Original Sin Gothic Industrial Events

Original Sin Gothic Industrial Events Gothic Industrial night created by Albany, NY's DJ Jezebel in Hell is known for its widely eclectic music selection and laid back come as you are vibe.

Original Sin was created in March 2007 when two misfits, DJ Jezebel in Hell and DJ Strange? wished to revive the spirit of the local alternative scene. Since its inception, Original Sin has seen the likes of many incredible bands and guest DJs including: Mankind is Obsolete (LA), Standard Issue Citizen (Troy, NY/Pittsburgh, PA), The Cruxshadows (Tallahassee, FL), Digital Geist (NYC), Doomsday Virus (Albany), The Azoic (Columbus, OH), Sunset Aside (Albany), I:Scintilla (Chicago), Razorblade Twins (Detroit), DJ Tony from the band Echostream (NYC/NJ), DJ TI-99- formerly DJ Manwhore- (New Haven, CT), Shok (Hollywood), DJ Tim Mizerak from SIC (Pittsburgh), END: The DJ (Xenomorph Productions), Espermachine (MO) In these tough economic times, some of these shows wouldn’t have been made possible without joining forces with others, and to these people, we thank you! Original Sin only has two rules: be respectful towards others and leave your drama at the door! We work hard to provide a pleasant environment for everyone. Requests are highly encouraged and if we don't have a particular song, we will get it before our next night. UPDATE 2017: This is currently a Pop-Up event in albany NY featuring DJ's and bands. Stay tuned here for details on our latest events!

Payment Options:   Cash

General Manager: DJ Jezebel in Hell

DJ Jezebel in Hell

DJ Jezebel in Hell

I had such an awesome time spinning for a wonderfully responsive and supportive crowd last night! You guys all rocked! Huge thanks to DJ Rob Haze for putting together another fantastic party! Look for the recording of last night's mix to hit my Soundcloud page after some 4th of July fun! Hope everyone has a happy and safe holiday! Here's the setlist:

Atari Teenage Riot- Is This Hyperreal? (Intro)
Stoneburner- Sisters of Isolation (Single Mix) (The No Chamber)
Underworld- If Rah
nTTx- cRave
Studio-X feat. Simon Carter- Angels of the Dark (Club Mix)
Interface- Stateless
Alter Der Ruine - Doom Patrol
NACHTMAHR- Can You Feel the Beat? (Grendel Mix)
Neuroticfish- Former Me
Angelspit- Eat Volts
Venus In Aries- Burst
Covenant (OFFICIAL)- We Want Revolution (Shok's Re-Revelation Mix)

Our own DJ Jezebel in Hell has a new mix on Soundcloud! Check it out!
Jezebel Strikes Back Mix V2.0

Our own DJ Jezebel in Hell has a new mix on Soundcloud! Check it out!

This mix has a bit of everything. Gets a bit intense in the middle, but evens out at the end. I just went with where my emotions took me and it went from a very, very dark place, to the light at the e

DJ Jezebel recently recorded a live mix.. Listen loudly!
Jezebel's Running Haywire Mix 4/3/16

DJ Jezebel recently recorded a live mix.. Listen loudly!

It's no secret that I tend to spin based on emotions. While the past few months have been some of my darkest in the last decade, I've learned how to channel all the rage, sadness, anguish, humiliation


We will be announcing our first event of 2016 in the upcoming weeks! Stay tuned! It's gonna be a rager!

DJ Jezebel in Hell

Devils, the latest release from Sirenne, is available NOW on Bandcamp! Check it out!

Devils, the latest release from Sirenne, is available NOW on Bandcamp! Check it out!

Vertex Night Club

To all Central and Western New Yorkers, please don't take your local alternative venues for granted and make the extra effort to go out and support the scene! I know I wouldn't be the person and the DJ that I am today, if it wasn't for local establishments like Vertex Night Club. Music is my life force and it breaks my heart to see so many places I love struggle. So let's all do our part and help spread the word to other audiophiles and social misfits out there!
Wishing all my best to the wonderful crew at Vertex. You guys ROCK! Much love to you all. xx

-DJ Jezebel in Hell

Hi all you Vertex fans, hope you’ve been enjoying the great summer weather!

It’s time for an honest conversation. Patty probably won’t be too happy about me posting this but I feel like everyone has a right to know what’s up.

It’s that time again when we have to renew our liquor license at the club (every 2 years). Last time it came up, Patty and I talked and decided to give it another 2 years (yes, you read that right, we discussed closing 2 years ago). Ultimately I don’t think we’ve regretted that decision as business has been decent in those 2 years, not great but sustainable. However, the last 6 months have seen a fairly steady decline, Saturdays are still our busiest night and taken on their own would be enough to sustain being open one night a week, but they are no longer busy enough to keep the club breaking even over 3 nights.

