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Merry Christmas from our (growing) family to yours!Happy Birthday Jesus! It was so special to be able to show Aurora our...

Merry Christmas from our (growing) family to yours!

Happy Birthday Jesus! It was so special to be able to show Aurora our nativity scene Christmas morning. (I will share on my stories) We kept baby Jesus hidden away until Christmas morning and it really brought to life that Jesus is now born!

It has been the most beautiful advent having Aurora participate in all the traditions. When we would sing oh come oh come Emanuel in the evenings she would say "oh come oh come oh come oh come" over and over and pretend to read off of her music sheet. It was adorable. And now to celebrate the 12 days of Christmas... 🎉🎉🎄🎉🎄🎊🍾. All Through December we focus on preparing our hearts and homes for Jesus and then going all out celebrating his birthday for 12 days. Which leads right up to the epiphany when we celebrate the wise men coming to Jesus. This is the way Advent and Christmas were celebrated before Hallmark 😜.

What are your Christmas traditions?

Dropping in here to talk about a really great man for a second!Can you believe John Paul II beatified and canonized more...

Dropping in here to talk about a really great man for a second!

Can you believe John Paul II beatified and canonized more people during his papacy than ALL the popes combined!? He canonized 483 saints and beatified 1,340. ⁣

He was inviting all of us to aspire to love Jesus with each one of them. To look to these holy men and women as examples of how to set the world on fire.

➕ He was the first pope to set foot in a mosque ⁣

➕ He traveled 775,000 Miles during his papacy, the equivalent of 3 trips to the moon⁣

➕ While he was a parish priest in Poland and even later as a cardinal, he led many trips to the outdoors with young people. They would go kayaking, hiking, and sometimes he’d celebrate Mass on an overturned canoe. At night they would sing hymns around the campfire and read from spiritual books. ⁣

➕ He absolutely loved skiing and continued the sport until he was 73 years old. ⁣

➕ As Pope, he spoke 9 languages fluently. As a young man, he may have known up to 12 languages.⁣

➕ He kept a map in which he marked every diocese in the world, and knew each of the 2,000 bishop’s names by heart. ⁣

➕ More people saw him than any other person in history, based on an estimate of half a billion people⁣

➕ He is responsible for the fall of Communism in Poland.⁣

➕ During a trip back to Poland as Pope in 1979, JPII celebrated Pentecost Mass to a crowd of 300,000 people. He received a standing ovation which wouldn’t stop for 14 minutes straight. I literally teared up when I read that.⁣

➕ One of the largest Christian gatherings in history was John Paul II’s funeral. An estimated 2-5 million people were in Rome to pay their respects.

Who’s your favorite saint?

Thank you @januaryjaneshop for all the fun facts!

We’ve started reading parts of JPII homilies together at breakfast every morning. And pretty much every homily is about ...

We’ve started reading parts of JPII homilies together at breakfast every morning. And pretty much every homily is about marriage and family life! Which is so awesome and totally sets the day for living out our vocations as husband, wife, and parents. As well as gives me a clear vision of what marriage is all about when I serve you.

Neil and Linnea have known each other since they were basically tiny children! (And I’ve had the pleasure to know them since those early days too 😜). They really are such an inspiration to real love. And they are so excited for family life which is just like the outpouring of married love. I personally want my kids to be friends with their future kids because I know that their family is going to be grounded in Gods design.

Your wedding and everything you bring to your wedding day is inspiring the next generation. Telling the next group what marriage looks like! Which is amazing and such a great opportunity.

It’s truly amazing to see you come together to this Holy Moment.

How old were you when you met your future spouse? Any record breaking young-ins out there?

I love Catholic Weddings! Seriously will go above and beyond to be able to capture a Good ol’ Catholic Wedding.It’s so g...

I love Catholic Weddings! Seriously will go above and beyond to be able to capture a Good ol’ Catholic Wedding.

It’s so great how ever since I’ve started talking about the beauty of being Catholic. I’ve had so many Catholic couples reach out! And even other Catholic vendors too!

But like seriously, it’s SO important to actually have Catholic vendors working your wedding day. It makes the day and especially your mass, so much easier. Because we understand, and know what are the most important parts to be captured at a Catholic wedding. Ehhhem that picture of you both kneeling at the altar during consecration is definitely one of my favorite shots.

