called the hotel, came back to me, she said the hotel cancelled because they could get up to $900.00 per night because it was race weekend and my price point was at their normal rate. She then transferred me to the complaint department , they said I cancelled these rooms on Dec 24, 2014 . THIS NEVER HAPPENED I have all emails for the past ten years of travel for reservations and cancellations , besides we had already been TOLD THE HOTEL CANCELLED. They filed a complaint and then called the hotel again, Terry said a new Hampton was opening in Hartsville, possibly before the race weekend. She would check with them, however, we would have to pay the VERY INFLATED prices for the race weekend not the prices I had originally booked. Terry has NEVER CALLED ME BACK. Seeing a pattern here? CAN NOT BELIEVE this is a policy the Hilton Corporation allows, as I was told by the complaint department and the hotel. The right to CANCEL RESERVATIONS ANY TIME THEY WANT TO WITHOUT NOTICE TO YOUR GUEST. If I had not checked, and the 8 of us just showed up at the hotel on September 3rd we would have had to sleep in our cars the entire week end. We currently have about 38-40 additional stays on reservation with Hilton hotels over the next 5 months, I am looking for alternative rooms with MARRIOTT. We can not risk being CANCELLED AGAIN. I plan on posting this complaint on every web site that books hotels, sporting events, weddings COULD YOU JUST IMAGINE A BRIDE BEING CANCELLED ON, Conventions and any where else I feel may be helpful to future hotel guests.


The Garlic Garage will be off the road for the until July for some much needed rest and repairs. See you in Daytona


Happy Fathers Day to all our dads that help Dan Duane, George Stephenson. Sam Powers, Mark Andrews, Tom Sanders, Dan Miller , Steve Witmer, Frank Gordon, Lyndell Shuey, John Brandon, Larry Fortin, Dale Zschoche, Mark Shockey, Doug Wenger, Harold Wenger, Richard Pound, Edwin Miranda, Manny Velazquez, we hope you all have a great weekend. Thank you for all you do for us at the Garlic Garage we very much appreciate each and every one of you.


Yes Lewis we will be there, driving up now after shopping for 2 days to make sure we have enough for you all to eat. See you soon


Mooresville, NC

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Providing fresh, healthy, and most importantly deliciously varied meals to keep Nascar's finest fueled for each race weekend, all season long.


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Call Monty 704-221-0296
Bruce this Monty from the Racetrack . Give me a call please. 704-221-0296. Thank you
Thank you Bruce and Jackie for your continued support during the FireKeepers Casino 400 to feed those in need at the Jackson Interfaith Shelter.
Thank you Bruce and Jackie (missing in action) for your continued generosity. This weekend we were able to provide the most food to the Interfaith Shelter in Jackson that we have done in our eight years at MIS. Thanks again! #forMIjackson
Feeding the military is always an honor
Thanks for all the GREAT food at Kansas Speedway. I know my firefighters enjoyed the food!!
Just finished my article about Garlic Garage -- the result of my interview with Bruce back at Richmond. Let me know what you all think: Catering to NASCAR: Feeding the Garage
Thanks for feeding some hungry Marine musicians at the Richmond race event! Y'all are awesome! Absolutely delicious and we are ready to go out there and stir up some patriotism!❤️
Thanks once again Jackie and Bruce for your continuing generosity in helping the needy in Jackson, Michigan. See you at MIS again in August!