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Georgia Paranormal Our goals are changing the way paranormal investigations are conducted, explored, and unraveled by u We do accept DONATIONS. @ cashapp $Edross and thank you!!

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If you would like to be considered for a member of our crew. Please DM me! Please let us know:🔴why you would be a good c...

If you would like to be considered for a member of our crew. Please DM me! Please let us know:

🔴why you would be a good candidate?
🔴do you have any experience?
🔴how much time do you have to devote to the investigations
🔴what is your full time profession

🔘PLEASE include name and phone number. We will have a decision within a week.

Thanks everyone!!!! I


I’m stoked about this…. I’ve wanted to do this for so long. Need a ghost buddy to join me or a nice date would be awesome too! Who wants to go!? NEXT WEEKEND



So I live my life trying to be kind as possible to people…. I’m 12 yrs I’ve never gotten a negative comment or review. B...

So I live my life trying to be kind as possible to people…. I’m 12 yrs I’ve never gotten a negative comment or review. BUT I won’t “hide” or “delete & block” I will share with you all! My ghost fam! And let y’all have a say…… xoxo

I’m stoked about this…. I’ve wanted to do this for so long. Need a ghost buddy to join me or a nice date would be awesom...

I’m stoked about this…. I’ve wanted to do this for so long. Need a ghost buddy to join me or a nice date would be awesome too! Who wants to go!? NEXT WEEKEND

MEMORIAL DAY RAFFLE: Special personalized readings available!!! BOOK your 30 min session $45With me for a chance to win ...

MEMORIAL DAY RAFFLE: Special personalized readings available!!! BOOK your 30 min session $45
With me for a chance to win this awesome 18x24 charcoal drawing of the faceless man who fought for our freedom that I made! It’s absolutely unique & priceless. Or you may buy a raffle ticket for $45 Send a DM!!! SPACES FILL QUICK & ONLY 50 TICKETS TO SELL! BETTER HURRY!! Drawing on JUNE 1. (Drawing made by me. Valued @ $1000)


Georgia Paranormal is looking for ghost hunters, researchers and tech/media gurus. If interested please sent me a DM! (Will begin a new series with national tv coverage, however this is voluntary until then)


It’s that time of year again….. GEORGIA PARANORMAL is looking for some reliable and dedicated volunteers to go on adventures. Who thinks they’re brave enough!?

Also, ISO a few partners for randonautica. I’d like to begin first week of June.

If you believe you are interested but don’t want to do it I am also beginning a podcast and a moderator and lead personality to research invite guests and promote.

If anyone is interested please send me a message. Also follow instructions of message:
Please tell me about any paranormal teams you have worked?
Please give me a brief description of any experience you have? Or equipment?
Please tell me if you have ever been convicted of any felony? Idc as long as I know bc I do carry a gun and I simply cannot if you have so it’s not a deal-breaker.
Please tell me what position you are wanting and your availability!

This is entirely a volunteer/hobby there is NO PAY! But if we get donations we will split it.



Where are u located! Just the city state




How many would like a $10 reading? LIVE with me? I am only letting in those who want a reading to eliminate traffic! Sunday 4/16 @ 9pm

Pay Erin Drossman using PayPal.Me
Pay Erin Drossman using PayPal.Me

Pay Erin Drossman using PayPal.Me

Go to and type in the amount. Since it’s PayPal, it's easy and secure. Don’t have a PayPal account? No worries.




LIVE moved until tomorrow at 9pm EST. There has been several issues with the rime zones as well some dont want their reading on a sunday. Ill see all of you and love all of my fans. XOXO Please srill Like and Share!!!! see yall tomorrow!👻👻🎃🎃🎃🎃🧙‍♀️🌙⭐️⏰


Tonight’s live has been moved to tomorrow night at 9pm EST. There has been some confusion on time zones and has cause some issues and I want everyone to have the same opportunity. So tomorrow at 9pm EST!! Love to all my fans, clients, and friends! DONT FORGET TO LIKE US AND SHARE THEN TAG GEORGIA PARANORMAL AND GET A FREE 15 min reading!!!!! Xoxoxo


If you have had a reading by me…PLEASE DROP A REVIEW!!! Thanks so much!!


OCTOBER 24th @ 8:00pm est.
Donations are appreciated! $5 and up and they will determine the length of time reserved just for you during the LIVE event!
You’re in charge!! You may choose: a 3 card spread, or engage in a visual reading! ALSO yes/no Q&A.
This event is 1 hour long. If you donate and don’t get your reading I will do kit after the end of event


A good haunted location located in north Georgia….aaaaannnnddddd—->GO!!


Don’t seek revenge.


So true.

Photos from Georgia Paranormal's post

Photos from Georgia Paranormal's post


Georgia Paranormal is actively searching for another team to randonaut with us. Double team, same intents, and no more than 5 miles apart. Wanna see if we end up meeting in the same locations. If interested send us a message!