Overall Catholic weddings are just so beautiful, so real, so reverent, so holy. Something that gives me the greatest joy to be a part of.

Do you think it’s important to have vendors with knowledge of Catholicism at your wedding?

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All for Thy Sacred Heart ❤️

In 2020 the year everyone complains about, I had the best year of my life.My daughter Aurora was born and everything cha...

In 2020 the year everyone complains about, I had the best year of my life.

My daughter Aurora was born and everything changed in the best way possible.

We bought our house out in the country. It’s our little piece of paradise. Also giving us the city separation we needed to avoid all the 2020 craziness.

I got to film more weddings than ever before.

What good things happened for you in 2020?

Floral Design- @moonstruckflorals
Wedding planner- @champagnepopevents
Lead Photographer: @lisasilvaphotography
Videographer: @josephhardinfilms
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Invitation Suite: @prettywrittenthings
Cake: @jazikreations
Bridal Gown: @vocellesbridal
Men's Formal: @nicstoggery
Models: @diamondalicia_ & @east.on
Ceramics: @exoceramics
Linen Rentals: @bbjlinen

Considering personal vows... Read this first! 👇🏼Personal vows can be so heartfelt and emotional, and it really opens it ...

Considering personal vows... Read this first! 👇🏼

Personal vows can be so heartfelt and emotional, and it really opens it up for you to be more vulnerable with your future spouse on your wedding day.

Here are some of Taylor’s sweet words to her soon-to-be husband, “Garret, you are the most incredible person I have ever met. The one who I have felt more myself with than ever before. The only one, who I know without a shadow of a doubt, that this life is infinitely better with than without…”

And “…I vow to seek the patience that love requires, and to cover you in prayer, now and always. I vow to listen to the words you speak and to listen more intentionally for the ones you don’t.”

I don’t know about you, but Taylor’s vows had me bawling!

If you are going to write your own vows though, don’t take it lightly! You are vowing these words to your future spouse, and these words are meant for life! You might not want to vow that you will bring home Starbuck’s everyday… Unless you really do plan on doing that for the rest of your life...😳😂 WHEW!

Of course, I always love to be able to incorporate your personal vows into your wedding film as well! Just think about hearing those sweet words from your spouse ten years from now!😭 That is going to be priceless.

If you want to take the "Personal" part of personal vows to the next level, a great option is to have a first look with each other before the ceremony and profess your personal vows to each other then. This is a sweet way to still have a time to share your undying love through personal vows to each other, while still being able to control your composure during the ceremony! (Maybe🤞🏼😜)

Will you be saying personal vows at your wedding?


This day was MIND BLOWING! 💥🤯

Natalya and Wesley's emotional and powerful love was shining through every single moment from this day!

When I was taking with Natalya and Wesley before their wedding day, they told me that all of the beautiful details, all of the meticulous planning, the cold sparks, the reflective aisle, the cherry blossom trees, all of it was just a reflection of the love they have for each other.

And let me tell you, it was SO true! These two had everyone balling during their personal vows to each other! I can't wait to share their full film, which is coming soon! In the meantime enjoy this little teaser from their wedding day!!

What is one thing you are doing for your wedding day that is going to WOW your guests?!? 😮

Venue: @bellacollinaweddings
Planner/Florals: @royaleventsandservices
Photography/Cinematography: @josephhardinfilms
Brides Dress/Shoes: @bridal_gown_studio @jimmychoo
Musician: @followthefiddle
Visual Effects: @fyerflyproductions
Rentals: @classiceventsrental

I DON'T have a degree. I started filming weddings 5 years ago, and my first wedding was a tiny sunrise beach wedding, wh...

I DON'T have a degree. I started filming weddings 5 years ago, and my first wedding was a tiny sunrise beach wedding, where I didn't have ANY idea what I was doing!

Flash forward to now, where I get to travel all over the South Eastern United States so that I can film your wedding! And let me tell you, it has been such an amazing journey.

It’s the 10,000 hour path. Have you taken that road? 😂 It’s crazy. I have spent the past five years grabbing onto everything I can to learn, grow, and work. Some people call it self made. But heck In the tough times it was definitely not me getting myself through the thick of it. I let Jesus lead the way.

So yeah, maybe I don’t have a degree, but that's not going to stop me from doing my very best to serve every client, and continue to learn and grow! Ultimately though, there is only so much that I can do by myself. God has given me the entrepreneurial drive and so many blessings!

