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Never say Never with FORD Brothers Racing....
These boys can do it all....
Race: 2021 State
Track: MotoSport Main Track 3 Palms Action Sports ParkSCOTT Sports

Quad Standard Labs Fly Racing Tagger Designs Alpinestars Renthal


Only in ! We get the option to ride year why not do it right?!?! Spider Mountain is open year round and the only available chairlift in the state of Texas. Located just outside of and they have everything you need from a full line of Rental Bikes, Riding Gear and even Lodging at the Thunderbird Lakefront Resort.
Hiking trails just opened up so there's something for the whole to do! Don't forget to book in advance on their website and you might be able to save some money!


Houston needs you to show your support for the biking community. We need to show the people in power that we want this for our neighborhoods, families and the future of the Cycling here in Houston. We need to help lead the way in helping us collaborate with the city to promote Cycling, in all forms, including dirt!
Why not look at the examples that are in most other states and see how they benefit together. More active community members means a healthier community overall.
We’ll see you all on Saturday to help show Houston, this is what we want in our community!


Race season is right around the corner! The season opener is January 16th and will be on the MotoSport track out at 3 Palms Action Sports Park
Are you ready?!?!
Here are some highlights from the #2021 AMA State Championship series !!!


Race weekend is here at 3 Palms Action Sports Park!!!

After completing  for the SCORE International , the team had a few things to finish up race prep....Experiencing  with 3...

After completing for the SCORE International , the team had a few things to finish up race prep...
Experiencing with 3P Offroad and G-Force!

In  having a fantastic time with the 3P Offroad racing team!!! Stoked to working with G-Force to capture some of the rac...

In having a fantastic time with the 3P Offroad racing team!!! Stoked to working with G-Force to capture some of the racing action from the SCORE International #
Day before the race with Josh Herzing, Mike Colosimo and Javier!


Who’s ready to get back to some racing action out at ?! We’re scheduled to attend the in …. COME JOIN US!!!

Pro Turbo Racing Action - MidAmerica Outdoors

Moto1 Action from the class brought to you by the G-Force ... Racing is out in ..... HAVE YOU SEEN WHAT THEY'RE DOING OUT AT MidAmerica Outdoors?!?!
Here's a little taste of some of the Action!
Maxxis Tires Raceline Wheels 360 Wraps Texas Motorworx HMF Racing NewScope Marketing, Inc. Rugged Radios Can-Am Off-Road Yamaha Racing Yamaha Motor Honda Kawasaki USA Monster Energy


Some of the smoothest racing we've seen but it wouldn't be the class if there wasn't a little bit of
Race Day action brought to you by G-Force
What did you do this
Come check out MidAmerica Outdoors and see for yourself what you're missing!!!


Coming at you on race day with 1 hot lap with the TOP 4 Spots in the class out at MidAmerica Outdoors being brought to you today by G-Force
As positioned in the video (not final placing)
1st: #979 D. Young
2nd: #15 Cody Martin
3rd: #71 N. Wolff
4th: #184 Scott Champion

Maxxis Tires Raceline Wheels 360 Wraps HMF Racing Texas Motorworx Tucker Powersports Rugged Radios Can-Am Off-Road Yamaha Racing Partzilla


is the place to be.... Farm living is the life for me... land spread out so far and wide.... keep Manhattan just give me that country side!!!
Cody with FORD Brothers Racing taking us on a tour of their home track built by the Dirt Wurx crew...
Looks like he’s loving that new Yamaha Motor !!!
Wonder what Baldwin Motorsports has done to that thing!!!


We can still think back to the first time we met the family that is FORD Brothers Racing....seems like such a long time ago....
Somethings never change!!! Check out this clip of Bryce absolutely acting a fool on that new ....


Jordan Berza looks like he finally got a handle on those gremlins! Do you think he's ready for of the TexPlex Park Series....
Plenty of time to get your cars prepped for .... ?


Some action from the MidAmerica Outdoors series from these Can-Am Off-Road
Maxxis Tires Raceline Wheels 360 Wraps G-Force Tucker Powersports Partzilla Polaris Adventures HMF Racing Rugged Radios Texas Motorworx Fuelworx, LLC

This is our life.....

This is our life.....

What a day! Group ride with the boys from Husqvarna Motorcycles Troy Lee Designs and Area 51 Films. Let Me Ride!!

Stoked to collaborate with Rich Drew and his The Ride Series MTB Skills Clinics .... just filming this hump progression ...
MTB Jump Progression w/the MTB Hopper: Rich Drew The Ride Series MTB Skills Clinic

Stoked to collaborate with Rich Drew and his The Ride Series MTB Skills Clinics .... just filming this hump progression video taught us so much.... can’t wait for the opportunity to actually participate!!!
Shout out to MTB HOPPER for building some insane ramps and allowing individuals to build progressive jumps!!! Check them out and start practicing in a controlled environment...!

Jumping a mountain bike is simple, it's just not easy. There's no shortage of people telling you how to jump, but how muc...


Catching a glimpse of these 2 😂 out at is like watching a ... as 2 are caught on camera as they through the forest with not a care in the world... JUST RAW AT ITS BEST! Team BlackSheepShendronesFlightOneGemfanhobbyCaddxFPVQuad Standard Labs
Rich Drew and Austin on the new Fezzari .... DON’T DISRESPECT THE color..... Takes a man to be comfortable riding this thing.... SO MAN UP!!!


