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Press ReleaseFOR IMMEDIATE Receives 2022 Best of Lawton AwardLawton Award Program Honors the Achievem...

Press Release

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Receives 2022 Best of Lawton Award

Lawton Award Program Honors the Achievement

LAWTON October 20, 2022 -- has been selected for the 2022 Best of Lawton Award in the Wedding Service category by the Lawton Award Program.

Each year, the Lawton Award Program identifies companies that we believe have achieved exceptional marketing success in their local community and business category. These are local companies that enhance the positive image of small business through service to their customers and our community. These exceptional companies help make the Lawton area a great place to live, work and play.

Various sources of information were gathered and analyzed to choose the winners in each category. The 2022 Lawton Award Program focuses on quality, not quantity. Winners are determined based on the information gathered both internally by the Lawton Award Program and data provided by third parties.

About Lawton Award Program

The Lawton Award Program is an annual awards program honoring the achievements and accomplishments of local businesses throughout the Lawton area. Recognition is given to those companies that have shown the ability to use their best practices and implemented programs to generate competitive advantages and long-term value.

The Lawton Award Program was established to recognize the best of local businesses in our community. Our organization works exclusively with local business owners, trade groups, professional associations and other business advertising and marketing groups. Our mission is to recognize the small business community's contributions to the U.S. economy.

SOURCE: Lawton Award Program

Lawton Award Program
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DocGray Couple’s Key #11 – What is Expected In A Marriage?Marriage is an entity within itself.  Each marriage is differe...

DocGray Couple’s Key #11 – What is Expected In A Marriage?

Marriage is an entity within itself. Each marriage is different. How you define your marriage is very personal. What works for one marriage doesn’t always work for another. When “two become one” is a very accurate analogy of the state of marriage. Even though there are two individuals; your lives are now intertwined and blend together like a multicolored candle after being lit. It is no longer just about self but encompasses the collective.
We are going to discuss some topics that help to create a successful, sustainable marriage.

1. Mutual respect – This should be given but not always easy. When respecting your partner goes against the grain of what YOU want to do, it is hard. Example: You like to “turn up” and your spouse is a couch potato; you can’t go out every night and expect your significant other to be happy with this. On the flip side of this, if you are a home body and your partner is a party animal; you must be willing to get out of your comfort zone and get out more.
2. Avoid “parasites” – I heard this terminology in a movie that I watched years ago. This is befitting of this topic. It gives the visual of what can suck the life out of your marriage. Things such as drug abuse, excessive drinking, cheating, physical or mental abuse, gambling, or working too much. Even video games or social media can be vehicles for disaster if misused. One of the biggest is OUTSIDE influences. This can be a friend or family member that you confide in rather than your spouse. A marriage is two-sided and no one else should have a vote or final say in it. Any person or activity that negatively affects your marriage can be a “parasite”.
3. Commitment – This term is used loosely in this era. We live in an “all about me” society. Yet, the definition of commitment is: “the state or quality of being dedicated…” If you want to have a strong, happy marriage with longevity; you must commit. This decision is not for the weak. In fact, commitment takes A LOT of work! To truly commit, must learn to compromise, show affection, give respect, trust one another, know when your spouse needs space and time alone, be understanding, conform to one another’s sleeping habits, know when to be silent and when to speak up and the list goes on and on. Commitment is a living, breathing animal that we learn to navigate to create a satisfying experience for both parties.
4. Communication – This is a very simple concept. TALK to each other. None of us are mind readers (contrary to popular belief). You must be able to voice your opinions and concerns about everything. It is hard to tell the person that you love something that they don’t want to hear or that may hurt their feelings. At times, it is necessary. Unspoken feelings can create a root of bitterness and resentment. Open and honest communication helps to keep you both on the same page.
5. Safety & Security – One of the biggest issues in a marriage is NOT feeling safe and secure. This encompasses having our needs being met. Each person has their own idea of what this looks like. We are all looking to be cared for and fulfilled. This may include bills being paid, s*xual activity frequency, feeling appreciated, getting gifts, being protected, being understood, being “heard”, etc. To know a person’s true desire – ASK! When your partner asks – TELL THEM! Be willing not only to listen, but to implement change. There’s no better feeling than being secure in your union. Remember this is a partnership!

When speaking with couples who have been married a long time, they discuss how they learned to trust, bend, and concede. Marriage and love are a decision that has to be cultivated daily. It is growing and evolving with another person to create a happy and peaceful mutual space. Learn to navigate through this issues and challenges while still holding on to one another and you will succeed!

I love all my Couples, but this particular union is near and dear to my heart! This wedding was 2 years in the making. P...