My fellow entrepreneurs raise your hands!!? 💪🏼🤩🙋🏼‍♂️

Do you want to make sure your wedding weekend will be a memorable experience for all of your guests, but don't know wher...

Do you want to make sure your wedding weekend will be a memorable experience for all of your guests, but don't know where it should take place?

Let me recommend having a destination wedding in the sunny state of Florida! ☀️

Whether it be on the crystal clear beaches, a historic mansion nestled in the ancient oaks, or a luxury resort, Florida offers so many options for an unforgettable destination wedding! If you want to start planning your Florida destination wedding, here are a few tips!

1. Think about what kind of experience you want for you and your guests. This will ultimately determine the location and type of venue you choose!

2. Find a quality wedding planner in the area where you want to host your wedding. They will be a wealth of knowledge and will be able to help inform you so that you can make the best decisions for your wedding day!

3. Find 1 or 2 memorable things to do on your wedding weekend, with all of your guests, BEFORE the wedding day! Whether it be taking an airboat tour across the vast marshes, or a snorkeling expedition in the Florida Keys, this is a great way to make unforgettable memories with those you love most!

4. Make sure to get the full weekend captured in your wedding film, so that you are able to remember this experience for the rest of your life!!

Are you planning on having a destination wedding?

I'm loving all of the weddings with warm summer vibes these days! ☀️ What are your summer plans? (I'll go first in the c...

I'm loving all of the weddings with warm summer vibes these days! ☀️

What are your summer plans? (I'll go first in the comments.)

I just wanted to stop and say a huge THANK YOU!! We were voted best videographer in Jacksonville for the 2nd year in a r...

I just wanted to stop and say a huge THANK YOU!! We were voted best videographer in Jacksonville for the 2nd year in a row, and I am just so grateful for all of you!

God has truly blessed us in this business and has allowed so many incredible opportunities so far. I am continually humbled and just so grateful for all of the gifts he has given us.

I also want to say a huge thank you to my wife Morgan. She puts in so much work behind the scenes on our business, and constantly just takes care of our family and my well-being! She is my rock, she gets to hear every idea, she helps me when I get stuck, and also her cooking is delicious! 😆

Swipe to see how Aurora feels about us being voted best videographer in Jax for the second year in a row! ➡️


