Run Plus Fun

Run Plus Fun Come have fun inside while sliding, jumping, crawling, shooting foam ball guns and racing across an We also have soft play area for toddlers. Ages 0-100 welcome!

We feature a large playstructure with slides, foam ball shooters, crawling tubes, obstacle courses and more! We have both a toddler area for ages 2 and under, featuring softplay, a tunnel, rocking horses, a ball pit and more. Just $10 per child (parents are free), and socks are required for everyone in the building. Outside food & Drinks are allowed in our facility. Call us for info on our private parties and group rates!


Dear costumers and friends.
Sunday 31.2017 is our last we we'll be open 9am to 3pm a our standard time. I like to thank you for so many great warm comments, and for som of you to visit our play ground past week. It was very difficult to see your little one for last time we get so personal with some of you and your kids watching them growing up year after year. It give me great pleasure to talk to you, meeting with you. I hope to see you rest of you again to give one last hug. This country it is amazing place, i cam 26 years ago to do shows after i was Polish champion in acrobatic and i never expect how so many people welcome me and admire what i do. And the 7 years ago i open RunPlusFun and meet so many great family i can't describe how happy I am. Thank you for all of the costumers was loyal to our business for so many years,. Thank you, thank you and Have Great New Year and i hope the 2018 bring a lot happens to you and your family's and friends. Please stay in touch, never know what life can bring
Darek, Beata , my douther Ryla and Tyler
[email protected]


Due to our closing, today to Dec 31, we can ONLY take cash. Stop by before we close so we can see the kids one last time! Thank you everyone for your business.


RUN PLUS FUN- Closing down. To our customers who has supported our business for many years, we are very thankful to have you. It was our greatest pleasure to serve you and your family, watch the little kids grow in our location for the past 7 years. I have had an amazing time to have so many kids share the happy and clean atmosphere in our place. I always liked to have big family. It is difficult for me to do this but some of the personal reasons came out and it is time for me step out. We will close our door on December 31, 2017 and only have few party during first week next year to finish with our costumers. If you do have any punch cards or yearly pass, please use them by the end of this year. Any transactions or refunds on the credit card will by final on 12.27.17. We are holding the name, Run Plus Fun and we would like to finish with a great reputation. We don't know what will happen in the next year or so. Please email [email protected] or call me at (702) 272-2255 if you have any questions or like our page, Run Plus Fun and you will be able to be updated. We would like to send special thank you to families who have visited our place for many years, from the day we opened and had many birthday parties and shared our location with their families and friends. I know i can't call all of the families name like : Mayor of Henderson : Andy A. Hafen for bringing his grandkids, Jackson 5 family, Mike Tyson and his family and friends, Tiffany Strafella and her kids' many parties and her friends. To all of you giving our place great reviews on Google, if you like to stop by end of the years it will give me great pleasure to see you one more time. Thank you, have great a Holiday and a wonderful New Year.
Owner: Darek , Beata and staff .


Hello everyone.
On thursday thanksgiving we only well be open 9am - 1pm . Any one like to cam and let the little one have som fun before the big turkey dinner you welcome in our place. Thank you for great year have nice family dinner, and if you like to lose weight after the big turkey you can always cam friday 9am -5pm :)


Thank you for all veterans visiting our place, we are grateful for your service to our country, making big difrent in our lives. Your sacrifices are greatly appreciated from the Run Plus Fun end me personally as the owner you always get the discount in our place. Thank you and have great weekend.


With big respect to our veterans, we, I'm like to give you 2$ off for your kids, or ground kids. We are very respectful for our veterans. Thanks to them and ther sacrifice we are living our lives , thank you again for your services to the USA. You're amazing to me and my business. Please don't forget Police, Military and Firefighters you always getting the discount too. Thank you and see you and your little one in our our clean and home friendly atmosphere. Have great friday and weekend.
Darek -Run Plus Fun.
702 272 2255


Good morning all of our friends and families. Just small time change for tomorrow we we'll be open up to 5pm and it is HALLOWEEN any kids like to cam to our place they welcome to cam dress up and Trick-or-treat and have som candy's from RUN PLUS FUN.
Thank you everyone for one more fun year be part of your family's, We wish you great Halloween.


Good afternoon,
I like to thank you, for booking birthday party in our place.We still have some days still open so if you like give us a call 702 272 2255 we can help you have fun day of your little one birthdays. I know that the weather is nice but winter well be before we realize, you can reserve the day and time early. For our previous costumers with having a party there are som deals you maybe interested, please call for details.
702 272 2255


Good morning, everyone.
Just quick reminder we are open 9am to 3pm on saturday and sunday so if you like to cam and let your little one play in nice clean and cool place , afthe having a breakfast you know wher. 10875 S. Eastern Ave. suite 100. phone 702 272 2255
Thank you everyone and have a great saturday.


