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Ex-deputy in Va. sentenced for soliciting minor
Ex-deputy in Va. sentenced for soliciting minor

Ex-deputy in Va. sentenced for soliciting minor

State police say Beverage solicited and received at least eight images depicting child pornography from an underage female in 2013. Beverage met the girl in 2013 while serving as a prisoner transport and courtroom security deputy.


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We are handle child abuse defense, Child po*******hy, Internet s*x crimes, Internet solicitation of minor, Prostitution, R**e, S*x crime offense, S*xual assault, S*xual battery defense and Federal S*x Crimes charges.

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Sending your little girl away soon to her first year at college? 6 things you (and she) need to know about campus r**e. 1. You're at greater risk of being r**ed or s*xually assaulted during your first semester freshman year than any other time during your college career. You can be r**ed at any age, at any school, but the risk is highest during your first few months as a freshman. 2. While it's never, ever the victim's fault, the more you drink, the more you're at risk. Excessive alcohol and drug use, while never an excuse, are often cited by both the victim and criminal ra**st as contributing to the crime. 3. Most victims are assaulted by someone they know or someone known to their friends. The risk of being r**ed or s*xually assaulted by a total stranger while away at school is very, very low. 4. There's a higher probability of being r**ed in off-campus housing than being r**ed on campus. The risk you face isn't being r**ed by a stranger on your walk back to your dorm from the library but from someone you know, or your friends know, while drinking off-campus during your freshman year. So while anyone, any age might be s*xually assaulted on campus by a stranger, the facts show you're most at risk from someone you know, in off-campus housing, during your freshman year, after you and / or the criminal ra**st have been drinking to excess. 5. Colleges and Universities have a self interest in protecting their reputation and balance sheet. Your self interest should be in protecting you. If you're r**ed or s*xually assaulted reach out for help. There's no shame in what happened to you. R**e and s*xual assault are never the victim's fault. Never. Hear me? dial 911 and report your assault to the local police. Call the real cops. Let them deal with Campus Security. If you can't disclose to the cops, I understand, just know you're not alone and there are people who will help you. Please call RAINN, the R**e Abuse In**st National Network at (800) 656 HOPE for 24 / 7 anonymous, confidential, free help. Oh, yeah, one last thought. My title, 'Sending your little girl away soon to her first semester at college? 6 things you (and she) need to know about campus r**e,' is misleading. Number 6. Boys get r**ed too. ------------------------------- Keith Smith is a survivor of a childhood stranger abduction r**e and a keynote speaker on the topic of childhood s*xual abuse.