This time around my conversations with Patty on this subject have not been as much “should we stay open?” it’s been “can we stay open?” Frankly, her answer so far has not been positive, she simply can’t afford to keep the club open if we’re losing money, it’s simple economics.

So why am I sharing this with you? Basically it’s up to all of you to decide what you want us to do. And I don’t mean with a comment here or a desperate plea to stay open. I mean you need to come to the club and spend a few dollars in the next month and show us with your actions that you want us to be there.

If you pay any attention to the national scene at all you may have noticed that a lot of alternative clubs around the country (and Canada) have closed this year. Perhaps it’s just changing economics or the fact that newer generations just aren’t into clubs like in the past. Maybe we’ll just be another victim of this trend, maybe it's just time for us to close, it would be sad but sometimes you just can’t fight change. Vertex has been open 20 years now which is an eternity in club years, if this is the end, it’s been a great run! Whatever happens we want you all to know that we’ve enjoyed being there for you and couldn’t be prouder of the community we’ve been a part of.

Now I know a lot of you will probably be thinking, “if only they’d change (this) then business would be great again!”. Believe me we have those conversations all the time with customers and between ourselves and we’d welcome any ideas you have as long as they are offered in a helpful spirit and not as an ultimatum (can’t tell you how many “I’m not coming out anymore because you didn’t do what I suggested” conversations we’ve had in the last few years). But now is not the time for that, no change you can suggest would have any effect between now and the end of August so it’s not really helpful. If we do decide to stay open then maybe we can find a forum for trying new things. Something will have to change one way of the other. But please don’t flood this conversation with complaints and suggestions, it’s not going to be helpful.

So here’s my final word: If you’ve enjoyed Vertex over the years I would like to suggest you make a renewed effort to come see us at least once in the next month. We need to make a decision on renewing the license by the end of August. It’s still not too late to turn this into a positive, but it will require your help. Even if we don’t see enough of an increase in business to justify the renewal, then at least you’ll have a chance to say goodbye to the club before we close for good. It doesn't matter what night you come out, it just matters that you do.

Whatever happens, we love you all and thank you for all the great years!

DJ Darkwave

I, Synthesist - Hello Virginia Music Video

Very pleased to confirm that the next Original Sin Gothic Industrial Night will be held at The Low Beat on Saturday, October 10th featuring an exclusive performance from NYC recording artist, I, Synthesist Mark your calendars, folks! This is gonna be a good one!

Music video by I, Synthesist performing Hello Virginia Music Video. (C) 2013 Satellite Symphonics

For those Old Schoolers, you might remember that I had a wonderful band called the Razorblade Twins come to play for Ori...
Click here to support Fighters For Matt Against LGMD by Adaora Ngozi Onyioha Osimiri

For those Old Schoolers, you might remember that I had a wonderful band called the Razorblade Twins come to play for Original Sin Gothic Industrial Night back in late 2008. Well, former frontwoman, Adaora Osimiri-Lewis has been through some trying times with her husband, Matt Lewis and they now need help since he was diagnosed with Limb-Girdle Muscular Distrophy late last month. They are taking donations to help fund the astronomical cost of treatment, and any help you can give this amazing couple would be greatly appreciated! Please help us spread the word!

On February 27, 2015, my husband, Matthew, was diagnosed with Limb-Girdle Muscular Dystrophy: which causes the wasting away of muscle tissue from his arms and legs and will result in life in a wheelchair and the inability to walk. It has already started as he is now using a cane but struggles to...


It is with great pleasure to announce that Original Sin Gothic Industrial Night will be back at The Low Beat for a very special night on Fri. July 31st ! Alfa Matrix artists Cynical Existence (Official) will be headlining with special guests TBA and I will be spinning between bands! Please stay tuned for more information as it becomes available!

~DJ Jezebel in Hell~


DJ Jezebel in Hell's Playlist for A Gothic Christmas at The Low Beat 12/28/14

Garbage - Sleep
Velvet Acid Christ- Slut
Junksista- Get a Grip
Mondtraume- Far From Pain
Youth Code- No Animal Escapes (Sanford Parker & Dark Hearts Remix)
KMFDM- Get Your Tongue Wet
Blutengel- Asche zu Asche
Ayria- All That Glitters
Man Woman Machine- Invader (Interface's Dirty Remix)
Skinny Puppy- IlisiT
Angelspit- Train Wreak (Man Woman Machine Remix)
Die Antwoord- Happy Go Sucky F**ky
Prodigy- Spitfire