Good afternoon to our friends and families.
Slowly we getting to the end of this year , if you still like to book a party for your little one you welcome to stop by in our location. All our partys are private so you can have fun with you friends and families. We the only one company in town let you bring your own food with out any charges., We understand that some kids having difrent allergies. We do the setup and clenup after the party , this way you can have more fun and time for your friends and families. Thank you for all of the families and there little one partys past 7 years, it was amazing experience. We hope to see you soon. If you like to book your little one birthdays party give ya a call 702 272 2255 we are happy to help you to experience great time . Have great weekend.
Darek- owner


Good morning, every one.
If you finish watching the eclipse and don't want to play in wet play grounds, you welcome to stop by in our place, nice and dry clean. Just quick reminder, if you did party with Run Plus Fun i post cupon there is few spots still available. Thank you for the great summer and all your friends you told them about our place. Have great start in school to all of your kids.


Thank you for visiting our place in summer time. We wishing all of the kids wonderful school year, and gladly see you soon. If you like to plan your kids birthday party we love to be part of them. If you need any help please give us a call 702 272 2255 abd we can schedule them. We are open today 9am-3pm if you like little relax and have the kids fun after running around and doing shopping and getting ready to school, just stop by. Thank you again.


Good morning
Just like to everyone know we are open today 9am to 3pm and tomorrow sunday. So if any one is tired of the hot whether and like to relax in nice clean cool air conditioning place, just stop by and your little one fun time. If you have any questions please give us a call at 702 561 9395 Thank you for your previous visit hopefully see you soon.


Hello everyone.
The summer times left only 3 week's befor school starts this year is early if any one is interested to book birthday party we recommend booking early is only som days left us with available times. If you interested please give us a call 702 272 2255 and we can help you with your kids party. Thank you for your time and have great rest of the summer.


Good afternoon,
Yes it is wet but in our place it is fun time end no worries for the rain. So if any one is little tired of the kids in the house, just stop by in our play ground and have the little one fun. We are closing today at 6pm -6hr or running and get them tired.
Thank you and have great afternoon.


Good morning, to our friends and costumers just quick reminder our times are sat.and sun. 9am -3pm if you like to relax in cool nice clean place, just stop by and have fun. Thank you and have great weekend.


We are in very strong heat, but our place stay nicely cool if you like to take a break stop by with your little one and relax. Thank you everyone for be part of our business, have great summer.


We like to wish everyone happy 4 of July, hopefully everyone we have great time if you like to bring your little one we we'll be open one the tusday only 9am -3pm , Thank you everyone and have save play and drive safely.


Any one like to relax from the heat, we are open today to 4pm extra 1hr of play, just stop by have fun.


Yes we are open today normal hours 9am-3pm. Happy Father's day to all of the dad's, if you like to relax in our place, you welcome to stop by and get a break. It is nice and cool in our play ground.


Good morning every one, just a quick reminder today we are open standart 9am-3pm any one like to take a break ,and relax i nice clean cool places you know wher to find us. Please don't forget this this extra 3hr is for summer times and maybe stay longer. Thank you for you visit at the past, hopefully see you and your little one soon, have great weekend.


New standard times on sundays 9am-3pm ,any one tired of the wind it is nice and cool place to relax . Thank you.


Good morning every one, today is the first saturday we open our standard time is 9am to 3pm our intention is to have this way true this summer times or maybe even longer if the we have a lot of the kids. Thank you and cam to see us. Great saturday every one.


Hello, hello we are giving extra one play tomorrow ( Friday ) welcome to stsy up to 6pm. And just quick reminder Saturday's and Sunday's we changing the time open 9am -3pm extra 3hr of play time, im pretty sure everyone can use nice clean and cool place. Thank you and have great day.


Ok, just quick chang on our open hrs on saturday and sunday. Starting this weekend our hrs well be 9am to 3pm standard times. We we'll continue have this changes true summer times. The private party time we'll be after play time and they well start at 3:15pm .We understand this need to be done long time ago. If you have any questions please feel free to call us at 702 272 2255 . Thank you for your understanding,.


Thank you for your call, and yes we are open today, if you like to have nice relaxing time when your little running a round. Just stop by today and don't forget about our discount for veterans and military, Thank your for service so we and our kids can have great safe place to live.


ok. 4hrs more if you like get some nice cooler air and relax, you welcome to stop by today we closed at 4pm .


ok , just quick reminder today extra 4hr play. We'll be closing today 4pm if you like your little one loosing some energy before dinner, stop by in our place and have little relax. If you have as ny questions please give us a call 702 272 2255.
Thank you, and have great day.


It is beautiful day, and we extend our play time to 3pm today ,we know mom needs little extra time to them self. Mom's your are amazing we wishing Happy Mothers Day .Thank you be our costumers.


Good morning, every one.
We are extended sunday play time to 2pm any one extra 2hr of play. Thanky you for your business and be our friends. Just quick reminder in one month we we'll change our play time on saturday and sunday, we we'll be extended play time , as our standart time. Any way ,please continue to fall up with our facbook. Have great Sunday.


Last minute update, today sunday 04.30.17 we are extend the play time to 2pm , please let your friends and family know extra 2hr of fun. thank you.


Just quick reminder we have extended our play time today to 3pm. Extra 3hr fun for the little one.


Good morning every body, on Sunday we extended the play time to 3pm , so we'll have extra 3 hr. for the little one having more fun. Please don't forget your socks. Thank you and have great weekend.


10875 S Eastern Avenue, Suite 100
Henderson, NV

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Monday 9am - 6pm
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