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A REMINDER FOR THIS PAGE: For those of you who have followed me on this page for the last few years, thank you ! At the end of this month I will fully transitioned over to my new artist page, David Eisenhauer, Artist. If you haven't done so, please take a moment to "like" and "follow" all of my artistic endeavors on that page. This page will no longer be in existence by the end of November. Don't worry! I will continue to be Batman for Fort Wayne!


Today I would like to thank everyone who has followed me from the start. I really would like to thank A.J. Lockwood for helping me get this page started, and for helping set up an online following. For those of you who have been followed me from the start and for those of you who have done so for the last few years, THANK YOU for doing so!

I am transitioning over to a conglomeration page that involves more visual artwork as well as cosplay, acting, music, and other forms of art. If you are interested at all in continuing to follow those endeavors, please check out my page David Eisenhauer, Artist.

This page will be coming to a close within this month as I have become more active in pushing forward with my other artistic endeavors. THANK YOU ALL for following me and for your continued support on the new page!

EverNyte Cosplay

PSA time! Cosplay is NOT consent for anyone to do/say anything to a cosplayer without the permission of the cosplayer themself! Unfortunately something happened to a very dear cosplay friend at a family community event yesterday, and this person is a fine example of what NOT to do/say/act around a cosplayer. Before you do something, think about it first, and ask the cosplayer if they are comfortable with it.

I hope this person is caught and held accountble for her actions. Fort Wayne Police has a case made for this person.

**EDIT** Apparently, FB decided that posting this slime's photo was not respectful, and violated her dignity. Whatever. I'm honestly not all that concerned with protecting her feelings and dignity, as she certainly was concerned with protecting mine. That said, they left my post, just deleted the photo. That said, anyone that wants a copy of the photo, just message me. Her face still needs to be out there. **

**Caution: Trigger warning. Sexual harassment, assault, swearing**

I will not apologize for posting this. And I will not feel bad for blasting this woman on FB. She didn't feel bad about putting her hands on me without my consent.

The cosplay community has a pretty firm grasp of what I'm about to say. So I'll take a step out on the proverbial limb, and let all of the non-cosplayers on my friends list in on the news...


My costumes are not an open invitation. NONE OF THEM. Not my wedding dress, not Snow White, Not Elsa, Aurora, Dean, Ariel, My sith or even Ivy. The amount of fabric involved is not a gage to how much touching is allowed.

But we go further than mere unwanted touching tonight. Nowhere in civilized society, is it appropriate, or legal, to attempt to undress another person, in public, with, or without their consent. And yet, there are assholes, both male and female, who feel entitled enough to do so. And no excuse, justification or any amount of gaslighting and deflection will make it better. And none of these tools will make it any less of a sexual harassment and sexual assault charge when police find you.

Oh, I warned you, I wouldn't "get over it". I told you, I would petsue it. I told you, I'd let the police educate you about consent, sexual assault, and about what it's like to be added to the sex offender's list. Had you accepted your responsibility and culpability when I approached you about your actions, I may have been able to "let it go". But you dug your heals in. Attempted to deny, tried to minimize your actions, and then tried to shift the blame, and your responsibility to me. I am not crazy for being angry. It WAS a big deal. And YOU alone, are the responsible party in your f**k up. It wasn't just you "being stupid". You unzipped my dress, in the middle of a crowded street, for everyone to see. I was quick enough to catch my dress as it began to slip off my shoulders. That is your only saving grace. You purposely avoided my line of sight, so I couldn't see your face. And you methodically ran away afterwards. But you failed to see I wasn't alone in this crowd. I had a friend, who DID see your face. And we tracked you down. Your admission is on record in my police report. And so is your face.

And now, everyone else will know what a slime you are. You took something that I love, and made me feel unsafe doing it. You took a community event, and made me feel isolated, alone and afraid. You took an evening of family holiday fun, and perverted it. But I won't give you the anonymity you sought as you tried to walk away from me, and when you tried to shush me when I called you out publically. I don't know your name. But the whole world will know your face. And that's all the police need to find you. And rest assured. They ARE looking for you.

If you know who this is, please let me know.

Happy Fright Night, Bitch.

Here is an awesome read, everyone! I went to school with Amanda Forbes, and for her to make this movement with her state...
CSCC Student Uses Her Education To Advocate For Hearing Impaired

Here is an awesome read, everyone! I went to school with Amanda Forbes, and for her to make this movement with her state is just truly remarkable!

This just proves that if you want to see changes made, YOU have to be the one to step up and make it happen!

Each year, public schools across America celebrate National Reading Day. During this time, elected officials, public servants, and other community stakeholders visit local public and private ... (click for more)


Hey Hoosier Bat-Fans and Followers! I hope you all are surviving this winter season just fine! Hang in there (that's a bat-pun 😉). My wonderful team, the Summit City Cause-Players, and I are starting to get requests for this year, so if you are looking to add something unique and special to your charity/non-profit event, please don't hesitate to contact us!

This also applies to those of you looking for an appearance from a local Dark Knight for your little superheroes this year- whether it would be for a birthday or just a special day!


Hey all! December 8th from 1pm-4pm the Summit City Cause-Players will be at the Hall of Heroes Super Hero Museum in Elkhart for their Superhero Christmas Celebration! We look forward to seeing you soon!


Fort Wayne, IN


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