Timeline photos

Timeline photos





Cleveland, GA



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Keith Allen Adams here. Im 5'5 blue eyes brown hair 34 years old no kids am engaged to a black 23 year old female named Rose A. Farmer. just moved to screven ga from Greenville sc 3nights ago. I believe I have a very powerful demonic or multiple demonic evil spirits attached to me. I've attached one pic I took last night in my grama yard where I'm staying I have a very long story to tell. Let's just say I've attempted su***de 4 times if I count yesterday that I tried to kill myself by walking into traffic head on on impulse. I suffer from major mental issues I'm a recovering addict for m**h. I'm bout 3weeks clean. I'm sagittarius with a very very strong intuitive level. I swore last night here its spirits in the h poi use which may be true but for years I've been feeling its spirits attached to me. The church people are insane they want u to pray and swear that's gonna work u must first believe which I dont. I have my reasons. Anyways. For a short story I asked the spirits to leave my dreams and my grama house I started sweating and woke me completely with cold chills to my toes immediately and since this morning sweating and same cold chills even with the bible under my pillow hasn't worked like it usually does I usually never dream and I'm usually never this highly aggressive aggravated. In the past it's taken with proof literally 14 officers to subdue me in hospital to give me 2 shots or more of thorazine as I screamed where's your god on multiple occasions My fiancee has had encounters of my bizarre behaviors and my intuition being godly on point I need a psychic medium to investigate before it's too late and I kill myself.. I feed off energies without knowing it. People that know me met me or is family can't believe I'm not dead yet. I believe whatever is attached to me keeping me alive no matter the intense su***de attempts that were guaranteed yet I'm still alive. I've sensed many times negative entities attached to me. I heard a child's voice calling me last night in this home and people both women and man talking to me in and out the house. My grama is a god fearingperson I dont wanna tell her nun because my aunt told me not to. My fiancee and a few friends and aunt can be my proof and witness. I need a psychic and priest asap. I'm making a shout out for a free psychic since I have no money. It will b too late if I keep waiting. I keep warning people now as it is I may not be around much longer. Yet I'm pretty sure my demons are cuz of my decisions yet wont let me leave earth and only let me suffer. I'm great hearted and love helping others and always sacrificing either myself or my life for my wife safety. My aunt is April Lynn Lynch. One of my friend is Akileah champion. I can say I see things way more truthful than others I can predict things before they happen have happened without me knowing or going to happen. My aunt shares a different intuition and cousin as well. So my aunt seems to always know when I'm in danger. I predict things without a knowledge and usually thru dreams. That's why I'm reaching out asap. I'm adding a pic I took inside house towards back yard last night right after I woke out sleep from violent dreams. I NEED A PSYCHIC MEDIUM AND A PRIEST ASAP PLEASE !!!! NO I dont need mental hospital, I'm violent, I dont police cuz I'm not violent towards anyone that's around me only towards police paramedics practical nurses and certain people. If god was so real why can't we trust people 100%? Because people are unpredictable. Your so called god said trust in god. Not to trust in man! 912 498 2191. Only call if u can actually help. I'll totally give full story from when these demons developed and full story of true I've been thru homeless still with hiv that I seem to can't give anyone. Not that I'm trying to but my fiancee doesn't have and I've been positive since 2018 of her knowing its along story. I spent my last 600 stimulus check on fiancee someone homeless people and her mom. After these su***des I've been stole from and hurt and I can't stay in grama spirits with demonic negative energies attacking me and making me negative towards my grama. I'm literally tired of living and suffering and homelessness and such. When all I do is help and not ask for help but hope for good blessings. My aunt and I feel like we shouldn't be on this planet because our hearts are too good for people. If anyone can help me help my family and others I'll start an Instagram to show others random acts of kindness.... I'm attaching a pic of my cash app as well. My aunt and mom and her husband my friends also have been helping me for everytime I run our of my money from helping others if anyone would like to donate for a good cause or random acts of kindness. I still will tell my story when I find the right true pure PSYCHIC and priest that can help me and prove my story
Hey I want to know if anyone is interested in Ghost Haunting and becoming a team In Georgia and maybe do some traveling to other places
Hey everyone please help me wish Erin Drossman a happy birthday 🎂🎁🎊🎉🎈I hope you have a wonderful day!
We would like to invite y'all to join us on youtube! This is the ONLY place to see us LIVE! So Please SUBSCRIBE, LIKE, COMMENT and tell your Friends!!! We plan to go LIVE Sept. 22 ( Full Moon)@ Folsom Bridge & Campground Cemetery w The Hanging Tree...We sure hope to see y'all there! Now check out Part 1 of The Lynching Rampage of 1918... Just Released! TY Karen & Sheri