Pzychobitch- Maschinerie
Faderhead- I Got My Bass Back
Neuroticfish- Silence
Iris- Infinite Yonder
Apoptygma Berzerk- Unicorn
Asemblage 23- Let the Wind Erase Me
Beborn Beton- Another World (Extended Mix)
Stromkern- Lights Out (Go Fight Mix)
Sister Machine Gun- Disease


Machines of Loving Grace- Richest Junkie Still Alive
I: Scintilla- Scin
Haubjobb- Penetration (Floor Mix)
Ludovico Technique- Deeper Into You
Mankind is Obsolete- Angel Disease


God Astray- Deprogrammed
God Mod- Black & Blue
3 Teeth- Master of Decay

Today is an exciting day for dark electro act, Man Woman Machine! Their remix album, "Darkness Rewired" has just been re...
Darkness Rewired by Man Woman Machine

Today is an exciting day for dark electro act, Man Woman Machine! Their remix album, "Darkness Rewired" has just been released by Beyond Therapy Records and features remixes from Caustic, ATTRITION, and Interface! Get your copy at the link below!

Preview and download Darkness Rewired on iTunes. See ratings and read customer reviews.

Man Woman Machine - Bearing The Palm - Electronic Saviors 3

Syracuse, NY's own Man Woman Machine, managed by Albany's DJ Jezebel in Hell, just had an amazing opportunity to contribute a song for a great cause with some awesome Industrial heavyweights like Combichrist, Bella Morte and Official Assemblage 23! Take a listen to their exclusive track "Bearing the Palm," for Electronic Saviors: Industrial Music to Cure Cancer Vol 3: Remission (Premium Edition) available now from Metropolis Records & Distortion Productions!

From the Metropolis Records/Distortion Productions release Electronic Saviors Industrial Music To Cure Cancer Volume III : Remission (Premium Edition). The s...

Very pleased to announce that today is the official release date of @Electronic Electronic Saviors: Industrial Music to ...
Metropolis Mail-Order // Electronic Saviors Vol. 3: Remission (Bonus Tracks)

Very pleased to announce that today is the official release date of @Electronic Electronic Saviors: Industrial Music to Cure Cancer! More info here:

Pre-order the Premium Edition directly from the mastermind behind Electronic Saviors, Jim Semonik, here. "You are cured!" These words are a dream come true to any cancer patient. Scene promoter, DJ and frontman of electro-industrial act Rein[Forced], Jim Semonik, returns to give the vile disease of…

Man Woman Machine - From Darkness Album Trailer

Check out this video teaser from Syracuse, NY's dark electro act Man Woman Machine in support of their stellar debut album, "From Darkness."

Trailer for Man Woman Machine's debut full length album, "From Darkness". Album mastered by Martin Bowes of ATTRITION. Available on CD and DIGITAL DOWNLOAD a...

Jim Semonik- The Story Behind Electronic Saviors

Electronic Saviors: Industrial Music to Cure Cancer Vol 3 comes out this June and features a slew of heavy hitters in the Industrial music community including an exclusive track from Man Woman Machine. This is the story behind the creation of ES with its creator, Jim Semonik. For further information and to pre-order, check out the website: http://electronicsaviors.com/

A few years ago I had the wonderful opportunity to sit and talk with Jim about his trials with cancer and the subsequent creation of the Electronic Saviors r...

New venue to open soon!

New venue to open soon!

Arts and Entertainment in the Capital District, Berkshires and Hudson Valley

Man Woman Machine lands another stellar review courtesy of Grave Concerns E-zine: "Here is a band that have found new gr...
Man Woman Machine- From Darkenss

Man Woman Machine lands another stellar review courtesy of Grave Concerns E-zine:

"Here is a band that have found new ground, new edge, new everything."

Check out the full review here:

Artist: Man Woman Machine CD Title: From darkness Released: November 10th, 2013 From: Syracuse, New York Genre: Industrial/Electronic/Trip Hop Rating: 10/10 Biography: MAN WOMAN MACHINE is a Syracuse, NY based electronic duo that utilizes hardware synthesizers to create an interesting blend of...

From Darkness, by Man Woman Machine

Into Dark Electro or know someone who is? Give the gift of music this holiday season and check out the debut album, "From Darkness" from Man Woman Machine. MWM are an East Coast duo that is quickly taking the underground by storm with their mix of sexy synths, heavy beats, and haunting female vocals. Show them some love and support to bring them to a city near you this Spring!

10 track album

The holidays are coming and it's an excellent opportunity to stuff everyone's stockings full of good, dark electro tunes...
From Darkness, by Man Woman Machine

The holidays are coming and it's an excellent opportunity to stuff everyone's stockings full of good, dark electro tunes from Man Woman Machine! Their debut album, "From Darkness" is currently available via bandcamp!

10 track album


The Low Beat
Albany, NY

Opening Hours

Saturday 00:00 - 04:00


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