I love all my Couples, but this particular union is near and dear to my heart! This wedding was 2 years in the making. Pre-marital counseling, a cross country move, college graduations, new jobs; but today was the day! PJ & Frankie, we were so honored to join you on your special day!!!! Congratulations, Mr & Mrs. Ferretti! ❤️

How much truth is truth?  Many of us think that what we choose to tell is all that another person needs to know.  But is...

How much truth is truth? Many of us think that what we choose to tell is all that another person needs to know. But is it? No one can make an educated decision if parts of the truth is left out. Most believe that I shouldn't have to tell a person EVERYTHING! What do you think? Is partial truth truth? Let's argue!

Great review from Pvt. b.... "Absolutely wonderful and the price is fantastic 10 out 0f 10 recommend if you're looking f...
★★★★★ Pvt. b.'s review for'

Great review from Pvt. b.... "Absolutely wonderful and the price is fantastic 10 out 0f 10 recommend if you're looking for something small and affordable."

Check out what our customers are saying about us! is on the move again!  This time in Altus, OK.  Congratulations to Janay & Destini for making it official!  ...
09/30/2022 is on the move again! This time in Altus, OK. Congratulations to Janay & Destini for making it official! Many blessings to the both of you! ❤️

No assistant with me today, but still joining Mr and Mrs Andrew Gonzales!!!  ❤️

No assistant with me today, but still joining Mr and Mrs Andrew Gonzales!!! ❤️



Jamaica 💝

DocGray Couples Keys #11:  What is expected in marriage?What does it mean to “get married?”Understand that when “two bec...

DocGray Couples Keys #11: What is expected in marriage?

What does it mean to “get married?”

Understand that when “two become one” that is exactly the correct analogy of marriage. (See picture below, this is an accurate depiction of the struggle.) We are individuals, of course, but after marriage we are no longer single. This is a joint effort, and we should always be considering the other in decision making. Every move that we make can affect your partner.

Successful couples learn how to merge without making their counterpart lose themselves. There are basic respect factors that you must abide by. For example, as a single person, you only have yourself to consider. Once you say, “I do”, you have to take into account the feelings of your spouse. So, if you are a party animal and your spouse is a homebody; you can’t party every night. (And when you do, it must be in a respectful manner.) Yet, the homebody spouse must be willing to get up from the couch and do some things.

Mutual respect goes a long way. Treating your spouse, the way that you want to be treated is a good rule of thumb. Remember that you may not always see things the same so you must know each other’s boundaries. In addition, get to know the special interest of your loved one. Perhaps you can find a way to combine what you both love to do. Respect one another’s dreams and aspirations. Learn how to encourage each other.

Avoid parasites in your relationship. These are things that can suck the life out of your marriage, such as, physical abuse, drug abuse, excessive drinking, overworking or avoidance. When we have something in our lives that take precedence over our spouse; that is a parasite. It can be even something as simple as social media or video games.

Remember marriage = commitment. Commitment is not for the weak; nor is it for the unsure. Commitment within marriage is a combination of affection, compromise, time, space, respect, trust, sleep patterns and sometimes a redirection of hobbies. You cannot be ready to pick up and run at the first, second, third sign of trouble. Remember, one person can't fix everything and once again, this is a joint effort.

As we grow in a relationship, we learn how to twist, bend, and concede. This is one of the core things that long term marriages say. The ability to navigate through issues and not lose your love is key. Expectations of what you want needs to be shared. Know that what your marriage looks like today is not how it will look tomorrow or next week or next year. No outsiders can determine what that looks like but neither will your mate unless you are able communicate. Creating relationship goals are a great way to stay on the same page. Partners are not mind readers – tell them what you need and expect so you both can adjust your expectations accordingly.

DocGray Couples Key # 10:  Emotional NudityWhen we get into relationships, we all form an initial idea of who we believe...

DocGray Couples Key # 10: Emotional Nudity

When we get into relationships, we all form an initial idea of who we believe our partner is. This ideology is very surface level and usually leans toward the positive. If we feel negative, most of us will turn tale and run. We want to protect our heart from pain and heartbreak. Many of us never get to emotional nudity because this develops from a place of trust and absence of judgement. The issue is that there is usually fear of being our authentic selves because we do not want to be rejected. Even worse, we don’t want to be ridiculed. For many, a part of the daily outfit is the mask that we put on that doesn’t allow others to see our true selves. It is a security blanket that protects us from the reactions and opinions of others.

