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As of right now, I do have a return date in mind.

Fingers crossed!! If you’re friends with me on my personal page, I am still aiming for the date!

I miss you all! ❤️


We are looking at probably beginning of May possibly before things begin to return to normal and that’s a big maybe at this point.. so it looks like spring minis in April will probably be a no. So should we do spring family minis under the cherry bloom trees if they bloom or just mommy and me under the cherry blossom trees??

Remember: the Cherry blossom trees don’t always bloom, and don’t last very long either.


I hope everyone is staying healthy!

I’ll be back to being your favorite photographer soon enough! Until then, stay safe and please for the love of god: practice social distancing!!



IF I still made the decision to go on with Spring minis in April, would everyone be okay with no props?? I just wouldn’t have the time to sanitize and disinfect everything with the 3-4 mins I get between sessions, sometimes I don’t even get that time.


Out of an abundance of caution and in effort to keep everyone healthy.. all remaining sessions this month will be postponed. If you have a session between now and April 1st, please message me to reschedule.

As of now spring minis will be happening but since we have so many time slots in such a short period of time leaving little time to disinfect and sanitize, I will be limiting the props that I use. Signup will be Sunday!


I will be making an announcement soon regarding upcoming sessions.


Model call:

Look for a fun, friendly couple who is comfortable in front of the camera.

Must be available on a Sunday.


I never thought I’d actually have to say this but here we go: if you are sick, if you’ve recently been sick, if you have a cough, if you’re sneezing, if you so much as have a running nose or been around someone who fits into any one of those categories I have listed above: Do myself, my family and my other clients the courtesy of rescheduling your session. If you happen to show up for a session with me and you or any of your family members are sick, you will be forfeiting any session credits you have with me. It’s really not fair to anyone else. I hope you all understand!


If you had a glitter mini booked from January with me.. I will be messaging everyone tomorrow evening.

Spring Minis will be April 17, 18th and 19th. Since they are not Easter sessions, it gives us more time to hope for some warm weather!!


Alright! I think I’m finally feeling better!! Any sessions from January will be emailed in the next day or so along with Valentine’s minis! If you’re waiting for a valentine’s reschedule, shoot me a message so I don’t miss you! I should have new time slots for the glitter minis up sometime soon also!

Spring mini dates have been set and I’m working on a setup before I post slots! There will be 25 slots! Clients who purchased the unlimited themed mini sessions will be emailed the link to sign up a day before and after that it will be posted for every one else. If anyone wants to purchase the unlimited themed minis, shoot me a message! Y’all know it’s affordable before you ask!


One free wedding package still open!!

You’ll just need to purchase the engagement session!

Message me for details!!


41 days till spring! 41 more days of this miserable sh*t! 👏🙌😂


I have one free wedding package left!

Message me for details!


Please remember you have 24 hours to pay your invoice to claim your free wedding package! It will be cancelled and spots will be reopened for others at the 24 hour mark!


I’m going to force myself through tomorrow!! So with that being said: We will be at the crossings!! We will be meeting near the vending machines near the gazebo!! I just ask that you all arrive 5 mins early for your Valentine’s Day sessions tomorrow 🙂 ❤️


A post for tomorrow will be tonight and also the wedding giveaway details!


Stay tuned.. I am going to be GIVING AWAY one wedding package! 6 hours of coverage, 100 high resolution digital images! Package to be used between September 2020-December 2021! ($900 value)

You must be willing to purchase and book an engagement session (no credits can be used) and wedding must be within 30 miles of Albany, NY.

Giveaway to come soon! ❤️❤️


Help me decide!!


Does anyone else feel sick for like a brief moment and start panicking that it’s the flu?!

Oh just me? That’s cool! Ya girl is just over here waiting for spring. 😂😂


I hope you all are having a great Thursday. When I posted the glitter minis on December 11th.. I had zero idea what was to come. If we aren’t Facebook friends, you wouldnt know this but on January 8th I had to have emergency gallbladder surgery for gallstones and a inflamed gallbladder. I was told that I would need 2-3 weeks to recover and heal before I would feel like myself again and really could start functioning like I did before. Well here we are at 2 weeks and 1 day.. I’ve had some complications over the last week and I’m still just not there 100%. I’ve decided to postpone glitter minis. I’m sure if I had to I could still shoot them this weekend but truth be told, I would be able to give my clients the level of effort that you all deserve because I’m still hurting and healing. You all deserve the version of me that can produce the work you want and forcing myself through hours of sessions this week isnt that version. I’m disappointed just like you all are I’m sure. I’ll be contacting everyone with a new date soon. Thank you for understanding.


Since some of you aren’t friends with me on my personal page, I will have an update tonight about my health and the status of sessions this weekend.