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Congratulations Quinn and Austin! Thank you for letting us be a part of your special day 🎉 Check out this beautiful video from Joseph Hardin Films 🎥
“Love alone brings a human being to full awareness of personal existence. For it is in love alone that man finds room enough to be what he is.” - Dietrich von Hildebrand . . . 20 years today with this man! Didn’t know I could love him this much or feel this loved. . . . To me this is a miracle! I never saw an example of marriage that lasted this long growing up. If they did, they didn’t seem “in love”. Or, I heard things like, “things are tough, but we made it!” Or, “glad I got to annoy you for the last 20 years!” . . . So to feel this in love and be truly loved for who I am is a miracle. God is so good. I am so very thankful. Praying together and for each other, sacrificing for each other, good communication, being open to life, following God’s plan for marriage. It is all worth it. With Him all things are possible. So thankful for my husband, Jesus and the sacrament of marriage. Photo credit: Joseph Hardin Films
“To reform a little each day. This must be your constant concern if you really want to become a saint.” -St. JoseMaria Escriva So many ask me as a Woman School Strategist what I do and what is The Woman School all about? In an easy explanation “It’s all about becoming a saint.” . . . Personal development can be perceived as selfish or looking to oneself for happiness instead of toward Jesus who is our true source of happiness. But, how can we truly love well if we are depleted and underdeveloped? We must understand our self worth. We must understand it was given to us by God not earned. You can listen to a hundred podcasts and attend lots of retreats, but the retreat high goes away after a couple of weeks and you can only remember 5 % of what you heard in that podcast. That is why you need The Woman School. This class will teach you how to finally hardwire what you are hearing and learning into your mind so you can actually consistently follow through. . . . As a strategist I serve as a guide and accountability partner to accompany women on a journey through this amazing masterclass. I personally hold your hand and walk you through it. I have been blessed to watch the transformation of many women after they have suffered for years with feeling overwhelmed, anxious, depressed or stuck. We help them to figure out why they are where they are, where they want to be and finally build the skill set and mindset to get there. . . . Join me in my next class and let me guide you forward as you learn to dream and grow into the best version of yourself and therefore be able to contribute a true gift of self from a place of wholeness. Deadline December 14th. Message me for more info. Take this 5 minute quiz to rate your wholeness. Photo credit: Joseph Hardin Films
Success does not define me. If my house looks great, if my kids turn out well, if I make people happy, if my marriage is perfect, if I work out all the time, if I do well at work...these are all great things, but they do not define who I am. . . . Somewhere a long the line I got the mistaken impression that I was good if I proved it. That then I would be loved. Perhaps, it was when my mom left when I was little. Perhaps I thought, if I was just good enough she would come back? That got hardwired into my brain. Proving and pleasing everyone to be loved. That feeling unfortunately spilled over into many arenas of my life. I have worked super hard to erase that from my brain. To realize that my true worth and value was given not earned. Through The Woman School I have finally realized that God gave me my self worth and that I no longer need to please, perfect and produce to be loved. It is still something I work on daily. Even this weekend, when I got sick and couldn’t cook the Thanksgiving dinner, I started crying. My poor kids, who will give them an amazing holiday? I had to stop. I realized I was doing it again. I was so stressed over the fact that I thought the whole Thanksgiving happiness depended on me. I also felt that tug of “if my kids are happy, They will love me more and I am a good mom.” All absolutely not true! I had to stop and ask myself is that truth or a lie? Where is this coming from? Awareness is the key. Only when we are aware of WHY we do the things we do, then we can change. . . . My family totally stepped up and Thanksgiving was better than ever! It was so good! We all got a lesson in charity. Are you doing this as well? When did you feel like you had to prove your worth as a kid or now? .photo credit: Joseph Hardin Films . .#thewomanschool #selfworthstrategist
“Bad times, hard times, this is what people keep saying; but let us live well and times shall be good. We are the times, such as we are, such are the times.” -St. Augustine of Hippo . . . As an engaged couple almost 20 years ago. We had watched many marriages fail. We didn’t want that to happen to us. . . We had taken every marriage prep course we could through our diocese that we knew of. Even ones that weren’t required. We savored that time, realizing that this was a time of discernment for marriage. We tried not to be caught up in the planning of the wedding, but, in the preparation of our marriage. . . . It wasn’t until after our marriage that someone introduced us to Saint John Paul II’s Theology of the Body and Natural Family Planning. We were amazed at the beauty of this teaching once held true by every Christian denomination. That the marriage act should be open to life. That it should be both for life giving AND love giving purposes. And, that in separating the two you can actually do harm to your marriage. . . . We were so thankful to learn the Creighton Model System to navigate my fertility for times we prayerfully discerned to space babies apart or sustain pregnancy after my repetitive miscarriages. . . . But, what came out of surrendering our fertility to Jesus and letting Him decide when and if a life would be created, we discovered a whole new level of love in our marriage. I can definitely say we have learned to love each other in a much deeper way. We truly believe that it’s because we have invited God into ALL aspects of our marriage including our fertility. . . . Some might say they aren’t sure they can trust that much. Or, some may be using NFP but struggling with it. My suggestion would be to pray together as a couple about it. Ask God to help you with it. Whether it’s to trust Him more or even for more green (infertile) days during times when you have serious reasons to avoid pregnancy, or to guide you for help with abnormal hormones or infertility. God cares about all the tiniest details of your life. Praying together, our faith and NFP have allowed us to be happily married all these years. Trust in Him and you will find happiness. #marriage #naturalfamilyplanning #creightonmodel #womanschoolstrategist Photo credit Joseph Hardin Films
What an unbelievable wedding. Thank you Ariel & Kyle for choosing Graingertainment. Check out this amazing video by Joseph Hardin Films . Also to all the amazing vendors who was a part of this special day: Coordination: Alexa Kritis Events Ceremony Venue & Florist: Fancy Free Nursery Reception Venue: CAVU Catering: SaltBlock Hospitality Photography: Ashley Izquierdo Videography: Joseph Hardin Films Rentals: So Staged Event Design + Rentals / The Treasury Rentals Desserts: Simply Done Donuts Cake: The Vine Baking Co. Beauty: Femme Akoi Beauty Studio DJ Desmond Williams with Graingertainment
The title says it all: most emotional vows EVER. Daphne + Christian have an electric connection that was poured into their sweet words for each other 💜 Joseph Hardin Films