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Grinchy Guy Magnolia Tx This page is solely to for smiles and laughter, and maybe some screams and cries.


I am very sorry to inform everyone that the Grinch will be taking this season off with the exception of a few dates I was able to find a back up for.

I will be working over the road for the next few months so I guess Santa will just have free run this year… I’ve had so many people reach out to me starting back in august so I was really planning on this year being the grinchiest yet.

I’ve really been honing my craft also. I was able to be grinchy at all the holidays throughout the year my wife says so I’ll just have to keep that momentum going this coming year.

This isn’t good bye, this is see you next year. Have a terrible season everybody!!!!!


Thank you to everyone that had a hand in making The Grinch Gives Christmas so successful this year!!! I can’t thank y’all enough.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and are looking forward to the new year like we are.

Now it’s time to get back to work and make up for taking a whole month off to do what I wish I could do year round lol.

Some of you may know that I own an alarm company. If anyone is in need of a security system, smart home system, or high quality 4K camera systems please reach out to me at Texas Pro Tech or text or call me at 936-443-4860. Thank y’all again and here’s to 2023!!!!!


Grinchy and the family made the delivery!!!!! Thank you to everyone in our community that chipped in by donations of presents and monetarily and by inviting the grinchy guy to your events and school visits!!! It shows that people will still come together to help a family when they need it. Thank y’all again and Merry Grinchmas!!!!


Please read!!!!!!

We have entered everyone who was nominated this year for The Grinch Gives Christmas drawing and we have a winner!!!!!!

I can not announce the names but I will send a message today to those that nominated the winner.

First I want to thank all the PTO’s and parents and the schools for welcoming me and allowing me to spread Christmas Sneer to all the children this season. And a HUGE THANK YOU to Magnolia Education Foundation for y’all’s support as well!!!!! Without y’all’s support we wouldn’t be able to do this at all and it has been a blast.

The winner this year needs to feel all the love and generosity of our community. This family has struggled this year especially and I’d like to ask that if anyone out there feels that they can help give these kids a great Christmas please message the page and we can set up a time to come by and pick up your donation.

I know they have other needs than just providing Christmas for their little ones. They suffered job losses and are behind in bills as well. In all honesty I was pulling for them and hoping that their name would be drawn. I read the story and this family needs a blessing!!!!

If you are in a place to give comfortably and want to help me bless this family like they have never been blessed before please reach out to the page.

My plan is to surprise them tomorrow evening so we have today and tomorrow to make this happen.

Got to take Cindy Lou Who to school this morning

Got to take Cindy Lou Who to school this morning


It’s time to start nominating recipients of this years The Grinch Gives Christmas!!!!

Between work, having a family of my own, and the Grinchy Guy schedule we will not be scheduling anymore appearances this year. We have appearances scheduled through 12/17.

Please message the page with a local family that might be struggling this season. Between now and 12/17 we will be accepting nominations.

Please give a name and a quick explanation of what is going on. On 12/18 a name will be chosen.

I will not post the recipients name but I will message the person who nominated them to schedule a time to deliver.

Remember we do this to help and we hand them cash to allow them to pay bills, or provide Christmas, or whatever their need is.


I’ll get it back!!!


I still have a few dates in December to fill. I own an alarm company Texas Pro Tech as well so I do have a few camera installs in between but takes precedence during the month of December. The following dates are still available:



If you own a business in the magnolia or Tomball area and would like to have The Grinchy Guy come hang out for a while and be rude to your customers please reach out to schedule!!!!!! Booking december now from 12/4-12/23



This year we will be offering a variety of Grinchy Guy appearances!!

We will be visiting elementary schools in the area and have now included Tomball ISD as well as Magnolia ISD. If you think your child’s school would like a visit from the Grinchy Guy please tag your PTO president on this post!!! Have them message me to go over pricing and dates. (For schools it is donation based but we do have a base line depending on size of school)

We will be at the Magnolia Education Foundations breakfast with SaNtA again this year (although I really feel like they should change it to “everybody come see the Grinchy Guy for bad smells and terrible times”) but im just a little bit biased…

This year we will be adding something new and exciting!!!!! The Grinchy Guy will make an in home appearance with the knowledge of all adults obviously. Heres the idea, picture the family sitting down for dinner and the Grinchy Guy comes strolling in creating havoc and surprising the kids. I rummage through your presents, turn over a couple decorations, and storm out after about 5 minutes or so leaving the kids in disbelief and shock. Message me to talk about the specifics. Again all adults must know I’m coming!!!!

