Preston Woodall House Cancelled On Us

Preston Woodall House Cancelled On Us This page is for the brides that have had the preston cancel on them. We gave them money for a serv

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How is everyones progress going? Any news from PWH regarding refunds or did you pursue legal action (just dont share any confidential details if you did)?

Also share your wedding progress 😊! Have you been able to get married or continue planning? Have any venues or vendors really gone the extra mile with helping you? Let's hear some of the good that was still hopefully able to happen despite the bad.


From our inbox:

Hello! I came across a few of your postings and wanted to pass along some information that may be helpful to those brides who have lost out! I work at The Fairview Raleigh, a weddings and event venue on the outskirts of downtown Raleigh. We are currently offering any brides that have lost their previous venues, a 30% discount on booking events for 2021. We want to help these brides make there weddings happen! If there is an email that I can send more information, please let me know. Stay safe and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Please reach out to Valerie Crenshaw for further details

From our inboxI am reaching out as I have seen you were affected by the closure of the Woodall house. I am reaching out ...

From our inbox

I am reaching out as I have seen you were affected by the closure of the Woodall house. I am reaching out as we just opened a venue and wanted to offer the brides affected by this tragedy first choice on dates. Unfortunately I can not help or cover anything financially but I can offer special pricing/covid special. We are located in Oxford NC. We are Tranquility Estate. Please feel free to view our page or we would love to schedule a time for you to come visit. Again, I am so sorry this has happened to you.

Passing on info:If you are looking for a last minute intimate ceremony, check out They may still hav...
White Dove Wedding Chapel | Historical Wedding Chapel Raleigh NC

Passing on info:

If you are looking for a last minute intimate ceremony, check out
They may still have openings.

Rev. Dr. Brigitte Gros welcomes couples of all faiths, creating a unique, personal ceremony celebrating your love. Just 10 miles east of Raleigh, NC, near the Triangle, White Dove Wedding Chapel offers the prospective bride and groom an intimate wedding ceremony in our beautiful historical chapel, l...


From our inbox:
Hardee Farm at Raven Rock is offering any PWH bride an awesome discount to try to help us. Just mention Gaby Horan's name and call to speak to Tina. Tinas number is 910-391-9899


This page is for the brides that have had the preston cancel on them.
Please make a post on the page regarding how much money you have lost, when/how did they tell you they were canceling, and have they offered to give you a refund or spoken to you directly about any reconciliation.

Maybe if there is enough of us we can get some media attention and help about what's going on


Benson, NC



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Hey all, my wife and I are new to this so we're trying to take it all in ( so forgive any redundancy!)

Our wedding was scheduled for May of 2020 and we rescheduled a reception for December 2020 - of course we got the news of the company going out and have been left wondering what to do.

We just found this group and are wondering a few things:

1) Our contract was with Joel (Preston Woodall Inc), but evidently there was a "verbal agreement" that the new owners (Preston Woodall House Inc) that they would "take care of" Joel's previously made contracts.
This made no sense to me. WHY on earth would someone agree to float tens of thousands of dollars in previously made and paid for contracts? In other words, why would the new owners agree to this if Joel already had the money?

2) For those of you who haven't received money back, should we collectively try to take legal action? Organizing this might be a challenge, but it may be the most effective thing.

3) Has anyone been able to make contact with Joel? We've reached out but I guess the existence of this group may explain why he's busy 😂
I was so sad to see this and feel for the couples. We were married here in 2018. I want to make a plug for which planned our welcome reception on the night before. They did a great job on a shoe string and I'm sure could do great things for a wedding. Mary was great to work with and we honestly enjoyed it more than our wedding.
Looks like Jessica and Chris started a new business. I guess our money went toward their new venture...must be nice.
Couples if you need something (venue,catering ect.) If you will post it on here I am sure someone can take care of you or find someone who can. I have a large group of trusted wedding vendors in the area that may can help relieve some stress.9197937649
According to S Littles, this is our lawyer. He will be creating a mass claim for all of the brides and file it on our behalf. Reach out to him at (919) 296-5040
Has anyone talked to law enforcement? Could there be a case for embezzlement here?
Another Group willing to reach out and offer a hand! Thank you to Dennis Strickland for offering your service and assistance

Good afternoon Patrick. I own D and S Sight and Sound. I am a member of a wedding group in Johnston Co.. We are willing to step in and try to help with anything the couples need.
You can reach me anytime at 9197937649.
Thank you.
Hello to all of you! I am so absolutely sorry for what has happened to you. Please give me a call. I am in Atlanta. But I would like to see what I could do for you in anyway. I am a linen and décor rental company and an event planner.
Monique Cunningham-Thomas
YSE YourSpecialEvent, LLC
770-906-7742 personal cell
I am a member of a wedding group in Johnston County. We are willing to try and help all of you. We hate that this has happened to all of you. Please feel free to reach out to me to see if our group can help. My number is 9197937649.
We were getting married next week...December 5th. We paid $9,000 for 40 people. They just told us 2 days ago...less than 2 weeks from our wedding. Unreal!!
And another!

So very sorry for you! If you could let the other couples know that Old Lystra Inn in Chapel Hill has some availability. Thanks.
Another person looking to help and only about 10% of what the Preston house was look like for most of us! I don't know what's included, I'm just getting as much information out as fast as I can! Call her if you feel this is doable!

Hi Patrick and Amanda. I was really sorry to hear about the closing of your planned wedding venue. I know you didn’t sign up to be the contact for every couple left hanging out there, but I wanted to reach out in case you can share. We just opened a venue in Knightdale, First and Main, when covid hit. So we are
New and have very few bookings at this time. I feel like we could accommodate many of these dates if they can’t find a venue. I’m willing to do $1500 events with all furnishings included. I’m also willing to do payment plans for people who need that. I just thought we would try to help if we could. Pass along if you feel it’s appropriate or let me know if there’s a different way to address all of these folks. Sincerely, Dana Ramsey- First and Main
706-315-5365 my cell
Hi Patrick - I am so sorry to hear about your wedding plans being changed. To help you & any other affected couples, I am willing to reduce my DJ rates when you find a new date/location. This is simply an honest gesture to help all of you out...and not a marketing ploy to get new business. I just want to help all of you have the wedding celebration of your dreams. And I know budgets may be a mess because of the Preston Woodall situation. Please feel free to give me a call or email me. Wishing you all the best - Al Sibille at Epic DJ Entertainment in Apex (919-909-3925)
I have received a few emails regarding some possible accomodations for the couples involved with the Preston house.

Please look into the Ashford inn, in Clinton NC. You can email them at [email protected]

And also take a look at "The Barn on 87". This is in Sanford, NC. And their contact information is (919) 432-2669.
Hi everyone, I would like to reach out to you all and ask for a simple picture of you and your fiance's. Amanda and I are completely heart broken, but this turn of events has lit a fire in me to do my absolute best to help us all. I have set up a fundraiser, and I am trying to collect funds to divide between us all, to help even the slightest amount. I have family and friends in other states spreading the word, and I'll post the link to the page for you to share as well. You have my word, that as donations begin to accumulate, I will be dividing them up equally between us all. We are all in this together, and we will have our day. Thank you, and keep moving forward.
My wedding was scheduled for 02-27-2021 and the owners did NOT call me. Joel called me to tell me the news and I reached out to them with no response. I’m out of $5000 and still have to find another venue

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