For today’s Couples Key, I am going to be transparent about myself and my wife. We met online. In the conquest to learn each other we talked about all aspects of our lives. We laid mentally naked before each other. Both of us rushed from our jobs every day with a feeling of expectation of what we would learn about the other when that special ringtone started to ring. Some nights we would fall asleep without hanging up the phone because we didn’t want to feel a disconnect. The intimacy that we shared before we ever met face-to-face was deep. We both CHOSE each other. It was the s*xiest experience I have ever had. Now, she is my wife! I have no regrets. Everyday, we still rush home to talk about our day, issues, deepest fears and dreams. She is my safety blanket. We hold each other in the most beautiful embrace as we pillow talk. We have created a safe space where we have mutual love, respect and caring. We know that we have each other’s backs on all levels and have been put to the test. We have weathered the storms and come out golden on the other side. Daily we grow. I have never been more “naked” with anyone else besides her. This is truly the secret to our beautiful love story.

Emotional nudity can be more powerful than physical intimacy. It is a conscious choice. Many times, the physical develops more rapidly than the mental connection. The euphoric feeling, we feel during s*x, isn’t real love. The release of oxytocin during in*******se can fool the psyche into believing that we are “in love”. That is, of course, until the newness wears off and the realization that you have nothing in common or much worse, don’t even like or trust your counterpart.

To accomplish emotional nudity, it must be with someone you deeply trust. It is 100% vulnerability. The downside is that it leaves you open to hurt and pain if this is done with someone whose intentions aren’t honorable. Emotional nudity is powerful, so be careful who you allow to those deep areas of your heart. When it is done with the right person, it is the ultimate cloud nine experience.

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DocGray Couples Key #9:  CompromiseCompromise in a relationship is necessary for a long lasting marriage.  This is a too...

DocGray Couples Key #9: Compromise

Compromise in a relationship is necessary for a long lasting marriage. This is a tool to settle differences that you encounter, but it shouldn't infringe on certain core values, rights, or make you feel violated. The saying, "happy wife, happy life" we hear repeatedly. The truth of the matter it is more like "happy spouse, happy house."

As a partner, we have to be willing to make concessions for the sake of the marriage. We have to be considerate and realize that you are two different people and forcing change from your significant other is not a practice to solidify your union.

Everyone wants to be treated with respect. You are partners on equal footing, so disrespect, undermining attitudes or actions are not warranted. One is not higher than the other.

Another area of red flag is if your partner begins to try to demand a stop in communication with family or friends. You should come to an agreement on free time, but not controlled. Yet, there are extremes. If you are spending time with an ex for example, you have to realize that there are situations that are unacceptable.

Don't compromise who YOU are for who WE are. Each of you are an individual to compliment each other in a relationship. It is not about changing your being to accommodate another person. If they want to change areas that are essential to who you are, it may be a mismatch.

A husband or wife should support your dreams and aspirations. If they are trying to clip your wings or discourage dreaming or doing less, this is not a good trait. Not to say that our dreams don't change or evolve, but you should be encouraging one another to have the best journey in life together.

Some areas that you should learn to compromise effectively:

1. Spending time together vs. apart - There is a balance of work, life, friends and family that has to be reached. Come to an agreement of how to work these things into your life fairly for both parties.

2. Figuring out family plans. Who takes kids to school, makes meals, cleans house, etc. You need to agree on who is doing what at what percentage of the time. This will be different in each household, so one understand what works for others, may not work for you.

3. Striking a balance in your s*x life. This can be difficult if you are on different ends of the spectrum. Therefore, you need to learn how to balance your s*xual time and intimacy time so that your partner feels loved and fulfilled.

4. Make holidays or travel plans fairly. If you are going to your family's home for Christmas, go to the other side of the family for Thanksgiving. If you like the beach, but your spouse likes to go camping; perhaps you should camp on the beach. Find ways to combine both of your travel styles and family ties.

5. Learn your partner's arguing style. If you know that your partner shuts down when confronted, find a different way to bridge the subject. Maybe a series of non-confrontational questions. It is ideal to find a neutral ground to discuss hard topics. Run a nice bubble bath, have some wine and sit in the tub together and have a conversation. Creating a relaxing environment promotes a more calm discussion.

6. Get on the same page about finances. One of the main causes for divorce is money. Truly discussing budget for current spending and saving definitely is one of the main things that need to be bridged in your early marriage or even before. This can be a sensitive subject, so be willing to compromise so that you both feel ok with the mutual decision.

You and your spouse need to learn to give and take to create a successful union. Compromise is needed, but when done properly neither party has to feel like they are the loser. In fact, gaining a peaceful existence is the key to a happy home!

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