Thank you everyone for your thoughts and patience! ❤️


Makeup Valentine’s Day couple sessions! ❤️

February 2nd:
2:30 - Katelyn K
3:00 - Courtney T
3:15 - Brittany Y
3:30 - Courtney F
3:45 - Jamie P
4:00 - Nicole B
4:15 - Michelle F

February 8th
2:30 - Audrea N
2:45 - Deb B
3:00 - Kara E
3:15 - Alysha S
3:30 - Hailey B
3:45 - Michelle B
4:00 - Krystal D
4:15 - Brittany G


Official decision on this weekend: snow storm Saturday and super windy on Sunday. We’re going to reschedule!!

I’ll have new days and time slots up by the end of this weekend!


I’m back! Still recovering but back just in time to tell y’all that it looks like valentine’s minis this weekend will be snowed out 😂😂


Alright y’all surgery is tomorrow so ill be unavailable until Monday! If anyone wants to be added to my personal page for updates.. let me know and I’ll add you to my world of hotmess 😂


If you’re waiting on a gallery from me.. it’s coming! Thank you for being so patient!

I’ve went back and forth on if I was gonna share this but figured I should. If you haven’t noticed, it’s been very quiet on here and will be probably for the next few weeks as I recover. If you’re not friends with me on my personal page: I’ve been dealing with some pretty crappy health issues and will be having surgery next Wednesday morning. If you don’t see anything posted on here for a bit, don’t worry.. just healing up and trying to get better! ❤️


Is anyone else’s house like constantly sick since school started?! I woke up today with a head cold and my son came home from school with a fever and an ear infection.

...spring has to come sooner or later. 😩😅


The email about couples Valentine’s Day minis has been sent!! Make sure you order within 2 hours to receive a the extra 5 digitals and the other goodie I included!!


Happy Wednesday! It’s so crazy to me that Christmas is a week away! I hope you’re all more prepared than I am! My messages are SLOWLY working again. If I haven’t replied to you yet, I will get to you as soon as I can read it!

The couples Valentine’s Day sale that’s going up today: unless you bought the unlimited themed minis that was offered.. I strongly suggest you DONT use one of your themed mini credits on this. Some of your packages only come with 1 or 2 themed mini credits and I have about 8 planned!

They will be priced at $10 for 5 digitals! If you order when the email is sent with the booking link and details, you will receive 5 email extra digitals! In order to receive those 5 extra digitals, you must order within 2 hours of the email being sent! If you did not tell me you wanted in on the email, leave comment on the post from yesterday so I know to add you to the email! That’s the only way to receive the 5 extra digitals!

If you bought the Black Friday themed mini sessions deal and want the 5 extra digitals.. it will be $5. That fee would need to be paid BEFORE you select your time slot. Just comment here and I’ll invoice you for that. Otherwise you will get the 5 digitals that comes with.

The email should be sent around 2pm!!


Valentine’s Day minis for COUPLES are happening! They will be Saturday January 18th and Sunday January 19th! They are credit redeemable but like I explained in the VIP group.. your lifetime session packages start from your ORDER date. Which means it’s entirely possible to run out of themed mini credits before your package resets and with allll the credit redeemable minis I have coming up this spring in summer which will be priced higher - I would not suggest using one of your very few themed mini credits on this because the price will be super cheap for a themed mini but with that being said.. I’m so excited for these!! Please comment below if you’re interested and would like to be added to the email to be notified that it’s time to book! Oh yeah and if you’re added to the email and book - you’ll get 5 extra digitals!!!


Something’s brewing! If you’re in my VIP group - you know what!

I’m hoping to have it ready for all of you tonight or tomorrow!


Messages are still down but There’s a question up in VIP! Let me know what y’all think!

Captured Memories Photography

Sharing this again because you guys are still messaging me and I still can’t see anything 😭😭

I literally can’t even see who’s messaging me guys. It’s giving me the notification but when I click on the messages icon, it’s alll just blank. So if you’re messaging me because you have a session this week, I’ll be in contact midweek. If you’re messaging me to inquire about a session or an already delivered gallery, I will get to you as soon as I can see what you’re asking! If you’re one of my fresh 48 clients and are in labor, text my cell or message me on my private page!


I literally can’t even see who’s messaging me guys. It’s giving me the notification but when I click on the messages icon, it’s alll just blank. So if you’re messaging me because you have a session this week, I’ll be in contact midweek. If you’re messaging me to inquire about a session or an already delivered gallery, I will get to you as soon as I can see what you’re asking! If you’re one of my fresh 48 clients and are in labor, text my cell or message me on my private page!


I’m back and should start getting galleries out tonight!! If you messaged me today and I haven’t answered.. my messages literally are broken. They’re coming up blank so I can’t see what you guys are saying! Let see when Facebook fixes them lol


I am working on these outdoor minis y’all. I’m working on 4.5 hours of sleep so staying up until 2am tonight is not happening. I am getting them out AS SOON AS I CAN. It may just take me another day or so! Thanks for being the best clients ever! If anyone needs one for a Christmas card, shoot me a message and I’ll send you the best shot so you can get those done!


Albany, NY


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