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Snow day today, no flying!

Snow day today, no flying!

60+ degrees middle of February! Lemme out of here!

60+ degrees middle of February! Lemme out of here!

Little trouble wth the wind this week but everyone's ok and we are looking forward to a little flying this weekend

Little trouble wth the wind this week but everyone's ok and we are looking forward to a little flying this weekend


Rain today so no flying, but the birds are enjoying a bath out in the aviary!


A new season begins! Loft flying yesterday for the first time this year (thanks Mother Nature) and only one yearling couldn't find her way back into the loft until late. Training up for our annual Memorial Day release at the Veteran's Cemetery.


Hibernation is over and a new season starts today! The birds are eager to get out and spread their wings.


We're back, and now that the weather is starting to behave it is time to start planning our training sessions and get ready for the upcoming season. Fliers south of us get a head start but our birds are tough and we'll be ready! Loft flying right now and will post some pics once we get out on the road.


Damn howling wind last night tipped over our small loft again! Sure is tough to be a bird in Wyoming!


How come they don't call it White Friday?


We are proud to celebrate and honor the marriage of Tiffany and John this afternoon at St. Mary's! Be sure to watch the skies!


Too much rain! Can't get out and fly in this stuff! Yuck!


See us at Komen Race for the Cure tomorrow morning. Birds take off about 7:00 am so watch the skies!


Another beautiful Wyoming day! Training 25 birds to perform at Race For the Cure on Aug. 10! Hope to see you there!


Been busy lately with training but now we are down to the wire. Race team will go into the box tomorrow and we'll drive them to North Platte to be shipped to Topeka for the Big One. With any luck we'll have birds home Saturday afternoon!


Prepping the race team for the Topeka race (500 miles). Had them out to about 90 miles today and they were home in 56 minutes!


Got a dozen or so new white birds so far this year. Once they are comfortable flying around the loft we'll start taking them out on some training tosses. meanwhile there are plenty of "veteran" white birds ready to perform at your wedding or other outdoor celebration this summer!

Ain't always easy being a bird around here

Ain't always easy being a bird around here


The "A Team" performed flawlessly this morning at the Cheyenne Memorial Day Ceremony at Beth El cemetery. Birds came out and flew right over the crowd- it was awesome! Got lots of nice comments afterwards. Thanks everyone!


Perfect flying weather yesterday! The team (48 birds) went about 20 miles, getting there little by little. What the heck happened to today? Wind, fog, and rain makes a bird wanna stay home! Hopeful for some weekend action...


Great flying weather today. We have started our road training- yesterday was for all the "pretty birds" (white ceremonial birds) and today was a good toss for the race team. Six weeks till Topeka!


Another beautiful day for flying (if you're a bird)! Look up and watch for us!


The ground is white, the sky is blue- look up and see us flying around the valley like crazy! Great exercise for our show at your wedding or other outdoor celebration!


Over 10 inches of heavy snow so far, no flying today! At least it's warm and dry in the loft.


Had a good fly this morning- hawks seem to be leaving us alone for now! Can't wait for "down the road" training to start!


More hawk-related carnage this weekend. Both Steve and I have lost birds to hawks (Cooper's and Goshawks). I know it's part of nature but seems to be worse this year than any past. What are they trying to tell us?


Hurray the sun is shining again! Now if we can just get past these pesky winds we'll be off and flying!


More snow, more wind, more staying inside the loft! Hope everyone is in a good place today!


No flying today! Wind howling and snow blowing. We'll wait it out as any smart bird would do! :)


Blue skies, sunshine, a little breezy- we are going to have a bath today! The birds love to play in the water- I have to laugh out loud when I watch their antics!


What a beautiful day! Hope for more like this and we'll be down the road!


Been blessed with sunshine and calm winds these last couple days- birds are flying laps now that the hawks have gone away for a while. Will launch some birds at sunrise for Easter!


Light breeze today, we are making laps around the valley! Can't wait for training to start!


Another beautiful day in Wyoming, blue skies, sunshine, oh yeah, 30-40 mph winds! We'll fly this afternoon and start planning a training run to get the youngsters' GPS locked in on home.


Warming up for first day of Spring by buzzing all the neighbors houses! (Sorry Kevin and Jamie!) Bring it on!


Is it Spring, or is it just a teaser? Who cares, we are flying like crazy this morning!


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