Who’s ready for the first round of Crosxs out at MidAmerica Outdoors?!
Tag along with Trey Thornton of 3P Tuning for the first track preview of the new layout!!! Terry said he’s got plenty more in the tank so !!!

Maxxis Tires Raceline Wheels BOOSTANE Rugged Radios Can-Am Off-Road Tucker Powersports G-Force Oklahoma Ford Dealers Texas Motorworx 360 Wraps Hmf Racing Polaris Adventures


Catching up with Kobe Vanfossen out at the FORD Brothers Racing compound known as . Letting the Big Dog EAT!!!


Out in on this beautiful track built by from the Monster Energy Supercross chasing down FORD Brothers Racing Bryce on his #2021 Yamaha Racing built by Baldwin Motorsports and hooking up on those Maxxis Tires!!! Looking way to fresh in that Fly Racing gear and Alpinestars boots!
Who wants to see this at the ATV MX Championship out at 3 Palms Action Sports Park in April?!?!

Texas Enduro Cup at Spider Mountain 2020

Watch in full 4k :
Texas Enduro Racing is alive and well thanks to the wonder people at Team Trail Party! Finally dropping some of the action we captured out at Spider Mountain. Will you be racing the #2021 season?
Thank you to our partners at King Of The Mountains Cyclery and 3P Offroad for bringing us along and making this video possible! Can't wait to see where the takes us next!


Absolutely love working with this crew! More to come


Are you ready for the #2021 season of the CORS Competitive Offroad Racing Series
Here's a action packed recap of the round that was held out at Durhamtown Off Road Park....Check it out and feel free to share!
Huge thanks go out to all of the people that made it possible for us to attend this event! We never knew all this was going on out there!!!

ATV MX Championship

Check out some of the awesome racing action from the first NATIONAL hosted at 3 Palms Action Sports Park! Huge thank you to the FORD Brothers Racing Team And the awesome staff at for getting us involved!!!

3 Palms MX - ATVMX Nationals - Full Episode 8 - 2020

Rich Drew

Talk about making dreams come true!!! We got the amazing opportunity to work with The Rich Drew out in on some of the most spectacular trails we've ever seen!
Check out this clip of showing us how he likes to put the !

Riding the by Specialized Bicycles
It's you...only faster!
Are you
Lap After Lap After Lap
Make sure to reach out to Rock River Power Sports and see how you can get a of your very own!

Been a pretty rad couple of days shooting with Area 51 Films here in Visit Bentonville.

John reached out to me awhile back and I’ve been eagerly anticipating the day I’d get to rip some trails with his drone in tow.

It’s crazy how talented John is! The dude can fly that thing almost anywhere it seems. A few bystanders asked me if I was nervous and I told them I had full confidence in the dude with VR goggles and a remote in his hands!

Here’s a sample of what we came up with on the Specialized Bicycles Levo SL on Hammer Down.

Look for some more goods here in the next couple months, I’m pumped on some projects with this crew!

OZ Trails ZOIC Clothing Junk Brands CushCore

If you build it, they will come!!!!.Track changes are looking amazing!.Why else is ready for the first season on Crosxs?...

If you build it, they will come!!!!
Track changes are looking amazing!
Why else is ready for the first season on Crosxs?!?!
We have something special planned with 7FPV! If I were you, I’D PLAN ON BEING THERE!!!!

A few more shots of the short course updates being made this winter! Stay tuned for more news about the Crosxs 2021 series over the coming weeks. It's going to be a great season of action-packed racing. 😎


Need some help getting through the work week? How about some motivation from courtesy of Mark and Bree Neal ! This hidden gem is nothing short of spectacular and you'll see why!
What an amazing day with everyone that came out to party for Mark's and this seemed like the perfect way to celebrate!
Want to dive into the wonderful world of ? Check out our sponsors below and see what they can do to make your dreams a reality! Representing some of the best names in
Team BlackSheep - and for control and video
Shendrones - and frames
FlightOne - and Flight Controllers
Gemfanhobby - triblade Props
And gotta give thanks to Rock River Power Sports for setting us up with our Specialized Bicycles bikes, making it so much easier to get around and get these awesome shots!


Linked up with and Shredder Dave to see what the locals had to show us, out at Spider Mountain for the hosted by Team Trail Party.
You can be the judge on who did it better!!!
When is the next trip ?!?!?!
All video was made possible by the wonderful people over at King Of The Mountains Cyclery and 3P Offroad....! GET OUT AND LIVE BECAUSE YOU LOVE IT!!!


Friday Practice days are play days!!! GoPro
Tag along with Shredder Dave and Lako Waco as we do a little down of the Team Trail Party out at
Kuddos to King Of The Mountains Cyclery and 3P Offroad for bringing us out to the magnificent park for
Can't wait for the next opportunity to work with and Spider Mountain!!!


Age is just a number....!
Check out this clip of 12 year old from Proline Cycling taking a break from practice to go play on the one of the trails out at Spider Mountain !
What did you do this weekend?!?!?
Troy Lee Designs Specialized Bicycles West End Bikes GoPro Team Trail Party


The #2020 season has come to an end! So greatful for the opportunity to come out and work with everyone this past weekend.
Big thanks to the good people over at Team Trail Party and Spider Mountain for working with us and allowing us to get involved! Hoping to see more of this in #2021
Check out this clip of Javy Zuniga & Lako Waco dropping into for some practice on Friday before the race.
All content from this weekend is made possible by King Of The Mountains Cyclery and 3P Offroad!


Katy, TX



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I definitely want to get one of these videos made 🙂
Hey Scott, you are promoting the cycles or the drone?

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