Company Christmas parties (where children are among the guests) is another item we are adding to the list. Message me for pricing and dates.

Please message me to go over pricing and dates. As always 100% of the proceeds will go to at least one family in the area that may be having a hard time this Christmas season. We are hoping to help several families this year if possible.

I’ll be adding a calendar to the page with availability


It’s time to start thinking about the calendar. I really try to relax and get some ME TIME January through November but you people just can’t leave me alone!!!! So coming soon will be a new list of opportunities to see YOURS TRULY the green machine, the luscious lime, the grimy slimy blimey himself!!!!! THE GRINCHY GUY!!!

I really am much more popular than that S guy anyway.

I’ll be posting availability and a list of projects soon so stay tuned and invite your friends. This year is going to be terrible!!!!

As always 100% of the proceeds will be handed to a family in need to help them have a Christmas but hopefully we will be able to help multiple families. I’ll take entries for the giveaway starting December 10th.


Uuuugggghhhh you know what’s comin don’t ya?!?!? Yeah I’m not excited either… 103 days till it gets here….

Got two full pages in the year book!!! All I have to say is it is about time Grinchy gets the respect he deserves!!! The...

Got two full pages in the year book!!! All I have to say is it is about time Grinchy gets the respect he deserves!!! They put me on the back page with the lunch ladies when I attended….


Sorry to keep making posts but as I’m driving to go deliver the Grinchmas money, another person from our community contacted me and added another $100. They gave it anonymously but this is so amazing!!!! I literally can’t wait till next year to do this all over again.

Thank you to our anonymous donor!!! It is people like you that make the Magnolia area so awesome!!!


We have a winner!!!! We shall call this the “Grinch Gives Christmas” and although I won’t share the name of our recipient I will share the story.

All names were written down and assigned a random number. My wife and 3 our our daughters each called out a number until one of them picked a number that was assigned to a name. Jaycee picked the winner and is very excited!!

The winner is a mother of a teenage son and after 5 years finally has him home with her. She has been struggling financially due to vivid restrictions and her job involves going into peoples homes. She has been stressed financially and emotionally hoping to give her son some sort of Christmas. We are so excited and blessed to be able to help this family.

Thank you to everyone that helped by nominating friends and family, I think we had 15 entries total.


We just booked for December 10th of 2022!!!!!! Y’all better be ready and get your tickets when they go on sale next November for Magnolia Education Foundations breakfast with Santa cause I’m gonna be meaner and greener than ever!!!!

Visited Deretchin Elementary 3rd grade hall today and spread Grinchmas Sneer!!! I think the office staff was more excite...

Visited Deretchin Elementary 3rd grade hall today and spread Grinchmas Sneer!!! I think the office staff was more excited than the kids haha


Please read:

This idea of playing the part and having fun was never about making money. After such a quick success and the excitement that was built this and last year we have decided to see where this goes.

We would love nothing more than to donate 100% of all proceeds for the appearances that the Grinchy Guy has made to a family in need this Christmas.
Things will not be purchased. I will be giving the money to a family that needs it and they can use it for whatever they need ie: bills, gas, Christmas gifts etc.

If you would like to submit a family to receive this blessing please do so by messaging the page and I will choose at random this Sunday.

It’s not much but I hope that it will help someone in need.

Now a merry Grinchmas!!!

Grinchmas sneer at MEF’s breakfast with Santa

Grinchmas sneer at MEF’s breakfast with Santa


This all started a few years ago as a way to help my wife with her photography business and has now grown to something much larger.

I absolutely love what I do and get such enjoyment from seeing the shock and surprise on kids faces turn into happiness and wonder.

Please feel free to tag the page with any photos that have been taken at all the events we’ve done this year and any in the future you may see me at. Merry Grinchmas!!!


Magnolia, TX



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